Top 5 Best Free WhatsApp Lock Apps for Android

WhatsApp locker apps – Learn what is the best WhatsApp lock app for android free download? Top 5 best free Whatsapp lock apps for android smartphone and tablet

Whatsapp has recently hit a new record after handling 64 billion messages exchanged between its subscribers in a single day. This clearly indicates that WhatsApp is one of the best messaging application and is used by millions of people all around the world.

If you are using WhatsApp Messenger in order to communicate with your friends and family members and want to keep all your conversations safe and secure you can use WhatsApp lock app which will add a password lock.

whatsapp lock app for android

There are many WhatsApp lock apps available for android devices which you can install and protect all the conversations which you have started using this application. We are going to share the top 5 best WhatsApp lock applications in this post and all the best WhatsApp locker apps for android which we are going to share are available for free.

In this article, We are focusing specificly on whatsapp lock app for android and free whatsapp app locker android. However, you can read more powerful WhatsApp tutorials from here:

Top 5 Best Free Whatsapp Locker Apps for Android

As we all know, WhatsApp instant messaging app doesn’t come with a default security lock with password. But if you are an Android user then there is no need to worry, because there are plenty good WhatsApp lock apps available for that and all the free WhatsApp app lock for android can be easily downloaded from google play store.

The most interesting thing, some of these WhatsApp lock applications for android also allow you to protect some other most popular messaging applications like Facebook, Google hangout, and much more by using a PIN. Even, you can also configure it to hide images and videos from your android mobile phone gallery by entering the password.

So, if you are really want to protect your privacy and maintain a secure WhatsApp conversation then let’s have a look at the list of top 5 best free WhatsApp lock apps for android smartphone and tablet:

(1) Lock for WhatsApp

Lock for Whatsapp is available for all the Whatsapp compatible android mobile phones. There is one issue with WhatsApp security lock applications which is these apps consume a lot of memory which is not the case with this particular WhatsApp locker for android.

lock for whatsapp

There is an easy option to enable and disable the locker. If you forgot the password of this WhatsApp security lock app you can use the Forgot Password feature to retrieve it. You can download this WhatsApp locker app for android for free from Google Play store.

(2) Messenger and Chat Lock

You can use Messenger and Chat Lock WhatsApp locker app on android devices. The WhatsApp lock app for android is developed by Bunny Labs and is already having 5 million downloads. You can use this locker on all the popular messaging applications which include Whatsapp too.

messenger and chat lock

Set a Pin and once you have entered the Pin you will be able to open WhatsApp. Messenger and chat lock are one of the best free WhatsApp lock apps for android.

(3) Lock for Whatsapp (WhatsLock)

The WhatsLock is the new app locker for android to protect your data. There are both free and premium versions available of this WhatsApp lock for android. There is an option to choose from a numeric password or a pattern lock on your device. If you want to get advanced security using this WhatsApp locker app for android you can hide the Whatsapp icon from the app drawer of your android device.


All the basic features are available in the free version of Whatsapp lock for android, however if you want to get advanced security features you can try the premium version of this application.

(4) Secure Chat – Lock Messenger

One of the best free WhatsApp lock apps for android devices is Secure Chat – Lock messenger. The app can be downloaded for free for all the android devices. Using this WhatsApp lock app for android, you can set a pattern lock in Whatsapp messenger.

secure chat - lock messenger

Whatsapp will only open on your device as soon as you enter the pattern lock. There are other lock options also available with this app such as using an alphabet based password or a conventional number.

(5) Lock for Whats Messenger

We will end our list with Lock for Whats Messenger. Lock for Whats Messenger is one of the most attractive and best free WhatsApp locker apps for android. Along with Whatsapp, you can use the password lock for WhatsApp on Facebook, Kik, WeChat and other messaging applications. The interface of this app is cool as the design is based on the latest Android Lollipop v5.0 Material Design.

lock for whats messenger

Using this app no one will even come to know if Whatsapp is installed as you can hide the Whatsapp icons using the application. Whatsapp locker for android works flawlessly on low-end devices too as it consumes very little memory.


To keep your conversations safe from your family members and friends, you can use one of these best free WhatsApp locker apps for android smartphone and tablets. Some of these WhatsApp locker applications might not be compatible with android tablets, but you will be able to use them on all android mobile phones.

We hope that now you are able to protect your WhatsApp conversations with these best free android apps for locking WhatsApp Messenger. If you are using any other password lock for WhatsApp which we have not mentioned in this list, feel free to let us know using the comments section below. You may also be interested in checking out: Best Status for WhatsApp and Funny WhatsApp Messages