19 Best Math Apps for High School Students to Use in 2021

Are you looking for the best free math apps for solving math problems with steps? Here are the top 19 best math apps for high school students to use in 2021.

Do you want the best free maths problem-solving apps that solve any problem by taking a picture? Or, are you curious to know what are the best math apps for high school students? Well, Whatever the reasons are, this comprehensive guide will help you in finding out the best math learning apps for high school students and teachers.

It is one of the most interesting subjects among all. However, for not having a good grasp in it because of some wrong methods, students often fail to enjoy the fun and excitement lies in it. Yes, we are talking about Mathematics. Monster for some people who really don’t find how to get a good grip on it. The problems lie in the system wherein most of the cases, the right method of teaching mathematics is not followed. This results in creating boredom among the students and they try to escape from it.

There is a huge difference between the syllabus of 10th Mathematics and High-school mathematics. If you have done fine in 10th and pretty confused with the syllabus on the high-schools’ ones, you must get something handy to keep your brain charged up. When your brain is charged up and engrossed in a particular subject, it has to bow your head in front of you.

best math apps for high school students
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To make your journey with numbers and equations comfortable and enjoyable, it is best to use your smartphones in a more productive way. Technology is advanced these days and it has presented us with apps, the most convenient way of accessing almost anything you want. For the maths lovers and for people who find high school mathematics going beyond their control are welcome to download and install any of these free maths problem-solving apps and best math apps for high school students available in the market.

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19 Best Math Apps for High School Students to Use in 2021

Well, now the question is how to find out which is the best app for learning mathematics that will suit your requirements perfectly. There are numerous math solver apps and all of them claim to be the best one. So, how will you choose the best math apps for high school students?

Well, we have made it easy for you. Among the numerous options of mathematics problem-solving apps, we have hand-picked the top 19 best math apps for high school students to use in 2021 for you in terms of functions, user-friendliness, features, and versatility.

So now without any further ado, let’s check out the list of best free math apps for solving math problems and select the most suitable math solver app according to your requirements. Here we go:

HiPER Scientific Calculator

Calculators are the most essential for high-level mathematics and as well as high school ones. No matter while you are practicing maths or giving exams, a calculator is a must-have. Though the examination centers may not allow you to use your phone, but how about practicing maths with the maths problem-solving apps or calculators available on your phone? Well, we are not talking about the in-built one which can basically help in the fundamental calculation, we are talking about the advanced form of it.

HiPer Scientific Calculator is one of the most popular calculators and best math apps for high school students with more than 16 million downloads and 100 000 five star ratings. Up to 100 digits and nine digits of exponent are used for the calculator. It senses repeated decimal places and numbers can also be entered or translated into fractions.

best math apps for high school

You can obviously write expressions and look at your calculations. The result shows a number, streamlined expression, etc. Just download this Scientific Calculator app and forget buying any expensive real calculator for your use. This math solver app is compatible with all iOS versions and Android and available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Price: Free | Download HiPER Scientific Calculator for Android phones and tablets.

MyScript Calculator 2

Turn your device into an interactive piece of paper by installing cross-platform maths problem-solving apps in your device. MyScript Calculator 2 is one of the most favorite mathematics problem-solving apps that not only students but anyone who wants to learn and practice maths would love. A real-time result is not difficult anymore with this application where you just have to write the calculation. There are editing gestures that enable you to add new elements anywhere in the app.

The previous drag and drop feature makes this math app more useful than ever. You don’t have to copy and paste and waste time there, drag the drop is easier and more convenient. This is among those powerful and best maths problem-solving apps that you can use on the go for solving your equations. The key features that make the application unique and useful include the natural way of writing without even using the keyboard.

maths problem solving apps
maths problem solving apps

The scratch-out gesture that helps in erasing symbols and numbers is excellent. You can copy and paste the result to any other application and use the drag and drop facility over there as well. This easy to use mathematics app for high school students will enable you to access several calculations writing abilities on multiple lines.

It has impressive memory storage where you can keep a record of everything you perform in the app. There is the option to retrieve past calculations which is also quite notable.

Price: $2.99 | Download MyScript Calculator 2 for Android and iOS devices.

Algebra Touch

Many people love Algebra because of its quick and efficient way of solving a problem however, many people fear it for the formulas they have to keep in mind. Where Algebra is based on formulas mostly you have no option left other than memorizing them. Are you going under-confidence about the formulas of Algebra?

No worry, because Algebra Touch is there to rejuvenate your Algebra memory. Compatible with all iOS versions, this math learning app makes it easy for you to use the touch-based techniques with the features of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can enjoy the drag to rearrange feature and drawing line for the elimination of the identical terms which saves your time and make the solution look compact and perfect. The switching between lessons and practice problems were never easy than before here.

mathematics problem solving apps

With this advanced math solver app, you will be able to create your own set of problems and work them through the equation editor. You can store all the results along with the problem in your iCloud memory and access them whenever you want. You can consider this application as a complete package for the high-school and upper grades mathematics.

Price: $5.49 | Download Algebra Touch for iOS devices.

MathStudio Express

If you are searching for a full-featured scientific calculator app that helps with math and enabled with a lot of mathematical functions, here you go! MathStudio Express is going to fulfill all your requirements. This symbolic graphing calculator app is featured with a lot of functionality including Pre-calculus, Calculus, Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Algebra, and many more. From the basic level to the advanced one, you can get solutions to all types of problems here.

Not only for the students, but this mathematics problem solving app is also very useful for the teachers, engineers, researchers, and anyone who has a sheer interest in mathematics and have to use the same for their professional purpose. With the modern and interactive interface, MathStudio Express app makes it easy for everyone to use. It is compatible with all iOS versions and you can install and use it from any of your iOS devices.

app that helps with math

According to the users, this is one of the best apps for solving math problems for them to use and for exercising their mathematical problems and create their own set and brainstorm for the solution. This math app for iPhone and iPad allows you to feed your brain with adequate brainstorming and polish its cognitive skills. The new sets of problems will keep you engaged every day and you will become a maestro of mathematics with this fun app.

Price: $6.99 | Download MathStudio Express Symbolic graphing calculator for iOS devices.

Calcbot 2

If you think that the calculator is just for summing up some numbers, it is time to free your mind from this idea. Calcbot 2 is an intelligent and best maths problem-solving apps that are considerably loved by the users. The application is featured with an easy-to-read history, intuitive conversation, expression view, and many more. For all types of mathematical problems, you can get a solution from this app, be it something basic or advanced.

There are some interesting categories of this app – the expression view is the feature that allows you to monitor everything which is helpful to remember all your inputs and eliminates the chance for errors. There is an apple watch extension available with this app which helps you to perform calculations and split bills right from the Apple Watch.

apps for solving math problems

With this easy to use calculator and unit converter application, you will be able to convert any of the calculations with 500 units across different categories and that includes auto-updating the currency rates. The Calcbot 2 math solver app is enabled with a favorite key where you can access the results instantly by saving as favorites.

To access the scientific functions you can switch to the landscape mode. Save every activity of yours in the iCloud and get access to them any time.

Price: Free | Download Calcbot 2 Calculator and Unit Converter for iOS devices.


If you were looking for a reliable math problem-solving app that solves math word problems by taking a picture then this is the most appropriate choice for you. Photomath is an excellent math solver app that solves any problem which makes the learning of mathematics interesting and engaging. No matter whether you are a student of mathematics or you need to use the same for your professional purposes or you just have a keen interest in solving problems, this app can be your best pal.

By installing this advanced and best math app for high school students, you will be able to learn maths, study, practice, check homework, and prepare for upcoming tests. Any problem that you are stuck in can be resolved with the help of this app. It not only gives you the right answer but also explains things to you with animations so that you can adopt the technique in the most convenient way.

best maths problem solving apps

If the method is clear through the explanation it becomes easier for you to understand the concept. It allows you to explore various ways of solving one problem and adopt the most convenient one for you. It covers everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, statistics, trigonometry, algebra, and geometry. The multi-functional scientific calculator can help you solve any equation that bothers you. The interactive graphs and animation of explanations are really useful for anyone who wants to learn math easily.

In short, Photomath is a free math app that solves any problem and you can use it with or without a data connection. And if you were asking, what are the best math apps for high school students? We would suggest you check out this application and use it for solving math problems.

Price: Free | Download Photomath for Android and iOS devices.

Brainly – The Homework App

Keep your brain busy with excellent brainstorming tasks from Brainly, the best app to learn maths. Also, consider it to be your best pal when you are stuck with any mathematical problem. It is mostly famous for its mathematical problems and solutions, however, it is a complete app for many students to get help for various subjects and practice those in a better way.

Brainly The Homework App is one of the most popular apps that have over 150 million downloads every month! There is an expert’s explanation of every problem solved there. You can use numerous moderators available in the app. Brainly is also the largest social learning community that is trusted by more than 150 million students as their study partner for not only maths but English, History, Foreign Languages, Science, Arts, Physics, Social Studies, Geography, Business, Biology, Chemistry, and others.

math solver app

The app covers everything from the elementary level to middle, high-school, and college. Brainly is one of the best free math apps that enable unlimited access to 24/7. it is fast, efficient with all its available explanations for each of the problems. You can also earn points here and raise your rank by helping others who are in need through this app.

Price: Free | Download Brainly – The Homework App for Android and iOS devices.


It is not just a calculator, it is something much more than that. Can you recall the Star Trek computer? Well, it brought into reality with Wolfram. It involved 25 years of undying effort and devotion to develop this and finally, after the development, it is getting as much response as it was expected. The users call it a source of instant computation and knowledge.

Wolfram Alpha uses a wide array of algorithms along with the data for enabling the computer to answer your queries and generate various records for you. The application is so rich that a part of it is used in Siri, the virtual assistant in Apple. With the installation of this app, you will be able to get complete access to a knowledge engine.

best free math apps

The app includes various subjects including plotting, numbers, mathematics, Algebra, Metrics, Calculus, Number theory, Applied Math, Geometry, Logic functions, descriptive analysis, probability, regression, distribution, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering, Astronomy, Life Science, Earth Science, Computational Science, Dates and Times, Units and Measures, Geography, Weather, History, Media, Culture, Language, Music, Art, Sports, Finance, Socioeconomic Data, Healthcare, Nutrition and food, education, Tech, transport, and whatnot. Knowledge-based learning at one app, isn’t it great?

Price: $2.99 | Download WolframAlpha for iOS and Android devices.

Khan Academy

It is time to feel confident about your upcoming competitive exams like GMAT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, AP, etc. To learn, revise, and practice those subjects you don’t have to go out for guidance. You can do it from anywhere you want and at any time. Your Android or iOS device will be your mediator to get the guidance and enrich yourselves with them. It is Khan Academy, one of the best mathematics apps for students.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android and supports almost all versions of the same. If you are thinking this is the app for helping students to crack the competitive exams, you are wrong. This app is for all who are keen on learning. Therefore, no matter if you are a student, teacher, other professionals, or anyone who is interested in learning and practicing several types of things, this is one of the best math learning apps for adults for your help.

math app that solves any problem

You can learn almost anything for free with this app and the process of learning includes videos, articles, interactive exercises, and many more. Right from Economics, Grammar, Finance, Politics, Science, Maths to History, or anything else you can get anything in this app to learn. You don’t always need a data connection to run and access the contents of the app, you can do it offline as well. Bookmark, download, or resume where you left any time.

If you were in search of the best free math app for solving math problems or an advanced math learning app for adults that offer expert-created content and resources then you should start using Khan Academy on your devices.

Price: Free | Download Khan Academy for Android and iOS devices.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This is one of the most popular scientific calculator and best free math apps for high school students available in the Google Play Store for Android users. RealCalc Scientific Calculator app has over 20 million downloads and more than 1 million 5 star reviews. The app is designed to operate like a real-hand held calculator.

This uniquely designed scientific calculator is enabled with various standard scientific functions along with history, constants, memories, and unit conversions. There are various options for display fonts, styles, and formats. Binary, hexadecimal, octal calculations are also supported by this application.

best app to learn maths

Because of the easy-to-use interface, the app is accessible and used by anyone who has a little knowledge about handling regular mobile apps. This is the basic version of the app which comes for free but for the advanced version you have to pay and needless to say, you will get lots of exciting features with it.

The cool features that make the app fascinating are traditional algebraic operation, result history, percentages, trig functions of grads, degrees, and radians, external keyboard support, configurable digit grouping, decimal point, built-in help and many more. Install the RealCalc Scientific Calculator app from the Play Store and enjoy practicing maths in all forms. In short, it is the best scientific calculator for Android to fulfill your math needs.

Price: Free | Download RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android devices.


iCrosss is one of the most unique educational and best mathematics apps for high school students that is specialized in Geometry. If this part of maths confuses you all the time, you should better get this app and make learning geometry even more interesting. You can build a cross-section by your defined plane out of each available polyhedra. This is basically a solid three dimension with straight faces, sharp corners, and vertices.

For your better cross-sections experience there are multiple view modes: 3D model, 3D cut mode, Épure, 3D model. Only if you have already designed the cross-section is 3D cut mode open. In this mode, one of the first two solid pieces of the polyhedron can be selected for further use. In addition to that, you can mention polyhedrons you like. Favorite solids are labeled and can be reached easily by a golden star.

mathematics apps for students

No doubt, iCrosss is a different app that is not for everyone. However, who are interested in specialized Geometry would love the app and its functions. The features will be going to blow your mind. This one is compatible with both iOS and Android but it is not a free one. You have to pay for it and there is no such basic and advanced features of it. Once you install this unique educational application, you will be able to access all of them.

Price: $0.99 | Download iCrosss for Android and iOS devices.


When it comes to note-taking by handwriting on the screen, LectureNotes is basically one of the top math apps for high school that is available in the Google Play Store. With this fantastic app, you will be able to write on the screen like taking notes in the paper in a more convenient way. You can use your stylus to do that.

This Android note-taking app is mostly designed for University students or University professionals who may want a quick and fast note while reading or teaching. This app is also quite used by the business owners. Anyone who wants a cool way of taking notes can use this application. The app is not free and for many, the price is too high. However, it is an extremely useful app for making designs as well.

best math learning apps for adults

Not only you can use the stylus for writing, but you can also use it for making excellent sketches and drawings. The best part of the app lies in the connectivity. You can use this with or without the internet which is quite a feature if you are somewhere where network connection might have a problem.

You can also access the zoom in and out feature to give your drawing more accuracy. The app allows multiple pages to be used simultaneously at a time. You can save your works and notes anywhere in the Cloud.

You can audio and video even to the note to keep it compact. Share the pages with your friends and export them to your phone if you want. If you were in need of a quick note-taking app that helps with math and taking handwritten notes during a lecture then LectureNotes is a quite suitable option for you.

Price: $6.49 | Download LectureNotes for Android phones and tablets.


MathBoard is also one of the fantastic math apps for iPhone and iPad that you can use for learning and practicing mathematics. The app is compatible with almost all the iOS devices and supports iCloud synchronization. This is a configurable math application that is integrated with the latest technologies where speech recognition, apple pencil, split views, and slide over features are included.

It is a cool math learning app for every one of the school-age. Starting from the fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Students find this application very useful for their mathematical problems. This best math app for high school students encourages students for brainstorming and comes with fascinating problems that end up growing interest in the students for this extremely interesting subject.

best math learning apps for adults

The special features include configurable numbers, simple as well as single step equations, support for multiple students’ activities, quiz, and game, save, share and review the methods and results. MathBoard is not a free app for solving math problems but is extremely beneficial for many.

Price: $6.99 | Download MathBoard for iOS devices.


You may not need a math teacher if you get this one among the best math learning apps for high school. According to most of the users, Math. application is the best free math apps for high school students and the most helpful app one can ever have.

It is a complete library of 50 courses starting from elementary, middle, high school mathematics to college and higher study maths. Each of the courses includes more than 100 lessons that include video examples, multiple-choice answers of self-tests, interactive practices, entire worksheets of extra problems, and many more. The course contents are worth one year of math practice and learning.

best math solver app

Math. is a free math app that solves any problem and it is perfect for math tutoring, homework help, homeschooling, standardized test prep, and more. If you want to practice whatever you have learned, you can refer to the app and use it whenever you want.

Price: Free | Download Math. for iOS devices.

Socratic by Google

While solving the mathematical problem even a nerd can be stuck with some of it. So, don’t worry if you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the equation. If you are one of them, one of the best math apps for Android is here for your help. The Socratic app is from Google and it is well- developed to help you out whenever you get into any numerical problem.

This math learning app is typically for high-school subjects. There is an allowance of using the camera or the voice recognition technology to ask online resources for an answer to any problem. You can find several videos, explained the problem step-by-step, and get help from there. It is partnered with both teachers and students so that the interaction can be useful and people can find real help from the app.

best free math apps for high school students

Socratic by Google app is still on the process of development. As of yet, there is algebra, biology, geometry, history, physics, and literature. The best part of this mathematics problem-solving app is that it comes completely free of cost. If you were specifically looking for a best free math app that solves math word problems by taking a picture then you should try it out.

Price: Free | Download Socratic by Google for Android and iOS devices.

Geometry Pad

Is Geometry something that makes you confused or extremely fascinated? Either of the cases, you would love this application. If you are confused with geometry, you can get plenty of problems to solve and enrich your skill and you already love to figure out geometrical problems, Geometry Pad app can be your favorite timepass.

Though it is an extremely professional app that helps teachers and students both, people who find fun in solving geometrical problems would find it fascinating. For a better and deeper understanding of geometrical problems, you can use Geometry Pad which enables you to practice in real-time like creating sketches, making measures, creating documents, and experimenting with shapes.

best mathematics apps for high school students

You can also use the compass in the app to draw diagrams. You can customize it completely with fonts, styles, and colors, the point, angle, triangle, circle, parallel, quadrilateral, polygon, arc, epilepsies, and everything else that needs to practice geometry are presented there. Move, resize, and do whatever you want to do with the shapes. It is your paper that comes with so many tools.

There are various transformation and measurement tools for your use. You can save it in the Cloud and share it easily as a form of documentation. Among the best geometry apps for high school students, Geometry Pad always stands out as the top choice for everyone.

Price: Free | Download Geometry Pad app for Android and iOS devices.


This is an excellent graphic calculator that is compatible with Android devices and available on the Play Store. This instrument graphing calculator is something that every math lover is fond of. Wabbitemu app supports TI-73, TI-82, TI-81, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-83, TI-84 Plus, TI-86, and TI-85.

math apps for Android

This is a fast and convenient application that enables you to search for various math problems and solve them easily with explanations. This is not a mere calculator for the users; it is more likely an emulator and that’s how it justifies its name. This application needs a ROM image and it includes a user-friendly interface for everyone to use it easily. The creation of ROM images is easy with this app’s setup.

Price: Free | Download Wabbitemu for Android devices.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

No matter whether you are interested to solve puzzles of Algebra or you are kind of confused with the equation, DragonBox Algebra 12+ is the app that will help you. You can consider this application as a teacher of algebra which you help the students to learn this mathematical form easily with fun. It is also very useful to grow interested in people about this equation-based mathematics.

Starting from the fundamentals of Algebra to the advanced level, it explains every problem and the solution in an intuitive and engaging form. Learning can never be this fun with the involvement of mathematical games in this app. Mostly this math learning app covers the basics of algebra where people can be encouraged and grow a deep love to solve beautiful algebra equations.

math apps for iPhone and iPad

Though many of the advanced maths are included here, however, it is mostly designed for the students who are learning Algebra for the first time. There are 10 progressive chapters that the app consists of, 5 of learning and 5 of training. 200 puzzles will enchant your mind and feed it with brainstorming. Multiple profiles are allowed in this app.

There are dedicated graphics and music to make the chapters more interesting for the students. Various language supports makes it more convenient to be used by people. This inexpensive algebra tutor app supports all versions of iOS.

Price: $7.99 | Download DragonBox Algebra 12+ for iOS devices.

Math Ref

Math Ref is the last but not least of the lot. This iOS compatible award-winning application is one of the best iPhone math apps for students where students are allowed to use more than 1400 formulas, examples, and figures of maths, chemistry, physics, and more. Various tools are available in this application which include quadratic solver, unit converter, triangle solver, and common calculation solver.

No matter whether you are a student or a professional, this maths problem-solving app can help you to learn and practice both. The tools range from Algebra to physics, you can save the equations in groups and use them later from the favorites, the print support makes the app more convenient to use, you can use the writing features to keep a note of any equation, the search bar will enable you to find whatever you are looking for with the keywords. You can easily search the first 1000 prime numbers with just a click.

what are the best math apps for high school students

The primary categories that the app includes in the list are Algebra, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Integration, Derivatives, Table of Integrals, Algorithm, Chemistry, Discrete, Finance, Glossary, Probability and Statistics, Differential Equations, Vector calculus and many more. Just install the Math Ref app from the App Store with a moderate price and get access to all its features.

Price: $2.79 | Download Math Ref for iOS devices.

What are the Best Free Math Apps for High School Students?

After going through this comprehensive list of best math apps for high school students to use in 2021, you might be thinking which is the best app for mathematics? So many options can make you confused about the right pick. Well, it is the top 19 ones among the numerous maths problem-solving apps that are available both in the App Store and Play Store.

We can share our viewpoint with us about the best app. Math Ref, Brainly, and Photomath are the three which we have seen to be used by many users where they have shared their thank you notes and positive feedback for the developers.

These three apps are best according to us in terms of price, features, and convenience. However, the requirements vary from person to person, and therefore, we don’t want to force anything on you. Based on your needs and preferences you can scroll through the descriptions and learn more about the apps so that you can decide what are the best math apps for high school students to solve any kind of math problem.

Whatever you choose from this list of best paid and free math apps for high school students will not disappoint you to make your mathematical journey boring and not useful, that we can assure you of. All the best with your goal to learn mathematics. Happy problem-solving!

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