9 Useful Android Apps to Help Students with Their Writing

Want to learn creative writing techniques and improve your writing skills in English? Try out these useful Android apps to help students with their writing.

Going to school is hard enough as it is. What with homework, projects, and deadlines all staring you in the face.

You may even work to make rent and pay the bills. In which case, you’re probably burning the candle at both ends. It would seem as though there aren’t enough hours in the day for it all.

When the time comes to write for class, you may need a helping hand. Even if writing is your forte, everyone can use some assistance.

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Technology can help! Below you’ll find nine best Android apps sure to help you knock your next writing assignment out of the park.

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Evernote is famous among university students for many good reasons. It has a plethora of features to help with any kind of writing. With Evernote, you have access to an organizer, planner, document scanner and even a to-do list. Aside from planning and organizing your work, you can back it up, too. Sync your work to Evernote’s designated cloud.

The premium version holds even more goodies. If you decide to pay, you are given unlimited device access. This can be especially helpful if you have a tablet or laptop. You also get access to offline notes, PDF annotation, and extra storage. Although, the free option can get you quite far.


When precision is critical, your best bet is Grammarly. Although the interface isn’t visually overwhelming, it gets the job done impeccably. There are fewer features than other apps. Although, its grammar is unbeatable. Sometimes, that’s all you really need for good writing.

Grammarly offers autocorrect for straightforward things like spelling errors. The real winning aspect is its ability to spot grammar issues. The app analyzes and tells you if you have a problem such as subject-verb disagreement, for example. Then it offers corrections. No more grammar headaches.

iA Writer

This app was voted the best Android writing app in 2018. Perhaps that’s because it provides an excellent overall writing experience. If you are easily distracted, its ‘focus mode’ will be especially appealing.

There is also a ‘night mode’ for those all-nighters. Fans of formatting will appreciate iA Writer’s Markdown support and swipeable preview mode.

iA Writer, like other writing apps, allows you to quickly browse your files. You can also sync up to Google Drive or Dropbox. Adapting the app to your preferences is simple. Although it is not free, it’s a fair price considering what you get. A lot of users would say that it’s a good bang for their buck.

Microsoft Word

Most likely, you are well acquainted with the Microsoft Word. Although it’s not the newest app on the block, the features it provides do pack a punch. It’s an excellent resource for more complex projects. It has a lot of features which allow you to create more in-depth projects with perfect formatting.

Another great perk is OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud. Although, if you prefer Dropbox you can still use it. Microsoft Word also works as a PDF reader for those impromptu moments. Furthermore, an Office 365 subscription unlocks custom headers and footers.


A writing service that is about to release apps for both iOS and Android. Studicus allows students to delegate writing assignments to professionals or hire editors to help them with proofreading the rewording their papers.

The people behind Studicus are highly skilled writers. Many of them are specialized in a broad spectrum of niches, which ensures that they have the right qualifications to cover a vast array of topics assigned to them from their customers.


This is another service that is soon dropping an app for both Android and iOS. WowGrade is designed to help most students in hard times. The service’s writers take urgent assignments from students when help is needed most.

WowGrade delivers high-quality, unique, well-research papers written by seasoned professionals. They’re known in the industry for short delivery time.


Another app that helps combat distractions while writing. Monospace is simplistic and allows you to concentrate on your work. When you have a lot of writing to get done, this can be ideal.

Although it uses plain text, text formatting is also available. The black background adds a different element to the experience, as well.

The most unique feature of this app is that it uses hashtags to organize your files. No folders here. While some people might find it stressful, others find it comforting. There is also a Chrome extension for Chromebooks. You can work with a bigger keyboard, so that’s a highlight.

Writer Plus

Unlike some other apps, Writer Plus goes easy on your phone storage. Despite that, it boasts a good repertoire of features. Due to that, it is well-suited to all kinds of writing projects. This multifaceted aspect means its perfect for all your school writing needs.

The popularity of this writing app stems from how easy it is to start writing. Writer Plus provides the features you need but allows for simple navigation.

Another plus is that it’s completely free with some optional in-app purchases. What a bargain!


Presented as being an app made specifically for writers, it’s very no frills. If you are looking to get straight to the task at hand, JotterPad app may be for you. Not to mention, it features a “no distraction” mode.

Projects like novels and screenplays are ideal for this particular app. However, writing on a phone can be frustrating. That is why Jotterpad also supports tablets and Chromebooks. The device versatility will be much appreciated.


In the end, the type of writing you’ll be doing is your most significant deciding factor. Some apps lend themselves more to certain types of writing. Creative writing requires different skill sets to a research paper, for example. No matter the assignment, you’ve got a team of apps to help you succeed.

Now, all you have to do is leave yourself enough time to write. No Android app in the world can stop time. At least, not yet. Fingers crossed, though.

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