How to Handle PC Drivers Challenge with Ease

Feeling confused while finding compatible drivers? Learn how to handle PC drivers challenge with ease and how to find right drivers for your computer.

When buying a new computer or laptop, users sometimes agree for an “empty” machine with no software installed.

They seem to be ready to deal with BIOS only when looking for the system they wish to install. OS distributives are ordered in just a few clicks from online shops or bought from stores. But things get worse when it comes to picking up the right drivers latest download.

Let us take an average Lenovo laptop, which became overly popular with users recently. There is a wide variety of Lenovo PC Drivers which differ a lot from each other. So, what to do?

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First of all, take a closer look at your PC and check the internals in order to choose the best Lenovo drivers. Here is what a user should know about his or her gadget:

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Model Number

One PC model is often distributed in several variations. For instance, if there is a laptop model “Smith-1” and another gadget that looks identical, but is marked as “Smith-2” – these are two different PCs and they require different drivers. And that one number should not be ignored, as it can work as a bombshell for computer hardware.

If there is no chance that you can find it in the package, examine your PC properly:

In case you have a laptop, turn it over and look carefully at stickers or its battery.

In case of the desktop computer, there is a strong need to look inside searching for the stickers.

Operating System

Windows XP and Windows 7 drivers differ drastically. The best thing to happen in case of mistake – your equipment will ignore the system and nothing will work. In the worst case, you can seriously damage your computer and at least will have to reinstall OS.

If you have no clue what system you are using – start that machine and watch its splash screen. It usually has a name for the operating system. If you can find no sign of it – make a screenshot and google the image.

PC Internals

Another important part of investigation includes finding out more about your workhorse. there is no need to drag out any packages – all internals are stated in control panel – system data. Or right-click on desktop – utilities.

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Drivers Search

After clarifying all previous points, it is time to start looking for drivers. there are three options on where one can get them from:

  • Purchasing
  • Borrowing from friends
  • Downloading from the web

The last one is the fastest and most convenient. Use browser searches for finding a pack of drivers that fit your PC model. Out of all offered options choose those that fit your OS and PC internals and pick up those you need from what have left.

In case there is a strict ban on such downloads in your country – feel free to use VPN or proxy of the country where they are freely available.

If this is not an option – ask friends who have recently bought any PCs or periphery if they have some models similar to yours. sometimes stores give away driver discs for free and you can use one of those.

Or you can find what you need at one of the local stores – just ask the consultant on what you need.

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