10 Best Instagram Username Generator for Instagram Name Ideas

Do you want the best Instagram name generator for classy Instagram names? Here are the top 10 best Instagram username generator for Instagram name ideas.

It’s the actual truth, similar to funny Instagram bios and creative Instagram status ideas everyone like classy Instagram names and cool usernames for Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular and amazing photos and videos sharing social networking platforms in the virtual world. With the help of Instagram, people are indulging their real life into virtual life. And the astonishing fact is that over 1 billion users around the world are marking their presence on Instagram every month.

On the basis of this fact, we can say that Instagram is becoming the habit of a new generation, they love to share their memories and precious time of life with this social platform.

instagram username generator

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But on the other hand, the Instagram username (username of your Instagram profile) is a great matter of concern for Instagram lovers. Because everyone wants to represent themselves in a unique and exquisite way from others.

That’s why the concept of Instagram usernames and Instagram handle are more trending among the youth. And these are the main reasons which are illumining the side of an Instagram username generator or Instagram name generator or Instagram name checker.

If you are also one of those enthusiasts who are looking for the best Instagram username generator for classy Instagram names then keep reading and learn everything you need to know about the Instagram username creation.

What is an Instagram Username Generator?

In simple words, a username generator is to intertwine the trending and popular words and different characters along with your name, words which are essential to you and helps you to describe you and about your personality. It means Instagram username generator is the tool which helps you to create a unique profile name for your Instagram social media account.

Instagram username generator not only helps you in getting the cool and classy Instagram names but it also acts as an Instagram name checker and shows you only those Instagram names that are not taken.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Username Generator?

To find out the best username ideas for your Instagram profile is an arduous thing to do and it shows the state of ambiguous. This is because of the young generation, especially teens because they want exquisiteness. It’s a sort of frustration for the youth to get a suitable, unique and attractive profile name for their Instagram account. That is why the role and essentiality of a username generator for Instagram comes.

If you want your Instagram names to be unique, relevant, available, and most important, memorable then using some of the most powerful Instagram username generator or Instagram username search tools is the best approach because they take care of everything.

Instagram name generator doesn’t let you exceed 12 characters (in most of the cases) and even checks the availability of the username on every social network.

10 Best Instagram Username Generator and Instagram Name Checker

There are numerous options of Instagram username generator available on the internet, through which you will get classic and unique Instagram name ideas and also you can generate your username too. And this username creation process is not very complex to do because these Instagram username search tools will just ask your name, hobbies, nickname and after that, they will give you the most suitable and best Instagram username according to your personality.

It’s a widely spread myth that if you want to get popularity on social media then choose short and unique names for your account. That is why people select their account name within 12 characters and don’t want to use separators like hashtags and underscores.

Here in this guide, we have compiled a list of some of the best Instagram name checker and Instagram username generator for classy Instagram names. These free tools provide the option to generate Instagram username based on your personality, choices, and need.

So, let’s check out the top username generator for Instagram and find out their uniqueness:

Username Generator – Jimpix

If you are getting tired from searching the best Instagram names to get followers, then come to the world of Jimpix. Username Generator by Jimpix is one of the best and most popular tools for Insta username generator. It gives the ease of simple process with maximum variety.

With this Username Generator tool, only you have to enter your desired word and pick a category from the list of categories and then hit the Go button. Now you will see a huge list of Instagram names and a load of additional options, such as choosing the starting letter, username length, the position of your word, and so on to modify your Instagram username search according to your wish.

instagram name generator

The most interesting thing is, you don’t have to use any separate Instagram name checker tool to check username availability. Simply, click on the usernames and you will be able to see the Instagram names that are not taken or taken.

In short, if you are looking for a username generator based on personality and with numerous options then this tool is a great choice for you.

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Instagram Name Generator – SpinXO 

If you are looking for the best Instagram username generator for classy and cool usernames for Instagram then you should check out Instagram Name Generator by SpinXO. SpinXO comes with the straightforward and uncomplicated process of username generation. It asks you to fill up the six simple questions, through which you will get a likable username for your Instagram account.

It includes several questions like name or nickname, what are you like, hobbies, things you like, important words, and numbers or letters, etc. Once you fill these questions, simply hit the Spin button and SpinXO will present you the list of 30 cool names according to your preferences.

username generator for instagram

And the best part is, if you are not happy with the list of Instagram names generated or not be able to select the name, then you can easily tap the button of Spin again and you will get another list of usernames.

Similar to Jimpix, Instagram Name Generator by SpinXO also allows you to check availability on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and other social networks just by clicking on the name you like.

UsernameGenerator – Cool Instagram Usernames

If you like lengthy but very cool and interesting usernames for your social media accounts then UsernameGenerator is an excellent selection for you. Basically, this Instagram username generator focuses on character counts and offers you the best possible Instagram name ideas. It means you will get your name with your desired length of character.

generate instagram username

This popular Instagram username search tool will ask you the name or thing you like (any words) and the number of characters when start to fill the options. According to your preference, you can choose a length of 10 characters, 15 characters, and the highest 18 characters. Finally, you need to just tap the Generate button and the cool Instagram usernames will appear randomly.

Random Username Generator – Username Buddy

We understand that some users do not want to disclose their name identity; that’s why Username Buddy provides the option of creating random and anonymous names. Random Username Generator by Username Buddy is a very friendly website that helps you generate Instagram username ideas for free, based on your requirements and persona.

instagram username search

Getting cool usernames for Instagram is pretty easy with this tool. You need to just choose a starting letter, and then pick a prefix and suffix category. The prefix and suffix include categories range from movies to car brands to body parts. Once you fill up everything (prefix, suffix, and the starting letter), simply click on the Generate Username button and instantly you will get a huge list of username ideas and classy Instagram names for free.

One thing you will notice for sure is that all the Instagram usernames generated by this Random Username Generator are quite catchy, memorable, and interesting.

Online Username Generator – LastPass

As most of us know, LastPass is a password manager and password generator that stores encrypted passwords and personal information online in a secure vault. And most of us use it to generate strong and random passwords for our various social media accounts, computers, smartphone, and many other devices.

You would be happy to know that LastPass not only allows you to create a secure and random password but it also allows you to generate a strong and random username. Online Username Generator by LastPass allows you to instantly create secure and random usernames just by typing the word or name you like and then clicking on the Generate icon.

username generator

You can also customize your username by dragging the Username Length slider, selecting options between Easy to say or Easy to read or All characters, and mixing Uppercase or Lowercase or Numbers or Symbols, etc. Once you found a suitable username for you, simply click on the Copy Username button and then use it wherever you want.

If you are looking for an Instagram username search tool or Instagram name generator that adds an extra security layer then LastPass’s Online Username Generator is perfect for you.

Username Generator – Make Cool, Funny, and Good Usernames

If you are in the pursuit of one-click Instagram username generator and Instagram name checker tool then you should use this quick online Username Generator for making cool, funny, and best Instagram names to get followers.

Once you use this username creation tool, you will notice that it is the most simple and easy name generation website for any social media app. Because it just requires one word from you to generate the amazing usernames.

instagram name ideas

Simply type any of your desired word on the box and hit the Generate Usernames button and this tool will display you the vast list of good, funny, random, and cool username ideas related to the word you have given.

To check username availability, just click on the username you like and you will be able to see if it’s available to use on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and more.

Nickname Generator Android App

Most of the people like to get called by their nicknames or run their social media account by their nicknames. If you are also one of those users who want a simple, instinctive, one-click control nickname generator then you will find this app very useful for you.

Basically, Nickname Generator is an Android app which is well known for generating millions of unique and fresh sounding nicknames within a few seconds.

nickname generator

Using Nickname Generator Android app to find the perfect nickname is super easy. But it also offers a complexity slider to go from very simple short names to longer and more complex usernames.

When you find your perfect nickname, you can directly copy the name to your clipboard, share it with your friends via social media, or immediately paste it into the apps or forms where you need.

Nickname Generator – Name Generator

If you want a perfect username for every occasion then Nickname Generator is the most appropriate tool you should go for. Although, the user interface of this username creator tool is not so impressive but it is quite easy to use and interesting for generating the names.

Here, you need to just answer the few questions to get numerous types of usernames. You need to fill just your name, gender and 3 adjectives which describe you. Once you fill up all the required field, simply click on the “Write me some nicknames” button and you will get plenty of alliterative nicknames, descriptive nicknames, and ironic nicknames, rhyming nicknames, computer generator slang, and much more.

instagram name checker

After getting your desired username or nickname from the tool, you can also share it with your friends through social media. This username generator for Instagram says “Please keep your input family friendly and we’ll find you a selection of interesting and amusing usernames and nicknames, which you’re free to use.

Instagram Name Generator (1000’s of random ideas) by LingoJam

If you want an extremely easy to use random username generator that doesn’t offer any customization then you should try out this amazing and fast Instagram name ideas generation tool by LingoJam. With this tool, you got to just type your name in the first box and simultaneously you get thousands of random Instagram name ideas in the second box.

Yes, you read correct! There is no option to modify your Instagram username search. Only you can scroll down and select any name you like from the big pile of random IG username ideas.

best instagram names to get followers

LingoJam has also created a “cute” version of this tool which is known as Cute Instagram Names Generator. Basically, this username generator just mixes up a bunch of cute words along with a word of your choice.

Name Generator Fun

This is also an interesting way of generating coolest and funniest names for online platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube, etc. Basically, Name Generator Fun is a name generator website that has been providing the exquisite service of name generation over the last two decades.

instagram names that are not taken

This website provides the vast categories of names like superhero names, rap names and plenty more. Frankly speaking, this is an easy to use name generation tool which can be used to create cool usernames for Instagram but plenty of peoples feel that these username ideas don’t fit for an Instagram account. So if you like classic character names then you can try it out.


So, these are some of the best Instagram username generator and Instagram name checker tools you can use to generate Instagram username based on personality, choices, selection, and requirements.

These free online Instagram name generator services not only help you in getting catchy and classy Instagram names but also provides you the direct option to check username availability and find Instagram names that are not taken.

If you want to generate some unique and funniest Instagram usernames, then you must visit all of these Instagram username search tools and username generator for Instagram one by one and decide what’s best for you.

We hope this list of best Instagram username generator for Instagram name ideas helped you in getting some of the most creative, memorable, witty, professional, and best Instagram names to get followers.

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