How Email Marketing Can Benefit E-commerce Business?

Are you curious to find out what is the importance of email marketing for eCommerce? If yes, here’s how email marketing can benefit eCommerce businesses.

We know what email is and what marketing is, but what exactly is email marketing?

Well, just as the name suggests, email marketing involves using email as a means to advertise your business. That’s all it boils down to, in essence. Frankly speaking, it is a simple activity of promotion using emails.

In case you are not sending out emails to your customers, you should be anxious. Why, you ask? Because you are losing out on multiple occasions, that could boost your brand’s recognition and sales revenue. Emails are a way of staying connected with your customers personally, and you really cannot afford to lose out on such opportunities.

how email marketing can benefit ecommerce business
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You will be amazed to know how high the ROI of email marketing is. We hope that after reading this guide, you will understand the importance of email marketing as a precious tool in your e-commerce business.

Hey there, I exist!

E-commerce businesses have way too many competitors, and customers can easily make a switch to another brand. Emails can be used as a reminder to your customers that you care for them and are eager to serve them effectively. It’s a way of letting your customers know that you still exist to help them.

Even thriving brands go through a phase wherein the customer becomes inactive. An e-commerce business can pave its way into the customers’ lives by sending out reactivation emails to these inactive accounts.

As most customers read their email frequently, these customers can come back and interact with the brand. In case they don’t interact or express any desire to be a part of your messaging, stop spamming them. This will ensure that you don’t tarnish your brand image.

There are Infinite Numbers Between Zero and One – Numbers that Matter

Ecommerce email marketing gives you access to a unique variety of datasets that only your business may have access to. Key metrics broadly revolve around these categories:

  • Open Rate: Open rate tells you how many of your subscribers open the emails that you send. If your open rate is low (Less than 5% average), then you must spend time improving your email messaging.
  • Click Rate: Click-through rate is a metric that shows you how many people take action through your “call to action” and engage with your brand messaging. A low CTR indicates that your customer segmentation needs an audit.
  • Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is the number of people who complete an action specified in the email. For instance; purchasing the products by availing the mentioned discount using a unique coupon. The average conversion rate for e-commerce is around 3%, but every business has a unique email marketing strategy for e-commerce, so benchmarking is difficult. 

These metrics help you understand how a marketer should estimate e-commerce email marketing results based on your brand’s perception in the customers’ eyes.

These statistics will assist you in creating a more effective email marketing strategy for your e-commerce business by giving you a clear picture of where you currently stand.

United We Stand, Divided We Grow! – Segmentation is the Key

Yes, you read that right.

Segmentation is an integral part of email marketing, especially for an e-commerce business that is usually widespread in several locations. Ecommerce companies have access to immense amounts of information and data in hand, making it easy for any e-commerce businesses to segment their customers. Typical segmentation includes – geographical segmentation, behavioural or purchasing patterns segmentation and more.

The emails you send out can be then explicitly addressed to the various different segments, which are more likely to engage your customers since they relate to the messaging.

Don’t we all know that engaged customers are always good for business?

Successful Brands Care About People, Not Branding – Loyalty Must Be Rewarded

In the process of designing an e-commerce email market strategy, marketers tend to forget that attracting new customers isn’t the only objective. Retaining your loyal customers is much more important than attracting new ones.

To ensure effective customer retention, e-commerce businesses must show appreciation towards the ones who have stuck around. You can engage these loyal customers by sending special coupons for their birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions, which offers them a gift or discount on purchasing something from the store.

You can also offer loyalty points that give them additional benefits over a typical customer. Doing so will make your returning customers feel valued and encourage them to purchase more frequently.

Anchorage to Sales

As an e-commerce provider, one of the most critical tasks for you is to inform your customers about their order status. This is when email marketing blooms fully and acts as a valuable tool.

Email marketing allows your customers to actively be informed about the progress of their delivery. This is also an opportunity to upsell your products or services as they are already engaged. Personalized thank you notes go a long way and often steal the show as it is something businesses don’t do regularly. These small things make your customers smile and feel appreciated.

Emails requesting customers feedback and reviews of their experiences also help the brand feel more cohesive and holistic (remember: a good job will always fetch a good review or rating). By taking into account their suggestions and continually improving your business, you will make them feel heard.

You Can’t Abandon Us! – Cart Abandoners, Come Back.

Our lives are way busier than they used to be. Sometimes some customers who want to purchase products may add them to the cart but don’t make the final purchase. This could be because some urgent work must have popped up, or they just might have forgotten about it.

Either way, email can work as a reminder to them about their abandoned carts – emails as a great way to restore your revenue and get cart abandoners back to your store.

Conclusion – Importance of Email Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses

Now that you know the best email marketing tips and benefits for e-commerce businesses keep counting the money bundles because sales revenues will be kicking higher than ever!

Are you excited about email marketing yet? We want you to grab every opportunity possible to grow your e-commerce businesses’ revenue. People react faster to emails as they have quickly become one of the most popular channels for information exchange.

What’s better? They are often cheaper than other sources of marketing. Don’t lose out on what could be yours! Make way for email marketing to make your business even more powerful.

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