How to Set Auto Shutdown in Windows 10

Automatically Shutdown Computer at a certain time is quite profitable for all Windows users who have a habit of working late nights or who work with scheduled time-table. Setting up auto shutdown and auto sleep will not only provide you the relaxedness after leaving your computer desk, but it will also save your laptop’s battery power to the possible extent.

Most of the people are quite familiar with the process of automatically shutdown Windows PC using Windows task scheduler. If you still don’t know, how to automatically shutdown computer at specific time – read this guide.

how to set auto shutdown in windows 10

In the latest Windows 10 operating system, the Microsoft has included a very exclusive feature (known as power and sleep) that offers you the facilities to schedule automatic shutdown and automatic sleep mode according to your wish.

You haven’t to do any complex settings to set up automatic shutdown and sleep on Windows 10 computers. Follow the below mentioned step by step guide and save the battery power of our laptops.

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How to Set Auto Shutdown and Sleep in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there are two options to set auto shutdown and sleep mode: one is when your computer runs on battery power and second is when your computer is plugged into the charge. Let’s see – how to set automatic shutdown and automatic sleep in Windows 10:

Step (1): First of all, open the Start Menu and select PC Settings option.

how to set auto shutdown and sleep in windows 10

Step (2): Under PC Settings, go to the option of PC and Devices.

auto shutdown

Step (3): In PC and Devices section, select Power and sleep option.

how to auto shutdown windows 10

Step (4): Just after clicking on Power and sleep, a new window will appear (containing two headings as Screen and Sleep) as shown in below screenshot:

automatic shutdown

Step (5): From the options under Screen:

  • Open the drop-down menu of “On battery power, turn off after” and select the time as per your preference to set auto shutdown if your system is running on battery power and after particular time you want to automatically shutdown your computer.
  • Open the drop-down menu of “When plugged in, turn off after” and select the time according to your need to set auto shutdown if your system is plugged in and after specific time you want to automatically turned off your computer.

Step (6): From the options under Sleep:

  • The both options (On battery power, turn off after and When plugged in, turn off after) user Sleep section is similar to above mentioned options of the Screen section. But scheduling computer with these options will only turn on the sleep mode of your system.

Step (7): Thus, you can easily set automatic shutdown and automatic sleep mode on your Windows 10 PC.

Once, you have successfully set up auto shutdown and sleep on your computer then you haven’t to worry about your PC when you leave your computer desk or go to sleep in night.

I hope you found this Windows 10 tutorial useful for you. Feel free to ask or share your view with us if you face any kind of problem while setting up auto sleep and auto shutdown in Windows 10.

4 thoughts on “How to Set Auto Shutdown in Windows 10”

  1. My laptop was set to shutdown when I close the lid but it just wasn’t happening. The settings hadn’t changed when i upgraded

    I decided to go back to 8.1 and all was fine with shutdown.

    Why is there such a delay/no response with windows 10 shutting down and with slower start up time?

  2. do you know of a windows 10 short cut to have a one time delayed shutdown/sleep? Or would I have to use task scheduler for that particular action?

  3. Does’nt work for me so basically it does turn off your screen and puts your laptop to sleep but when i touch the mousepad it resumes and the problem is sleep mode still consumes power,what im trying say it doesn’t shutdown your laptop automatically which is why im here.

  4. Installed the “free” Windows 10 upgrade – it too about 5 tries for it to finally get installed.
    After it successfully worked it subsequently started a new behavior of going into sleep mode within a minute or two of boot. First shutting off the display then the system all while I tried to work.
    It was also not compatible with Bitdefender and I have a year to go on that license.
    Went back to Windows 7 – all is well. Free isn’t free – wasted a lot of my time !

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