Hidden Cell Phone Tracker and Stealth Phone Spy App for Android

Looking for a hidden cell phone tracking app to track SMS, GPS calls, and messages? Use Hoverwatch hidden cell phone tracker and stealth phone spy for Android.

Catching a cheating spouse or monitor child’s activities using the cell phone is a pretty simple thing these days because there are plenty of spying apps available on the internet.

With the help of cell phone spying apps, you can easily record surround sounds on your spouse android phone or quietly monitor the activities of spouse from their cell phone without even giving a hint of Spy app presence.

If you are also one of those Android users who want to track their husband’s or wife’s cell phone without him/her knowing then you should try out Hoverwatch hidden phone tracker app for Android to track SMS, GPS calls, and messages.

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Track SMS, GPS Calls, and Messages using Hidden Cell Phone Tracker and Stealth Phone Spy App for Android.

Hoverwatch is a real time hidden phone tracking app which operates in stealth mode to monitor the location of the android or iOS device you’re tracking. This phone spy tracker is capable of monitoring calls, GPS, SMS and chats and many more things. You can install this secret cell phone tracker app from your online account.

It’s a lightweight software which can be installed on the device you’ll be tracking and then get all the tracking information just sitting at your home on your PC or Laptop.

You can monitor your kid’s whereabouts, and even stolen phones can be recovered with the help of this app if this tracker was installed.

How to Install Hoverwatch Hidden Phone Tracker App

You don’t have to worry, it’s quite easy. First, you have to visit hoverwatch.com and then sign up for an account. Then after registering for an account you have to install the app on the android device that you’re going to track.

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Once done, you can start your tracking venture from your register Hoverwatch account. With the help of this app, you’ll be able to monitor all data which is being recorded on the device which includes calls, SMS, GPS (location), etc.

Important Features of this Hidden Cell Phone Tracker App:

When you install this app on someone’s device, you’ll remain invisible completely. This special feature of Hoverwatch program keeps you completely hidden from the user, no matter how expert your kid is about android or iPhone.

You don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the data obtained through this app. This Hoverwatch app will get you the most accurate info while remaining completely undetectable.

The second feature you should know about this app is that you can get detailed information about incoming and outgoing text messages and calls on the implanted device. This Hoverwatch SMS tracker for Android will let you record every single text send and received by the user. And with the help of this app, you can also record all the incoming and outgoing calls on that android device.

That’s not the end of the list. You can also obtain the images sent through the multimedia messages and view them from your account on Hoverwatch.com.

This hidden phone tracking app is also able to track social media apps like Facebook, Viber, and Whatsapp.

Hoverwatch makes you a completely silent vigilante. You can read the sent and received messages through Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook and record them. You can save every single file (photos, videos, and audio recordings) that were exchanged in Facebook conversations.

The main feature of Hoverwatch is geo-locating the device it is installed in working silently. This GPS (Global positioning system) mobile tracker helps you find out the location of the target device user from your account. This android phone tracker uses mainly GPS, satellites, and Wi-Fi to track the location of the monitored device. These are all the main features that Hoverwatch can offer you.

What are the Benefits of using Hidden Cell Phone Tracking App?

When you are using Hoverwatch, you can monitor all the activities which include voice calls and then you can also record the answered calls from the targeted device. It’s quite useful nowadays to monitor your child’s activity.

This app will help you to find out how much time they are spending on their smartphones instead of doing their homeworks. You can also track your employee’s activity to take preventive measure and so that they don’t leak any confidential documents.

Hoverwatch lets you keep watch over your loved ones and their whereabouts so that they don’t fall under any bad influences. Recording texts and calls can also help you know what your kids are up to.

You can avail this app to monitor one device just for 8.33$ per month. This is just the basic plan. You can subscribe to the family plan which will let you monitor up to 39.95$ per month.

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