Top 10 Best Web Browsers for Linux 2017

Fastest web browser for Linux – Learn what is the best Linux web browser? Top 10 best web browsers for Linux operating system, Linux web browsers list

Web Browsers are undoubtedly the most- widely used applications on our desktop and irrespective of the operating system that we are using, we all look for the best stable web browser for our desktop computers and laptops. Specially, all Linux operating system users want to get the fastest web browser for safer and faster search.

Within a very short time, Linux has become a very powerful competitor for the operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X. Similarly to all other popular operating system, there are several different web browsers for Linux operating system as well. These Linux web browsers come in lightweight, cross-platform and command-line varieties and some of these are extensive as well.

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So in today’s Web browsers guide, we are going to share the complete list of top 10 best web browsers for Linux 2017 which you can use in order to get the super-fast browsing experience.

Top 10 Best Linux Web Browsers

Whether you love to watch movies online or listening to music or playing online games on your PC, having a fast web browser is one of the most important things and you must care about it. To make this thing easier for you, here we have gathered some best Linux web browsers which you can use on your Linux computer.

So without wasting much time, let us take a look at the list of best web browsers for Linux:

(1) Google Chrome

Google Chrome from Google is a lightweight and fast Javascript engine which provides a responsive browsing experience. On Linux operating system, you are more likely to see it as Chromium, which is Chrome’s open-source project. Google Chrome is very extensible in nature and the number of add-ons which has joined its list of features is truly a blessing for all users of Linux operating system.

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(2) Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers for Linux which is compatible with other operating systems as well. It comes with several Linux distributions and it is highly customizable. There is a variety of user themes and add-ons which are hard to find across other Linux web browsers. Firefox is also a great memory- efficient web browser and has the most commendable Javascript performance.

(3) Opera

Opera browser is one of the best innovative web browsers out there. Opera can be considered as a version of Chromium, but it still has the look and feel of the old version. There is a download manager, mouse gestures, private browsing, turbo mode and plenty of extensions which make Opera the fastest web browser for Linux operating system.

(4) Midori

Midori is also a well-known and fastest web browser in the Linux web browsers list. It is really a very lightweight and free browser in the list of best web browsers for Linux which supports GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 and is based on WebKit. It is used as a default browser for several Linux distributions due to a quick start up and fast responsiveness. Midori supports smart bookmarks, mouse gestures, speed dial, user scripts, styles, ad blocking, etc.

(5) Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a must-download web browser for Linux given to its Windows- centric legacy. It is not fully compatible with all add-ons of Firefox, but this web browser for Linux is a great alternative for everyone who is tired of using Mozilla Firefox.

(6) Konqueror

Konqueror is a great file as well as the web browser which makes use of the KHTML rendering engine. It also supports WebKit and its basic utilities include pop-up blocking, mouseless browsing, tabs, and bookmark management, etc. It can also be used for ISO image viewing, IMAP browsing and for FTP and SAMBA. It is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers for Linux operating system.

(7) Conkeror

Conkeror has emerged as the best web browser for Linux being a minimalist and keyboard- driven GUI browser. Download web browser for Linux which is inspired by the Emacs approach and it is rightly depicted in the use of keyboard shortcuts. It is highly extensible and is compatible with several extensions of Firefox. With the help of this web browser for Linux, customize the appearance of your tabs using simple CSS scripts. It is a great option in the list of best web browsers for Linux for people who love mouseless browsing and programmes.

(8) Web

Previously known as Epiphany Web is a WebKit- based web browser for Linux which offers a simple, clean and tightly integrated interface to your desktop. The inclusion of popular add-ons like mouse gestures and Greasemonkey make it the fastest web browser for Linux.

(9) Lynx

Lynx is a text-based web browser for Linux which runs in the terminal. It is an elegant web browser which you can open in another tab when the X has crashed. Started in 1992, it is also the oldest browser project today and it offers text from the web pages. It is very fast and secure web browser but doesn’t support Javascript/ images/ videos.

(10) QupZilla

If you are looking for a lightweight multiplatform web browser then QupZilla is the best option for you. What makes QupZilla one of the best web browsers for Linux is that it is lightweight and feature packed at the same time! Based on WebKit, it comes with a speed dial and ad blocker. It supports bookmarks, RSS feeds, and history, all in the same window.


These are some of the best web browsers for Linux operating system that you can use for absolutely free of cost. All of us have already used some most popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera browser etc. from a very long time. So if you want to try something else then you have seven other fastest Linux web browsers (explained above) to use.

I hope you liked this Linux web browsers list. Download web browser for Linux according to your convenience and share your view with us through comments – What is the fastest web browser for Linux operating system from the above-given list of best Linux web browsers for 2017?

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