Top 11 Tools Every Blogger Needs to Start Using Now

Who doesn’t love to use best free blogging tools for content creation and online marketing? Having collaborated with a large number of bloggers recently I have realized that a lot of them are not really using their traffic/blog/website to the full potential as they do not have the right tools in their arsenal.

Undoubtedly, this is a known fact – Building a successful blog takes a long time. If you are doing blogging from the past few months or years, but still feel extremely frustrated because you can’t get things done easily then an obvious reason for this situation might be that you are not using right blogging tools and applications.

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Here are some of the most useful free or inexpensive blogging tools that are easy to use. These apps will help you to provide your readers with more relevant content, generate ideas for new content, optimize your blog experience, monetize your blog and become a better and more successful blogger.

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Top 11 Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using

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Whether you are a beginner blogger or fairly experienced blogger, being a part of the blogging industry it’s really very important for you to always select and use the best blogging tools / applications to make your blog even more popular. Here’s the list of top 11 must have blogging tools recommended by the most popular and expert blogging personalities:

(1) BuzzSumo

A great application to keep your hand on the pulse of latest articles, mentions, and review. BuzzSumo is a great platform to discover the most shared content and key influencers or any topic. It provides all the necessary numbers in terms of shares on social media and lets you pick and find articles based on the popularity.

If you want to know what content is working well in the particular niche and who the dominant influencers are, using BuzzSumo you can get all the information within seconds. This is really an essential tool for content marketing and SEO campaigns.

(2) Klout

When you are blogging you need to find influencers. It is hard to find a better and easier solution to locate influencers then Klout. Whether you are looking for top technology influencers, social media influencers, online marketing influencers, or startup influencers, Klout is always helpful for you to find popular influencers and enthusiast entrepreneurs.Great app, simple and very straightforward.

Basically, Klout uses social media analytics to rank its users according to their online social influence via the “Klout Score”, which is a simple numerical value between 1 and 100. Great app, simple and very straightforward.

(3) SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is one of my favorite tools to compare website traffic, see website’s traffic sources, find competitors website’s online marketing strategies. When doing guest posts or simply researching other blogs and website, you make sure to check out SimmilarWeb.

This website will provide a detailed insight into the traffic on the blog/website in a very easy to understand manner. Within a few minutes, you will have a solid understanding of demographics, volume, interests and much more. SimilarWeb is really a very powerful and advanced traffic estimator tool.

(4) Survey Monkey

If you want to create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real-time also then SurveyMonkey is a really very helpful source. Engage your readers with meaningful surveys so that you can better understand and separate content based on the interests, adjust your writing style and provide more valuable information to your readers.

The basics features like 10 questions, 100 responses, and standard email support etc are always free.For more powerful features and unlimited survey, you will have to go for premium plans.

(5) Google Trends

Nothing is better than Google Trends when it comes to finding out what’s trending on Google search engine right now. An extremely powerful and slightly more difficult to use the app. Helps to gain insight into which keywords are popular, hence, empowering you to adjust your writing style for better SEO.

If you want to check out the latest trending stories or conduct your own analysis, Google Trends is always the best and fast. You can get the detailed trending searches information country by country and date wise as well.

(6) Reddit

A rather unorthodox choice and not necessarily an “app”. Nonetheless, Reddit should not be underestimated in terms of its power. It is a very powerful community that can provide you with ideas for your next blog post, review or discussion.

Reddit is truly the front page of the internet which includes user-generated news links. Users can votes, comments and promote stories to the front page. Since Reddit connects strangers, so it has certain advantages over social network sites which connect friends.

(7) Wishpond

As a blogger, you need to be able to engage your audience as well as be able to monetize your blog. Wishpond provides amazing pop-ups, landing pages, and email automation tools that will help you significantly magnify the power of your website/blog.

It has a very user-friendly interface and is free up to 200 leads, which should be more than enough for you to start realizing the value from using it. Wishpond is also offering a $50 credit to anyone who signs up from this blog: Sign-up Here today!

(8) Buffer

A tool that needs no introduction. If you have any presence on social media, then you need Buffer app. It lets you schedule your posts/tweets and do a ton of other cool things. I am using Buffer from the past few years for scheduling blog posts and the result is really magnificent for me.

This is the most powerful social media management tool for marketers and agencies to share content and links on social media.

(9) Evernote

If you ever find yourself stuck in a pile of content and struggling to get your thoughts organized, then look no further! Perhaps the most well-known app for helping you organize your life is Evernote.

Basically, Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for notetaking, organizing, and archiving. you easily create a notebook for a particular subject/topic, share notes and whole notebooks with classmates, coworkers, family, etc. In short, Evernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self.

(10) Optimizely

Not sure which design to choose? Wanted to experiment with the layout of your website/blog? Don’t guess and juggle hypotheticals and simply set-up a test through Optimizely app. Optimizely is an easy-to-use platform for the web and mobile apps. Although this process would require a bit more in-depth knowledge of a few coding languages and some basic understand of statistics, it is a very, very powerful tool in the right hands.

(11) GoToWebinar

Running webinars is a fantastic way to engage your audience and promote your blog! It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a worldwide company, GoToWebinar can perfectly help you in telling your story, communicate with your audience and build your marketing strategy.

Collaborate with other bloggers and business to host joint webinars in order to magnify the power of this marketing approach. Conducting regular webinars has proven to significantly increase engagements and reader retention! You might also like: Top 12 Best Video Conferencing Services (Free and Paid)


Obviously, there is a lot more interesting applications on the market. However, all the essential blogging tools and apps mentioned in this post will cover all of the majority of the areas where you can improve and advance your blog with less effort.