What is WordPress Theme All About?

WordPress is the most famous and effective open-source content management system (CMS) for the website creation. It is a software app that is super easy to use and set up for the development of any kind of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website.

It is very easy to maintain WordPress websites, and you do not need to learn HTML or various programming languages to update your website content. It allows you to do some wonderful things with your blog or web pages even if you may have a little master of HTML or CSS.

free wordpress themes

WordPress Templates or WordPress Themes are contained in a folder that manages the different parts of your website. WordPress themes create a diverse look so that users can utilise for different types of sites. It is the system for the bloggers or internet designers as you can create your business blog or website in minutes by installing free WordPress plugin. These templates are widget ready and allow adding different functions to your website.

Thousands of best WordPress themes exist, some premium, some free design template. These themes are designed in two column or three column styles with 500 to 900 pixels.

Types of WordPress Themes

Having a perfect theme for your blog or website is really a very important thing and you must care about that. The best thing with WordPress website templates or WordPress blog themes is that they offer some great font styling, attractive colors, various widget locations, page layouts, styles for blog posts and blog archives, additional stylistic details, and the overall design or style of your site.

So, are you ready to know about different types of WordPress themes? Here we go.

(1) Free WordPress Themes

Free Themes are simple to choose and install so you can go for different options until you can find a specific one to portray the objective of your site. Free themes are different from one another in the usage constraints and quality. The safe and the best source to select free WordPress themes or free WordPress templates are from the official site of wordpress.org. Simply, visit WordPress.org and enjoy WordPress themes free download.

You can find 1700 or more free WordPress themes to pick and are added more on regularly. It regularly updates the theme to combat the hacker susceptibility and viral threat. You can search more for free WordPress themes.

You can search WordPress themes according to your need just by typing: free WordPress themes for business, free WordPress themes for personal website, free WordPress themes for e-commerce, free WordPress themes for interior design, and MUCH more like these.

The downside of using WordPress free themes particularly those you have selected from online search is that it may not be well-matched with the present updates launched by WordPress.org. They may also contain viruses or bugs that can make your website or blog susceptible to hackers.

(2) Responsive WordPress Themes

A responsive WordPress theme is the application where your website or blog adjusts to various display resolutions of the tablet, iPad or mobile phone viewers. These Responsive themes are all functions and essential for the business having an online presence.

Responsive WordPress Themes are versatile and SEO friendly. With the advent of mobile phones and handheld devices, businesses now have a new source to abuse so the responsive website works well in this context.

The responsive theme allows you to preserve the style and look of your website/blog when viewed on new mediums and platforms. There are plenty of free responsive WordPress themes and Premium responsive WordPress themes available on the web but always select the reliable one.

(3) Premium WordPress Themes

Presently, Premium WordPress Themes are those which you need to buy. These themes have more components and functionalities than free counterparts. However, the primary thing they tend to offer is the designer assistance or support staff. Premium themes offer great functionality, plug-ins built and navigations into them.

The specialities of most of the premium WordPress themes are they contains high-quality code, completely SEO optimized, implement the latest and greatest web standards, highly optimized and performance focused, more flexible customization, and full support for all kind of services.

There are different business websites that offer premium well-designed, SEO friendly and well-coded themes for websites and blogs alike.


In short, WordPress themes are the most powerful and simple platform that have been evolved to serve as content management system choice for today businesses and organisations looking for a flexible and robust way to manage the content of the website.

Let us know – which WordPress Themes (free WordPress themes, responsive WordPress themes, or premium WordPress themes) are you using on your blog or website?

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