Top 14 Fake Email Generator to Get a Temporary Email Address

Do you want to avoid your inbox getting filled with spam emails? Try out these top 14 fake email generator tools to get a temporary email address for free.

Are you looking for the best fake email generator to get a temporary email address for free? Do you want to create fake email address in a second? Do you want a disposable email address or a free temporary email address for verification?

Whatever the reason is, if you want to create a temporary email address then this is the perfect fake mail generator guide for you.

As we all know, spam emails have become a headache nowadays. Whenever you use your personal email address for any kind of online activity, you might find a surge of spam emails in your inbox. Moreover, whatever you search on the web, the cache and cookies get saved, and you receive spam emails similar to your interest.


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It won’t be a stretch if we say, everybody who is reading this guide wants to get rid of these kinds of emails. That’s why we have listed the top 14 best fake email generators here to help you out. Scroll down and go through to know them all.

Top 14 Fake Email Generator to Get a Temporary Email Address

There are countless fake mail generators available on the web which you can use to create fake email addresses in a second. But here we have picked only the best fake mail generator tools for you. All these fake email address generators are extremely simple to use and don’t demand any personal information while creating the free disposable temporary email addresses. Isn’t it awesome?

So now you know how to create fake email address within seconds but still, getting worried whether these email IDs will work as a regular one or not? Well, nothing to worry at all! You can use these disposable temporary email addresses for verification, signing up, replying and forwarding, or for receiving confirmation links without any interruptions.

If you want to stay anonymous somewhere or hesitate to provide your actual and legitimate email address, this free fake email generator online and random email generator list going to be the game-changer for you, have a look at our list now.

EmailFake (Free)

EmailFake is the one to top our list of fake email generator and temporary email address tools. You can create a fake email address just by visiting this website. Create a fake email address in a second and use it for stopping spam emails from flooding your personal or office mailbox. Additionally, you can use it for registering on any website or receiving a confirmation email. 


◾ Just select a fake username and domain to create a fake email address
◾ There are no limitations when it comes to creating numerous email accounts
◾ As we already mentioned, you can use this temporary email address for verification


✶ Use any domain name as per your wish
✶ Fake ids get generated only in two steps
✶ This disposable email address will be validated for 231 days
✶ No registration is required

Fake Mail Generator (Free)

Another fastest and convenient way to generate fake emails for free is Fake Mail Generator. You can select your desired domain name from 10 different domain names. You get a one-time email address to use for temporary registrations. 


◾ Offers disposable email address at one go
◾ Send, receive or forward an email with ease


✶ Country specific domains are there
✶ You can use this service without any registration
✶ The validity of a mail id is 24 hours

Email Generator (Free)

Keep your worries about junk emails at bay now. The Email Generator is here to keep your real email account safe and private. Select your whished domain and keep using your temporary email address as long as the domain is active (up to 231 days). 


◾ Generates unique email IDs
◾ You get access to a fake email address instantly after registering


✶ You will get 231 days of window to use this email address for signing up or registering into any website
✶ Temp mails are easy to generate with the Email Generator in a single click
✶ No need to register for getting a fake email and password
✶ Use temp mail for Facebook login or for signing up in different social media platforms

Temp Mail (Free)

Create a fake email address in a second from your mobile with the Temp Mail app. This application is available for Android and iPhone both. More than 1 million users have used this app and got benefited. Once you download the app, you keep getting the latest features now and then, as developers are working round the clock to serve you with the best. Try it to save your original account form spam and junk. 


◾ Creates fake email ids just after you install the app
◾ Always makes you aware of the latest updates
◾ Improvements and innovations get incorporated after each update to offer the best security


✶ Email id remains available for 231 days
✶ You can perform the web testing easily with Temp mail
✶ A simple user interface to provide you with the best experience

YOPmail (Free)

YOPmail is the next fake mail generator in our random email generator list. You only have to visit the website to create a new anonymous email address without registration or signing up. Once you land on the site, put your desired email address name, hit the generate button and get your account activated instantly.  


◾ Generate fake random email addresses
◾ YOPmail offers a faster experience using your cookies


✶ Your messages get stored for the next 8 days
✶ Each and every user can avail a unique id
✶ You can create multiple email ids
✶ The registration process is optional
✶ Inbox is auto-generated
✶ You don’t need to set any password

ThrowAwayMail (Free)

As the name suggests- throw away the mail id after using it. According to many community forums, ThrowAwayMail is the easiest one when it comes to creating a fake mail address and using it conveniently. The user interface is so attractive that it doesn’t spare you a moment to look elsewhere. You can send or receive emails directly via your ThrowAwayMail account. 


◾ Create fake email ids for every user
◾ Send, receive, and forward emails without worrying about spam, junk or malware threats


✶ Use the created ids for signup and confirmation only
✶ You get access to unlimited fake emails without any registration
✶ Your created email address stay activated for 24 hours, but it can be extended up to 48 hours

Mailinator (Free and Paid)

Generate disposable temporary email addresses for free with the Mailinator website. When in a hurry, you can use this pretty conveniently. This website lets you create a new email address in just a single click. Furthermore, create different addresses for a different purpose. Your inbox messages will be deleted after some time. So, you don’t need to worry about your personal information at all!


◾ Swiftness is the key here while generating new IDs
◾ You can attach your domain to get an email address according to your selected domain name
◾ Mailinator provides you with API access
◾ 3 subscription plans are there; Personal Plan, Team Plus Plan($159 per month)


✶ No need to register to the site
✶ You can use your newly generated id anywhere for any website
✶ The auto-delete feature after a few hours of receiving any mail keeps your inbox clean and free from spam
✶ You can upgrade it anytime want
✶ There are certain privacy rules and storage plans

Dispostable (Free)

Dispostable temporary email address generator is quite similar to the Mailinator. You need to go through a minimal procedure to get you wished email address. Either choose from their free disposable temporary email address or create your own. No matter what is the email id, it will end with “”. Create a free account now and enjoy amazing services.


◾ The default services ask you to choose from their random list, but you can create your own
◾ All email addresses will end up with
◾ This site allows you to generate unlimited ids as per your convenience


✶ The user interface is really good, so you can expect to have the best experience
✶ If you are a newbie, this site has special instructions for you on how to create a fake email address

Nada – GetAirMail (Free)

Visit the website to create your preferred ID. Send and receive emails easily with the GetAirMail fake email generator. It’s quite easy to create a new ID instantly. Just put your desired email address in the right place and hit the generate button. Wait for a few seconds and get your account ready. 


◾ Every user can have their wished email id in a short time span
◾ This site lets you generate an uncountable number of email addresses


✶ Receive emails directly into your inbox, placed just at the bottom of your generator
✶ No risk of getting spam mails as it offers you full protection
✶ Your mails will get automatically deleted after a certain period

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Guerrilla Mail (Free)

Prevent your personal or original mailbox from getting filled with spams or junks. Create a temporary email address with GuerrillaMail and use it for logging into any website. Visit the website and enter your wished mail id to get your job done. 


◾ You have to provide your details to create a mail id here
◾ You can attach and send any file to anybody using GuerrillaMail
◾ Maximum file size should be 150 MB to get attached


✶ You can use this facility on your Android phone now, download the GuerrillaMail application and complete setup to proceed
✶ If you have any fear of getting your security compromised, then you must know GuerrillaMail cleans your inbox just after 1 hour
✶ Hence, the validity of this email address is for 60 minutes only

10 Minute Mail (Free)

Have you ever signed up for any Q/A forum using your personal mail? If yes, then you must know how these forums keep spamming your inbox by sending different emails of no use. Well, 10 Minute Mail has the solution for you. Create a fake email address on this site and sign up for any app, website or Q/A forums especially. 


◾ Generate unlimited fake ids to send and receive emails
◾ Your generated id will be validated for the next 10 minutes only
◾ 10Minutemail lets you reply the received mails


✶ It’s quite easy and fast to use
✶ Your email id will be system generated so no need to enter the password or email id manually
✶ The best feature is- you will get the support assistance

Trash Mail (Free)

The next free temporary email address generator tool on our list is Trash Mail. Sending and receiving disposable emails become easier than ever with this software. Just like GuerrillaMail, this site also allows you to send emails with attachments up to 150MB. Isn’t it great to surprise your friends with a funny video from an anonymous email ID?


◾ You will be provided with the disposable mailbox
◾ Write emails, reply and forward to any address


✶ Trash Mail is the one-stop hub for all conventional mailbox functions
✶ You will get the SSL data encryption
✶ Trash Mail offers you 16 domain names to choose from
✶ You don’t have to register for getting a temporary email address

OwlyMail (Free)

If you are looking for a powerful yet free temporary email generator to make a fake email address then you are going to love this tool. OwlyMail is another fake email generator that is pretty well designed and very simple to use. You can create any temp mail on multiple domains using this site. There are some unique offerings and features which make it stand out. 


◾ You will get a free temporary email for the lifetime
◾ Create as many emails as you want
◾ Web push notification system is there


✶ You can have a custom username for email
✶ Multi-Domain emails are here to offer you versatility

Mailsucker (Free)

Last but not least, Mailsucker is also one of the most interesting and useful fake email generator online to get a temporary email address for free. Creating temporary email addresses and disposable email is pretty simple with it. Just type any inbox name and hit the go to random inbox button and you are ready to use a fake email address for free. The use of such temporary disposable email while registering to untrusted web sites is very helpful.


◾ Get all email data (HTML, text and e-mail header).
◾ It allows you to receive email attachments up to 5 MB.


✶ This temporary email address generator does not support receiving Facebook emails.
✶ All emails get automatically deleted within a few hours after the email is read. And unread emails get deleted after 3 days.


That’s all! So, these are the best fake email generator tools that you can use in any circumstances to get a temporary email address for free. Now it’s your turn to select the best free fake email generator online and create free temporary email addresses.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a random fake email address for social media sites, a free disposable temporary email address for verification, or any other situations. The above-explained fake mail generator list is going to help you a lot in finding a suitable free temporary email address generator tool for creating disposable email addresses the way you want.

So now, go ahead and create a fake email address within seconds and use a temporary email address for verification purposes or anywhere you want. But please, don’t forget to let us know in the comment box below – Which kind of fake email generator online tool or fake email address app helped you the most?

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