5 Tips on Hiring Ukrainian Software Developers

Want to know what are the things to pay attention to when hiring developers for your needs? Here are the top 5 tips on hiring Ukrainian software developers.

With the growing number of new technologies, the demand for skilled developers and other IT professionals has skyrocketed in recent years. Continued improvements and innovation are needed in the business to stay competitive. This might require a whole new set of IT products and services.

Problems of hiring are, however, more acute in economically advanced countries where the talent needed in the software development may not be abundant.

Ukraine – an Outsourcing Hub in Eastern Europe. Why Delegating Your Tasks to Remote Developer?

The lack of skills at local levels to develop and properly maintain software products causes companies to look for tech specialists somewhere outside the country. So, many US customers seek assistance from offshore development companies.

In this article, we’ll talk about Ukrainian software developers as Ukraine is ranked as one of the best destinations for outsourcing.

ukrainian software developers

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The shortage of tech skills is not the only reason why companies want to hire Ukrainians. This country offers affordable prices for software engineering, design, testing, and maintenance. Its talent pool is actually great as most developers are highly educated, certified and experienced in building software products for different industry focuses.

All combined, this has created a highly advantageous environment for both developers and their customers. Those who can benefit from cooperating with Ukrainians include both small startups and large enterprises.

According to this blog, outsourcing works also good for businesses who need urgent software development services, for those organizations which have no in-house IT team, for enterprises which need specific systems or extremely specialized skills in their industry.

Since Ukrainian developers have extensive experience in building applications for different domains, they are able to provide their customers with proper expertise.

5 Things to Pay Attention to When Hiring Developers

If you’re interested in hiring Ukrainian developers, you should know that there are lots of companies offering outsourcing, managed services, and even technology partnerships. Despite a large number of companies on the market, you need to be aware of the possible risks or potential problems.

You might run into trouble if you hire a scam, for instance. Thus, below are 5 useful tips on hiring software developers.

Tip 1: Don’t Dwell Too Much on the Resume

Most employers consider that a perfect resume from a potential employee will guarantee high performance and impeccable work. Due to their well-structured resumes, candidates for a job may look very smart. Oftentimes, when it comes down to it, things change. What you can actually do is test your candidate with a technology problem your company had in real life.

Thus, you will demonstrate what kind of challenges your potential employee can face. You, on the other hand, will see if your candidate is able to solve a real-life problem.

Tip 2: Ask Your Candidates About the Projects they Completed and Consider to be Successful

You must understand to what extent your team is passionate about what it’s doing. Ask your potential developers about their favorite projects. If you don’t hear any enthusiasm in the voice of your interlocutors, they will hardly work on your project with passion. Nobody wants to have indifferent people on their team.

Tip 3: Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to the Experience

It is often the case that customers are looking for specific expertise or experience as they need extremely specialized skills in a certain industry or business domain.

You should understand that any new company or an individual you hire will need to tackle new problems, anyway. That’s why you shouldn’t get too hung up on experience because your candidate may have experience in the related area, for instance.

Tip 4: Make Your Expectations Clear

Before hiring a software development team, you should make sure that both you and the team understand what you expect from each other. If you need around-the-clock technical support, for example, you should make this requirement explicit in the general conditions.

If your team has some specific characteristics of cooperation, they should also let you know about those beforehand.

Tip 5: Be Agile with Technology Stacks.

It’s better to focus on how your candidates address the problem rather than get hung up on a particular programming language. You should be flexible with the tools and frameworks needed to develop your project. A skilled developer will easily learn a new framework, for example, if it is needed in the course of their work.

What else Do You Need to Know about Ukrainian Developers?

Almost all of them are not just coders but rather professional engineers and problem-solvers. They are able to guide their customers through the possible course of the development process. Engineers working in Ukraine are very flexible in using different tools but not afraid to express their opinion. Being results-oriented, they can recommend you to make some changes in the functionalities, for example, if they believe your app will run better on that condition.

Despite a high level of education, Ukrainian developers keep learning new technologies, tools, frameworks to move forward and get extensive experience and skills in what they are doing. That’s one of the benefits of hiring them because of the passion for the new knowledge impacts on any project success.

Besides, Ukrainian IT specialists speak English fluently which influences understanding and communication between the developers and the stakeholders.

Our tips can help you save time and efforts while looking for the best software development team but note that there are no tips that work well for every customer. You need to take into account your project scope, its requirements, your wants, needs, and opportunities as well. All these matters and influences the size of your team, the costs you’ll need to pay, the time it will take to accomplish the project.

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