Disable Pin to Start Screen Feature in Windows 8 [Tips]

In Windows 8 operating system, Start screen is one of the most expedient features that allow us to view all program in one place through live tiles. Addition to this, it also offers the facility to pin apps, files, folders, and web pages to the Start Screen. The pinning feature is also called “Pin to Start Screen“.

Most of the Windows 8 users use this feature to Pin their favourite apps, files or web pages to the Start Screen for quick access. But some of the Windows users don’t like to pin all app shortcuts to the Start screen and they want to disable pin to start screen feature from their Windows 8 computer.

If you are also one of them who wish to disable pin to start screen feature in Windows 8 then “AutoPin Controller” can be a rational choice for you.

AutoPin Controller is a free application for Windows 8 computer that allows you to disable Pin to Start Screen feature according to your wish just with single click. Genuinely, the app locks the Start Screen so that no changes can be made to the Start Screen and thus pin to Start Screen feature will be disabled without any issue.

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How to Disable Pin to Start Screen Feature with AutoPin Controller

At first, Download AutoPin Controller app on your Windows 8 computer and install it. When the installation process completed, launch the app.

After launching the AutoPin Controller app you will see three options at the main interface such as: Lock “Pin to Start Screen” feature, Unlock “Pin to Start Screen” feature, and Reset the Start Screen items.

If you want to lock the Start Screen (Disable Pin to Start Screen) then select the first option i.e. Lock “Pin to Start Screen” feature.

disable pin to start screen feature in windows 8

If the Start Screen is already locked on your Windows 8 PC  and you want to Unlock Start Screen then select the second option i.e. Unlock “Pin to Start Screen” feature.

autopin controller

If you want to remove all the tile shortcuts available on the Start screen at once then select the third option i.e. Reset the Start Screen items.

disable pin to start screen feature

Important note: Clicking the “Reset the Start Screen items” button will remove all tiles except the default tiles that came with the Windows operating system.

Most attractive thing, the AutoPin Controller app is fairly compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 computer. So, there is no need to be worried about system requirement.

If you think, AutoPin Controller app can solve your problem of disabling pin to start screen feature in Windows 8 then download the tool right now through below given download link.

Get from here: Download AutoPin Controller

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