How to Make Google Chrome Start Page More Attractive

Want to make Google Chrome start page more attractive? or, Looking for the Google chrome extensions to personalize your Google Chrome Start Page?

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most popular desktop browsers. People feel more comfortable to use Google chrome Browser because it offers several of apps and extensions to perform the tasks very effectively. Specially, Google chrome extensions are the most helpful thing for people that support them in every situation on the web.

By default, the Google chrome start page brings grid view of the websites or webpages which you visit more repeatedly on the browser. But what if you wish to provide a modified look or want to make Google chrome start page more Attractive?

Make Google Chrome Start Page More Attractive

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Don’t be worried, few amazing solutions are available here. Yes, I am saying right you can easily modify Google chrome browser start page according to your wish to make it more productive or impressive. There are lots of extensions available on Chrome Web Store which will help you to do so.

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Make Google Chrome Start Page More Attractive

Numerous Google chrome extensions are designed for this purpose by the Chrome Developers but in today’s article I will list only five best Google chrome extensions to Make Google chrome start page more attractive. Here’s the list:

(1) Momentum

Momentum is one of very popular Google Chrome new tab replacement extension. It will completely change the look of your chrome browser new tab page. You will get a personal dashboard with several interesting features such as to do list, weather notification, daily goals, and motivational quotes etc.


Background photographs will change automatically according to time which is really a superb attraction of your browser. Momentum is my favourite chrome extension and I use it always on my Google chrome Browser.

[appbox chromewebstore laookkfknpbbblfpciffpaejjkokdgca]

(2) iChrome New Tab

All the Google chrome users who use iChrome new tab confirm “this is one of the most advanced new tab extension”. Even, iChrome New Tab also claims to be the most advanced homepage extension available on Google chrome store. And I assure you, after using it once on your browser you will say the same.

iChrome New Tab

iChrome New Tab comes with 30+ customizable widgets which you can use to increase the look of your new tab page. It offers you the showing features of time, email, weather, news, stock, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, to-do list and several other things too.

[appbox chromewebstore iccjgbbjckehppnpajnmplcccjcgbdep?hl=en]

(3) Currently

Currently is a very simple extension which provides a professional look to your Google chrome start page new tab. No any zig – zag material but yeah all useful features are available with it such as displaying the current time and date, weather information etc.


Customization can be done from the settings option if you wish to change something to make its look more good looking.

[appbox chromewebstore ojhmphdkpgbibohbnpbfiefkgieacjmh?hl=en]

(4) OneFeed

OneFeed is also another popular Google Chrome extension used by the people to make Google chrome new tab page more interesting and nice looking. OneFeed google chrome extension has the ability to provide you all the popular news from the web because it brings the feeds from different – different social networks, websites & blogs to show you on the new tab page.


Even, you will also get notification of your new emails or Facebook messages via its notification centre.

[appbox chromewebstore cidjbmjjebfhfjodbphfklcmknafddmb]

(5) Instatabs

By the name, you can predict that Instatabs extensions would be related to Instagram. If you are doing so then you are right, Instatabs will bring your Instagram feeds all the time on Google chrome start page new tab.


Although, you can’t upload new photos or share the photos, but you can view the feeds in the grid. And yes, you can see the videos, interact, like or even comment on them directly from Instatabs new tab page.

[appbox chromewebstore fedaamalccmbkgonnoihlnpcplcomlll]

I hope you found above mentioned information useful for you. So now no need to wait, just download Google chrome extension from the above-given extensions list and make your Google chrome start page more attractive and appreciable.

Feel free to write your view in the comments section – which extension currently you are using on your Google chrome Browser to make Google Chrome start page more attractive? or which one you are planning to use from the above list?

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  1. hi

    Good post, i didn’t knew about this. I tried the first option – Momentum, it is really good. 27 MB is the download size, took 10 minutes to dowload. Image in my background of chrome window now is soothing… nice post

    • Hey Harish,

      It’s great to know that you found this article useful for you. Yeah, Momentum is really a awesome alternatives of replacing normal Google Chrome Start Page look. Thanks for sharing your view with us. Keep coming and stay connected with us to grab more useful informations.

    • Your always welcome Bro!

      Thank you so much for leaving comment. I am happy to know that you are using momentum Google chrome extension and it’s working well for you to Make Google Chrome Start Page More Attractive and impressive.

      Keep coming and grab more interesting tutorial from Zero Dollar Tips 🙂

  2. Hi Amit Kumar,

    You’ve given a great efforts in collaborating this article, well I could see it clearly. And I must say, great efforts given. That’s for which this post is a compact one.

    Being really frank, I wasn’t aware of such techniques and wasn’t aware of that (too) we can transform the BORING scheme to such Fancy one.

    Great, thanks a lot for the share. Have a great weekend ahead.
    – Bishal Biswas

    • Hii Bishal,

      Your comment always motivate me to come up with more and more innovative tips & tricks, tutorials. I am so much glad to know that you knew first about these Google chrome extensions to Make Google Chrome Start Page More Attractive from Zerodollartips.

      I hope you will try and will get a impressive Google chrome Browser new tab. Thank you so much Bro for sharing your valuable comment with us. Keep sharing your view and stay connected with us 🙂

  3. Pretty nice list.
    I think my chrome will be fully changed if I use all of them.. 😛
    Goona try these for sure..

  4. Thanks Amit for sharing such kind of information. I liked Currently Extension and I’m now using this extension in my browser.


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