How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card in 2023

Use a virtual credit card (VCC) to make secure online payments and enjoy best credit card offers. Here’s how to get free virtual credit card in 2023.

There are many different cards available these days for online payment like Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Gift Cards etc.

It is very easy to get Debit card as all you need is a bank account. But if you want to apply for credit card, you need to provide your salary slip or fulfill other conditions which are set by the bank.

Generally, we feel pretty confident in order to use our debit card or credit card numbers when it comes to making online purchases from trusted online shopping brands like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart etc. But when we purchase something from a very new online shopping platform or online brand with less reputation, that purchase comes with a certain risk. Sometimes, it might very difficult for some people to get a credit card due to different term and conditions which are set by the particular banks.

how to get free virtual credit card
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Best Virtual Credit Card providers to get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

In all these situations, using Virtual Credit Cards is the most helpful option for you. You can use a virtual credit card for making the online payment which is just like a prepaid card. Now you might be wondering how to get a free virtual credit card as you don’t get calls from banks for a new virtual credit card (VCC).

Don’t worry, there are different services available online which will help you in order to get free virtual credit cards (cash back credit cards, low-interest credit cards, interest-free credit card, business credit cards). Once you have generated your free virtual credit card, you can use it for online shopping, managing wallets, and much more online stuff.

Many people even don’t know what a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is and how it works. If you are also not familiar with a virtual credit card and its benefits then you can have a look at next part of this guide where we will explain – What is a Virtual credit card? What are advantages and disadvantages of virtual credit card? How to get free virtual credit card in ? Here we go.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card (VCC) is just one-time-use credit card number which is generated randomly whenever you want to make an online purchase. Virtual credit card number (VCN) is associated with your credit card and it’s used for online transactions. You can select the maximum credit card limit as per your requirement while making payment via virtual credit card.

To get a virtual credit card, you have not to pay any extra charges at all. Only you need to maintain a Savings account with the bank. Virtual credit cards come with an expiry date too and it’s much sooner than physically issued credit cards. Quick expiry date helps users to protect them from becoming a victim of online credit card fraud.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Credit Card?

In virtual credit cards, the virtual credit card numbers offer plenty of protection when shopping online or making an online payment, but many virtual credit card users aren’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages of virtual credit card. Some of the most noticeable virtual credit card advantages and disadvantages are:

Advantages of Virtual Credit Card:

  • It includes a one-time-use credit card number which is generated randomly. So, you are completely risk-free for making the online payment.
  • In most of the cases (almost all), you will have not to pay anything for creating virtual credit cards.
  • All virtual credit cards are valid for only a specific time period, specified by the card issuer. So, there is very less chance of being misused.
  • You can set a minimum and maximum credit limit per transaction each day. This feature ensures that you will not be charged more for any online purchase.
  • Almost all big brands accept virtual credit cards and for all the transactions, you will earn few points for every specific amount spent.
  • Virtual credit cards are non-physical, so it is almost impossible to clone them. This is the main reason, it is highly safe for all online transactions.

Disadvantages of Virtual Credit Card:

  • All online shopping platforms (small businesses or new services) do not accept the payment through virtual credit card.
  • If you don’t set an appropriate credit limit per transaction, the vendor might put fraudulent charges anyway.
  • Sometimes, verifying transactions can be a real headache. Specially, in the situations like booking a hotel room or renting a car using virtual credit card number.
  • The use of virtual credit card is not always ideal for recurring payments. For the example: While paying Internet bill and mobile bill online etc.

How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) 2023

After reading all the above-explained helpful information regarding Virtual Credit Card (VCC), we knew that no matter how attentive we are with our credit cards and debit cards, we are still unprotected to cyber frauds and virtual credit card is one of the safest ways to perform online transaction and enjoy all the best credit card offers or benefits of cash back credit cards.

There are plenty of ways to get a free virtual credit card in 2023 for online transaction. You can have a look at these different methods to create a virtual credit card for free. Here we go.

Virtual Credit Cards Provided by Banks:

In the present time, there are many different banks (virtual credit card providers) which offer free virtual credit card services to their customers.

Most of these cards contain one-time-use credit card number and automatically expire after 1 transaction. Now check out the list of virtual credit cards provided by banks:

SBI Virtual Credit Card

State Bank of India or SBI is one of those most popular banks which provide free online virtual credit card services. You can use your SBI Netbanking account if you want to apply for credit card of SBI.

In State Bank Virtual Card, the minimum limit to generate a virtual credit card is Rs 100 whereas the maximum limit of creating a virtual credit card is Rs 50,000. Your virtual credit card will expire once you complete one successful transaction.

sbi virtual card

Is my State Bank Virtual Card safer? Yes, any kind of your account details (your bank account No., mobile No., email address, etc) will be not shared with Merchant / Vendor.

Both the SBI virtual card creation and usage during the online transaction are authorized only after successful validation of one-time password (OTP) which makes it more secure. Learn in details from here: State Bank Virtual Card

HDFC Bank NetSafe Card

HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation) bank is also one of the top banks which can be used to apply for credit card and create a virtual card. You can use the Netsafe interface of HDFC bank to create your online virtual credit card.

With the help of HDFC Bank NetSafe Card, you will be able to browse through best credit card offers and select the best credit card services for yourself.

netsafe hdfc bank

Registration for NetSafe is a onetime process after which you can generate NetSafe Cards anytime, anywhere. You can use HDFC Netsafe virtual credit card for one successful transaction within 48 hours.

Any types of unused amount from the NetSafe Card will be automatically credited back to your credit/debit card account. For more information regarding HDFC Bank NetSafe Card, check out this NetSafe FAQ guide.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Netc@rd

If you are a customer of Kotak Mahindra Bank then you can use Kotak Netc@rd for free. You can create instant online virtual credit card using Kotak Mahindra Bank Netc@rd facility. The VCC which you will generate using Kotak Mahindra Bank Netc@rd can only be used internationally as they don’t support 3D secure code.

kotak netc@rd

If you are wondering how to get a free virtual credit card of Kotak bank then you can have a look at its Kotak Netc@rd tutorial section where you can see the step by step guide to creating Kotak Mahindra Bank netc@rd.

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Apps and Services Providing Virtual Credit Cards:

In addition to virtual credit cards provided by banks, you can use different applications and services too for getting best credit card offers and creating instant online virtual credit card. Some of the most popular services and applications which you can use to create free VCC (virtual credit card) are mentioned below:

FreeCharge Go Mastercard

We all are very well familiar with FreeCharge. FreeCharge is one of the most simple and fastest ways to do online recharge for prepaid mobile, postpaid mobile, Datacard, DTH, Electricity Bill Payments, Gas bills & Landline bill payments and much more.

This also a very well known online recharge platform to get exclusive rewards on each recharge.

freecharge go

You can use Freecharge wallet to generate a free virtual credit card. FreeCharge Go is the name of VCC which you will be able to generate using your Freecharge account.

The virtual credit card which you will generate using FreeCharge can be used on all the online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. You can use your FreeCharge Go just like your regular credit cards or debit cards, on all platforms that support Mastercard.

Pockets By ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank offers plenty of prepaid cards for experiencing better online payment and “Pockets” is one of them. Basically, Pockets By ICICI Bank Wallet is a service of ICICI bank which will help one in generating a virtual credit card online.

You can easily signup for ICICI Pockets account and create your VCC. Even if you are not having an ICICI bank account you will be able to generate a virtual credit card (VCC) using Pockets wallet.

icicibank pockets

Free virtual credit card by ICICI Bank will allow you to make payments to all the merchants without any hesitation. You can also go for the physical card link which you can add to your wallet. You can also check different shopping offers which are provided by Pockets app from time to time.


Slonkit is really an interesting way to manage pocket money and also free virtual credit card providers which can be used for the creation of virtual credit card. You will get a physical credit card if you are using Slonkit. The service is ideal for parents with young children as you can stock funds from time to time in the credit card you are issued by Slonkit.

You can easily track where your child is spending money using Slonkit application. The app is compatible with all the android smartphones and tablets. You can also do mobile recharge using the app for free.


This service can not only be used by children as if you are above 18 years you can use Slonkit to get a free virtual credit card. In case your card is lost you can get it blocked by talking to the Slonkit support team.

Lime Wallet by Axis Bank

You can also use “Lime Wallet” which is a service provided by Axis bank to create a free virtual credit card. Lime Wallet is similar to Pockets application. You will be able to generate a shopping card or virtual credit card using your Lime wallet.

The card which you will get using Lime Wallet is going to be a Mastercard. You can use your lime wallet card with any merchant without any difficulty.

lime wallet axisbank

There is no option to use the virtual credit card for making international purchases. Axis bank will soon provide a physical card which can be connected with your lime wallet account and can be used to make purchases at the offline store.

Union Bank DigiPurse

The next virtual credit card providers which you can use is DigiPurse Wallet. The service is provided by Union Bank of India and is quite similar to other wallets like Pockets and Lime wallet.

Using the application you will be able to create your virtual bank account where you will be able to load credit or debit card and then use the information of wallet card in order to make payments.

union bank digiPurse

One benefit of DigiPurse wallet is that you can make payments internationally or in local as well. Only you need to add money from your debit card, internet banking, and IMPS into your DigiPurse wallet to get started.

You can use your Union Bank DigiPurse wallet for various online tasks such as online bill payments, recharges, shopping or even to send money and many more things.

Oxigen Wallet VIRTUALe Prepaid VISA Cards

Oxigen Wallet is used by a lot of people for doing their daily online recharges (online bill payments, money transfer, mobile payments etc.) and getting cash backs. You can also use Oxigen wallet to get your free Virtual Credit Card.

If you are not having a bank account or are not able to get a VCC from your bank then you can use Oxigen wallet’s VIRTUALe Prepaid VISA Card for the same.

oxigenwallet virtuale prepaid visa cards

Using the Prepaid VISA card provided by Oxigen wallet, you will be able to make purchases on any of the online e-commerce websites. Making an online payment using the Oxigen Wallet’s VIRTUALe Prepaid VISA Card is as easy as paying using your regular debit card.

EntroPay Prepaid Virtual Visa Card

Last but not the least is Entropay. Entropay is based in the US and is used by a lot of people for generation of the Prepaid Virtual Visa card. The EntroPay Virtual Visa service is available from quite a long time and will help you in creating free virtual visa cards.

One downside of Entropay is that they charge high commission but the virtual credit card which you are going to generate using Entropay can be accessed to shop anything globally.

entropay virtual prepaid visa

The service will allow you in generating unlimited cards and you can also transfer funds between different cards using Entropay. 3D secure is not available in Entropay which is the reason that you might not be able to use Entropay with few specific merchants.


If you are not having a credit card or don’t want to use your credit card for online purchases then you can use virtual credit cards (VCC) to make secure online payments. There are many online merchants, banks, and virtual credit card providers which provide different types of free virtual credit card (business credit cards, interest-free credit card, cash back credit cards, low-interest credit cards, and a lot more).

You can easily generate free virtual credit card and use it to enjoy best credit card offers and make online transactions both domestically and globally. Let us know using the comments section below – Which virtual credit card providers & services or bank are you using to create your free Virtual Credit Card?

In your experience, what kind of virtual credit card processing service works best? What did you do to get a free virtual credit card in 2023?

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