Top 13 Best Email Client for Windows 10 | Windows 10 Email Client

Want the best Windows 10 email client or free email programs for Windows 10 PC? Here’s the list of top 13 best email clients for Windows 10 operating system.

Nowadays, almost all businesses are going digital as the Internet is one of the best mediums to reach masses with just a few clicks. Marketing agencies are busy doing their work by sending emails to clients across the globe to make profitable leads.

If you are using the internet for a while, you might have seen a sudden increase in the number of emails which you are receiving on your email address. All of us use web email clients to send emails and check the emails we receive daily and if you are a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system user then it is very important to have the best email client for Windows 10 especially if you are using it for business purposes.

best email client for windows 10

Top 13 Best Windows 10 Email Clients and free Email Programs for Windows 10 PC | Free Email Clients

There are a lot of Windows 10 email client and best email apps available in the market which you can use to check all the emails which you have received, read them, send emails, and even send scheduled emails. Plenty of free email programs and free web based email services are there since the existence of the internet and developers are still creating amazing new email clients which come with various updated features.

Doing a Google search of “best email client for Windows 10” will land you thousands of search results in front of you. For a newbie, it could be a very difficult situation for selecting the best email program for Windows 10 operating system. So to make it simpler, we are here with a great list of email clients for Windows 10 PC.

But before we begin adding different Windows 10 email clients to our list, let’s have a brief discussion about what is an Email Client and what is the difference between email client and webmail? Let’s dive in.

What is Email Client or What Does Email Client Mean?

It is important to understand what an email client is before downloading and using one for exchanging mails. Email client or email reader or mail user agent is just a simple desktop application that allows configuring one or more than one email addresses to receive, read, compose and send emails from that email address through the desktop interface. Desktop email client offers a central interface for receiving, composing and sending emails of configured email address.

With the email client, you can send and receive emails directly from your desktop. It means that you don’t have to open any web browser, enter the URL of email service provider and then access it.

You can easily use an email client on your machine and the only requirement which needs to be fulfilled before using a free desktop email client is having an email address. Once you are ready with an email address, you have to do some settings which include the port number, SMTP address, POP3/IMAP, email aliases and few other preferences.

You can set your email client to fetch emails automatically or manually, the choice is yours. All these emails are delivered using the message transfer agent or mail transfer agent (MTA) of an email service provider. Similarly while sending emails, the email client uses message submission agent or mail submission agent (MSA) to deliver messages to the email server and further to the destination email address.

The number of email addresses which you can configure on email software for Windows 10 varies on different email clients. So, now that you know what an email client is and how it works, let have a look at the list of top 13 best email clients for Windows 10 computers.

Top 13 Best Email Programs for Windows 10 | Windows 10 Email Client

Email clients play a very important role in sending and receiving emails in our daily life, so you should choose them smartly.

Here are some best Windows 10 email clients and free email programs for Windows 10 PC which can be used every day for exchanging emails.

Mailbird – Best Email App for Windows 10

If you are looking for the best Windows 10 email client which takes little space and very fewer resources then Mailbird is the most appropriate and best email client which you need to use.

Mailbird is an award winning Windows email client which comes with user-friendly interface and makes email exchanging process super easy. Multi-account supports, Multi-language support, integrated messaging apps, integrated task management apps, unified email inbox, complete touch support, contact manager new, integrated calendar apps, colors & layout customization are some of the most attractive features of Mailbird email app.

mailbird email client for windows 10

You can customize Mailbird email client as per your requirements. With Customization Reply option, you can reply to emails with a Custom Reply which you have stored in Mailbird. You can use this Windows 10 email client to connect to social network websites like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and even Whatsapp too.

If you want few basic options and limited email accounts then Mailbird free is great for you, but if you want unlimited multi accounts, attachment quick preview, email speed reader and all other advanced features then you should go for Mailbird Pro or Mailbird Pro Lifetime version.

In short, if you want to manage multiple accounts with the best free email client for Windows 10 then download Mailbird and start using it as your default email client.

Outlook – Microsoft Free Personal Email

Over dozens of “best free email programs for Windows 10” and Microsoft Outlook always stands out to be the best Windows 10 mail client.

Outlook email is a free personal email service from Microsoft that allows you to automatically organize your inbox and simplify your email exchanging routine. The best thing which we love about Outlook email client is that there is no requirement of installing it on computers as it comes preinstalled on all Windows computers.

outlook email client for windows 10

Setting up email in Mail for Windows 10 is pretty simple and you can add multiple email accounts in Outlook and sync all your emails at a single place. Using outlook you can also customize the notifications for particular senders. There are several tools available in Outlook using which you can customize this email client as per your needs.

Addition to all these things, automatically connects you to the host of Microsoft apps and services which includes OneDrive, Skype, Office Online, OneNote and much more. Outlook is available for free.

Inky – Email Phishing Protection

Inky is a very popular email client for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices. It is best known for its email phishing protection and advanced threat detection features which are really amazing.

All the mails exchanged using Inky are 100% safe and secure as it uses high-end encryption algorithms. It is also said that using this free desktop email client, you can even fix the emails which are broken for free.

inky email client for windows 10

There is no doubt that Inky is having a lot of amazing security features but you will get a simple user interface which actually makes it easy for one to access it. To organize your emails, you can use tags or even add messages to the emails and find them later easily.

Having Inky email client for Windows 10 is just like having a cyber security expert at your desk, so you must try Inky Phish Fence if you want to keep your organization safe from phishing attacks and other advanced threats.

em Client – Best email client for Windows 10

If you are looking for a full featured free mail client for Windows 10 desktop or laptop which comes with a modern and easy to use interface yet allows you to exchange emails efficiently, then em Client is the most suitable email software which you need to use.

You are going to get a lot of features in this email client with some being Task Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, and chat among others. PGP Encryption Support, Live Backup, Automatic contact Avatar downloading, Improved table editor, autoresize and basic editing images, Auto-replies for Gmail, Touch support, Super-fast search, Secure communication (SSL/TLS), Easy contacts merging, and File transfer support etc. are some of the most interesting features of eM Client.

em client for windows 10

If you were using any other desktop email client in the past, you can import Calendar, settings of that client in em Client for Windows 10 with the easy import option. However, this import is only limited to one Windows email client. If you want to import settings from multiple mail clients then you will have to go for the premium version of em Client which costs $50.

eM Client supports all major services (Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Outlook) and it is fully optimized to run smoothly on Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating system.

Mozilla Thunderbird – Software Made to Make Email Easier

Mozilla is well known for its fast web browser experience but did you know there is also a free email client by Mozilla called Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email application for Windows 10 and various other operating systems. It’s super easy to set up and customize. Thunderbird is loaded with some great features like Mail account setup wizard, Personalized email addresses, One-click address book, Attachment reminder, Multiple-channel chat, Large files management, Smart folders, Robust privacy and do not track, phishing protection, and Automated update etc.

thunderbird for windows 10

While other desktop email clients often lead to problems after some time, Mozilla Thunderbird is one of those free email programs for Windows 10 which works swiftly no matter how long it has been since the installation.

You can organize your mails by segregating them into folders. The logs feature also makes it very easy for one to find the mails from a huge stack. Thunderbird email client also allows you to write multiple emails at the same time by keeping the mails in different tabs which will not only save your time but will also prevent excessive cluttering.

Opera Mail – Email Client and Outlook Alternative

If you are looking for a best free Outlook alternative then you should start using Opera Email client for free. Opera Mail is a very lightweight and customizable email client for Windows 10 PCs.

It is ideal for people who are not having high-end hardware on their computers or their system is quite old. This free email software for Windows 10 has all the necessary features which one looks for in a good e-mail client.

opera mail for windows 10

Both POP (post office protocol) and IMAP (internet message access protocol) are compatible with Opera Mail client which means you can add pretty much any email client in Opera Mail. The search feature can be used to search all your emails which you are having in your Opera Mail account.

In simple words, Opera Mail is one of the most popular Outlook alternatives and best email clients for Windows 10 operating system. It is available for free and can be used on all versions of Windows Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Zimbra Desktop – Offline Email Client

Zimbra Desktop is a free and open source email client application for Windows 10 that allows you manage various email accounts in one desktop tool.

This offline email client is available for quite some time and comes with almost all the necessary features which you want in a good email client software. Task Integrator, Calendar, Import are some of the features which are offered by Zimbra Desktop for free.

zimbra desktop email client for windows 10

To keep things simple, it provides a top bar to track of all the mails which you are receiving. The offline mode of Zimbra Desktop allows you to save all your mails and read access them even without an internet connection. Zimbra Desktop email client is cross-platform software available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Claws Mail – Fast Email Client for Windows 10

Next email program in our list of top 13 best free email programs for Windows 10 is Claws Mail. Claws Mail is a free and open source email client for Windows 10 which is well known for its quick response, graceful and sophisticated interface, easy configuration and intuitive operation, abundant features, robustness and stability, and extensibility.

claws mail for windows 10

When you will open this Windows 10 mail client for the first time, you will think as you are in the Stone Age as it is a quite old school. If you are one of those users who love to do things their way then Claws mail is the software you need to install.

You can import multiple email accounts in Claws mail but the catch is you have to import all the accounts by yourself. You don’t have to worry about storage space when it comes to Claws Mail as it consumes minimal space.

MetroMail for Windows 10

MetroMail is an exclusive Windows 10 email app which you can get from Windows Store. Easy Customization option is one of the best features of MetroMail as it allows you to customize mailing list completely. Mails from other email clients can be imported using Easy Import feature.

metromail for windows 10

With MetroMail email client you can easily store all the mails on your computer which means that you can even access the content when you are not having an internet connection. If you are having a Windows Phone, you can sync your MetroMail account with that as well. Efficient and secure mailing is the first priority of MetroMail for Windows 10.

TouchMail for Windows 10

TouchMail is also a top-rated email app for Windows 10 with over 1 Million downloads available on Windows Store. It comes with impressive user interface, so all the people who want to interact with their mails in a unique way going to love it.

TouchMail Windows 10 email client allows you to import all the email accounts which you are using for free but you have to make sure that the email account which you are using to import isn’t POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3).

touchmail for windows 10

The email accounts which you are going to add in TouchMail can be stored in different folders which bring better organization and make searching emails simple. TouchMail is available for free however you can always check the premium add-ons available which will increase the functionality of this best free email client for Windows 10 computers.

Mail for Windows 10

Mail is a brand new desktop email client for Windows 10 operating system which is launched by the Microsoft. This email client is only available in Windows 10 store for now and comes with a clean yet neat user interface.

mail for windows 10

There are fewer features in Mail as compared to Outlook but the interface is pretty awesome which is why it makes to our list of best Windows 10 email clients. Rich notifications will inform you each time you receive a mail and you can even reply to that mail from notification only.

Yahoo Mail for Windows 10

Yahoo Mail is the official desktop email clients for Windows 10 which is launched by Yahoo. If you are only using Yahoo search and want to use an email client which will handle only Yahoo emails then you can try Yahoo Mail for Windows 10 PCs.

yahoo mail client for windows 10

You can integrate your Flickr account and customize the best Windows 10 email clients with photos which you are having on your Flickr account. Start Live Tiles and Push Notifications are noteworthy features of Yahoo Mail. It also allows you to keep up to date with Windows-enabled desktop notifications.


Last but not the least is AOL App for Windows 10. This email client is only made for AOL mails just like Yahoo Mail is made for Yahoo Mails. With AOL App you will get full access to all the services which are offered by AOL which include news, videos, mail and much more.

aol app for windows 10

In short, you are going to get all the services which are available on AOL website on your computer with AOL app for Windows 10.

Have You Found the Best Email Client for Windows 10?

So these are some of the best Windows 10 email clients and apps which you can try out for your personal and business uses.

We are pretty much sure the above-mentioned list of top 13 best email clients for Windows 10 operating system will perfectly help you in selecting the best free email program for Windows PCs. All the email client software which we have listed in this tutorial is available for free and supports multiple email services.

Let us know using the comments section below – According to you, which the best email client for Windows 10 computer? And which Windows 10 email client are you using right now?

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