14 Best Free Face Aging App that Makes You Look Old in 2021

Are you wondering, “What will I look like when I’m older? Is there a free face aging app that makes you look old?” If yes, try out these best free age progression apps for Android and iOS devices.

This pandemic has triggered many trends in social media, and looking older than your age is one of them. That’s right. People are installing various apps on their devices to find out how they may look when they grow older.

And if you are also one of those curious convivial fellows, go through this guide to find out some of the best free face aging apps that make you look like an old person.

app that makes you look old
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The best thing about these facial aging apps or age progression photo apps is, they not only make you look older but also younger. That means you can check out how you may look in your 60s and also find out how you used to be when you were 18 years old.

With that being said, let’s find out what it feels like to become older. And in the coming future, we will see how accurate the technology really is.

14 Best Free Face Aging App that Makes You Look Old

There are countless age progression apps and free face aging apps available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, but not all apps work as accurately as they claim. That’s why here I have handpicked some of the top-rated and best ones, which will give your portrait an amazing aging touch.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the list of the best free face aging app that makes you look old on your Android and iOS devices. Here we go:

FaceApp – Face Editor, Makeover and Beauty App (Android | iOS)

I had a plan in my head about these face aging apps. So, I decided to create a female version of my male best friend and upload his photos on a dating profile to see how many guys he can pick. The plan worked smoothly with this free face editor, makeover, and beauty app called FaceApp.

I simply went to the Google Play Store and search for a free face aging app for android. There were plenty of results in front of me, but I decided to give the FaceApp AI Face Editor a try.

14 Best Free Face Aging App that Makes You Look Old in 2021

This application works like magic. Open the app and go to your phone’s gallery then turn your young-looking selfie to whatever you want. You always look hot, now look old because it’s a trend.

FaceApp AI photo editing app is available for Android and iOS devices, so you can install it from the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

AgingBooth – The App that Makes You Look Old! (Android | iOS)

AgingBooth is a pretty popular age progression photo app for the people who are curious to know, “what will I look like when I’m older? The developer of AgingBooth is the creator of the FatBooth, BaldBooth, MixBooth, UglyBooth, and BoothStache app, who has created similar apps in the series.

Just like you can change your age with AgingBooth, you do a lot of other stuff with their additional apps. If you are ready to know ‘What will I look like in the future?’, download AgingBooth on your Android or iOS device and get started.

what is the app that makes you look old

AgingBooth can be really funny when you are applying this to your friend’s photo but scary when it is your own photo (no offense). AgingBooth facial aging app is easy to install on both of the device platforms, and it comes with various features to keep you engaged.

Please note that this facial aging app, along with the other app that can make you look old, all are for fun only. You are only using them for entertainment, and it may or may not provide an accurate result. But whatever the result is, don’t forget to share them via your social networks for some extra fun!

Oldify – Old Face App (iOS)

If you ask me, “What’s the app that makes you look old?”, the answer is, there are many apps that would make you look old even if you don’t want to grow older. But we human beings are curious creatures and we like to try out different things, and even if that means growing old, we don’t care.

However, with Oldify, if you wish to look younger, you can’t because it is an app that makes you look old only. There are so many filters and features available on Oldify that are quite amazing.

face app that makes you look old

You can use your phone’s camera feature to capture your photo and do funny things with it through the app. You can change your age with the app and record videos to make it look realistic.

However, the biggest drawback of Oldify is that it is only available for iOS devices. That means you can install it from your App store and use it on your iPhone or iPad. But for Android users, you can install one of the apps listed above or keep reading to find out more.

Age Face – Make Me OLD (Android)

Suppose you are falling in love with a new person this year, and you wonder what they would look like when they age older. That’s where the Age Face – Make me OLD Android app comes in.

Just upload his or her photo from the gallery or capture one with your phone’s camera and watch the possible future look of your lover. This is a great photo editor face app that makes you look old in just a few clicks.

free app that makes you look old

The best thing about the Age Face android app is that it’s absolutely free. You won’t have to pay anything to make fun of your friends. However, the app contains in-app purchases. So, you will have to spend some money to get new effects.

Still, if you are an iOS user, Make me OLD is not your app. You can use it on your Android devices only and for your iPhone or iPad, search for other apps in this guide.

Agify: Age Your Face (Android)

You don’t have to wait another 20 years to know how you look when you grow old. You can look at the older version of you right now on your Android screen. Simply install the Age Your Face application from your Google Play Store and get ready to see the magic.

Agify is an amazing age progression app for Android that comes with an automatic face detection feature that will detect your face immediately, and you can make it 100 years old.

new app that makes you look old

After changing your face image from 25 years to 80 years, you can share it with your friends via social media or simply save it in your gallery.

This new app that makes you look old, too, does not come in an iOS version. But you can enjoy its features and functions on your Android effectively. And to find an iOS app that makes you look like an old person, read on.

Make Me Old (Android)

There are tons of face age application for Android out there that make you look like an old person. It feels you have actually aged a decade in just a couple of taps of your fingertips. One such interesting old age face changer app is Make Me Old.

It is available for Android devices only and is 100% free. Make Me Old facial aging app comes with various features like animation, adding funny gestures to make your photos look realistic and fun.

app that makes you look like old

I won’t tell you how it feels to look at the older or younger version of yourself. You are going to find that out soon with this brilliant Android application. This is just for entertainment purposes, but if your friends get offensive because you are making them older, don’t do it with them again.

This Android application is easy to get on your Android device. Just head over to the Google Play store and search for Make Me Old in the search box. Hit install on the first result that comes on your screen. However, this application is not available for iOS, so you will have to find Make Me Old alternatives for iPhones.

Age Face Make Me Old (iOS)

If you start searching, you will find old and gender changed images of celebrities on social media. Some of those pictures are created by the fans, and sometimes the celebrities make it themselves. How do they do it?

Of course, with the help of an amazing face changer and look editor application like Age Face Make Me Old. This is another popular face aging app available for iOS devices only. People love this free face aging app because of its quick transformation process that’s quite fast.

an app that makes you look old

You can visit your Apple App store and search for Age Face Make Me Old and install the application on your device. What should you do after installing the tool? Start making fun of your friends. This best free old age face app is not available for Android devices right now, but if you are an iPhone or an iPad owner, you can get the application for free.

Face Age App – Make Me Old Face Changer (Android)

Everybody wants to look cute, pretty, handsome, etc. But you are something unique; you want to look older! That’s why developers have created millions of apps for you, and Face Age App is one of them.

It’s a creative tool where you can create cool and funny stickers with your face. Make it look younger or older as per your choice. You can even make a photo slimmer or fat with its filters and make fun of your old man.

app that can make you look old

The Face Age App comes with various great features that you need to try first before judging. So, let’s install this excellent app on your phone and enjoy a good laugh with your friends or family.

There are various alternatives available for iPhone users. Since you can’t install Face Age App on your iOS device, you can try out FaceApp, which is the number one free face aging up in the market.

Old Face and Daily Horoscope (Android)

This one is a little out of the box application because it’s not only focused on being an app that makes you look old but also predicts your future. As the name said, along with making you look old, it can read your horoscope and predict your future. Pretty cool, right?

No, not only face reading. But also, with Old Face and Daily Horoscope, you can let a professional astrologer read your palm and forecast your fortune. Hence, with this new app that makes you look old, you can also know your real future.

app that makes you look like an old person

Since this free astrology app with facial aging feature is only available for Android devices, bad luck to the iPhone users, but there are many alternatives available for you to try. So, check out the whole list I have given here.

Make Me Old – Face Your Future (Android)

It is surely fun when you steal your crush’s photo and use a photo app that makes her look old. But now it’s your turn! I dare you to install the Face Your Future application on your Android phone and make your face look old.

This face aging app comes with some awesome features that will make you laugh (just try it). Moreover, it’s easy to use. All you have to do is picking your Android phone and open the Google Play store app. Then search for Make me Old – Face Your Future in the search box.

face aging app

It will show you a list of results, and you will have to click on the Face Your Future app only. Then open the app after installing and browse a photo from your gallery. You can also capture your selfie with the camera button and make it look old.

The next step is to share your old age photos with your friends on social media and making fun of yourself. Don’t be upset if the app is not available for your iPhone. You can try out other similar Free Face Aging App for iOS from our list.

Old Face (Android)

You no longer have to wait for the year 2055 or 2060 to look old. You can do that right now with this free face aging app, Old Face for Android. It is a free face aging booth machine that can turn your beautiful young face to a scary old one instantly!

Though it is not a great thing, it’s really cool, isn’t it? Add any of your photos or your friend’s photo from the gallery and create a scary old face. Don’t forget to share it on your social media to get some extra attention!

facial aging app

It’s free, and it’s fun, so enjoy it. Old Face is an application only for android users. So, if you are using any other platform like iOS, you will have to find something else.

Old My Face – Old Age Photo Maker (Android)

Easily change your face to an old man’s face by using Old My Face’s filters. Even this face age application lets you change your gender. Meaning, if you are a guy, you can turn yourself into a beautiful young woman with the help of this Android application.

It uses the trending photo editing technology only for fun. So, don’t take this seriously. Any of the features you use that comes in this app is 100% free. Moreover, not only the Old My Face makes you old, but it also makes you younger in just a few taps.

app that makes you look older and younger

Go to your Android’s Google Play Store and search it with its name. Thousands of results will open up in front of you, but you will have to go with the first result only. You can even set your photo in your WhatsApp DP or Facebook profile picture, and let’s see if your friends can recognize you!

Download for Android only because the iOS version is not available yet. You can install similar apps, though. Just search for a free face aging app for iOS in the App Store, and it will show you enough options to choose from.

Old Me – Simulate Old Face (Android)

Old Me – Simulate Old Face is an app that makes you look old even if you are just 22 years of age. You can simply capture your self-portrait and use it in the Old Me age progression photo app if you are wondering, “What will I look like when I’m older?”.

Your kids may also ask you questions like “what will I look like when I grow up?” Install the face app that makes you look old and upload your kid’s picture to show her what she would look like.

what will i look like when im older

This app comes with the latest technology that can easily play around with your skin and age. Meaning, you can turn a person exactly the opposite of what he currently looks like. Old Me – Simulate Old Face is available for Android. But not on iOS (sad react only).

Old Face Maker (Android)

Honestly speaking, altering your young face into an old one does not look natural with this app. Old Face Maker’s features make your photos look like you are going to shoot for a Hollywood sci-fi movie.

But if you are okay with that, let’s get this funny and scary face aging app on your Android phone straight from the Google Play Store and experiment with your friends’ photos first. The Old Face Maker app does come with some great features and fun, cool stickers for extra entertainment.

what will i look like in the future

And if you want to be a little more creative, then use the filters and apply them to your photos. However, the biggest reason why this app comes at the last in our list is, it does not offer as many features as other apps I talked about previously. Still, it’s good to go if you are up for some fun.

What is the Best Face Aging App That Makes You Look Old?

After going through this comperhansive list of 14 best free face aging app that makes you look old in 2021, it’s your choice which facial aging app or age progression photo app you would want to use for checking what will you look like when you’re older.

Personally, I would recommend “FaceApp – Face Editor, Makeover and Beauty App” and “AgingBooth – The App that Makes You Look Old“. Both of these free face aging apps are available for Android and iOS so that you won’t be upset about anything.

But if you wish to enjoy them on your Windows computer, then first of all you will have to learn how to run android apps on PC. Let us know in the comment box below if you have any questions regarding any of these best free facial aging app or age progression photo app that makes you look old.

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