How to Quickly Find and Launch Programs in Windows

On Windows PC, you usually create shortcut icons of all your favourite programs to quick navigate. But when it comes to search other Windows Software, files, folders and documents etc. which icons are not available on your desktop, you feel very uncomfortable.

You always want to search programs, files or other documents in just one go and launch them instantly. To help you in this condition, a very useful open source keystroke launcher is available known as “launchy“.

how to quickly find and launch programs in windows

Basically, Launchy is a free Windows utility that specially designed to quickly find and launch programs in Windows. After using this open-source free tool, You will completely forget to find Windows programs from start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Let’s know in details – how lunchy work for Windows, how to download and install lunchy in Windows computers, and how to use Launchy to easily find and start programs in Windows operating system:

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Find and Start Programs in Windows using Launchy

In simple words you can say, Launchy is an advanced computer search engine which have ability to instantly find and start programs in Windows. Addition to all these things, it also offers you the facility to launch the bookmarks which you made and websites perform and other similar tasks too.

First of all, download Launchy and install it on your PC. Once Launchy is installed on your Windows PC, press ALT + SPACE keys to open the Launchy dialogue box.


Now on the launchy dialogue box, type the name of file or program which you want to open and Press Enter. Just after pressing Enter button, the application is launched.

launchy the open source keystroke launcher

Even, if you don’t know the complete name of file or program which you want to open then type only few letters and wait for a moment. You will see a dropdown down menu for more suggestions related to your search. Now from the dropdown down menu, you can select the program which you want to launch.

find and launch programs in windows

Thus you can freely find and launch any kind of programs in Windows with the help of this freeware. Launchy is a free windows utility and supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system. It is available for MAC users also.

Exclusive features of Launchy:

Launchy comes with numerous useful features to find and launch programs in Windows. Some of the best Launchy features are:

  • Start launchy using ALT + SPACE hotkey
  • Find and launch programs in Windows within seconds
  • Allows you to search through all websites
  • Launchy open documents, files, folders, Windows Software and bookmarks
  • Options to view the latest applications launched with Launchy
  • Editing options in launchy setting etc.

By clicking on “Launchy option” icon which is available on the top right corner of the Launchy dialogue box, you can make changes according to your wish inside General, Skins, Catalog, and Plugins tab. From the “About Launchy” tab you can see, which Launchy version you are using.

download launchy

If you think Launchy is a perfect solution for you to quickly find and launch programs in Windows then download and use it from right now:

Get from here: Download Launchy