5 Best Battery Saver App for Android Smartphone

Learn what is the Best Battery Saver App for Android smartphone? How to improve battery life of your mobile phone?

Can you imagine your life without the smartphone? Smartphones have affected our livelihoods deeply. It’s really tough to stay away from smartphones for a day. Technologies are growing rapid fast in every section therefore we’re witnessing innovation in mobiles very often.

Phones are not just for calling; it’s your companion” nowadays. But battery draining is an unsolved issue on our smartphone; especially Android. Even though your phone obtain long duration capacity but still it’s not enough to save your battery.

best battery saver app for android

Therefore, you require battery saving apps for more capacity. You can find numerous Android battery saver app on Google Play Store. And if you are feeling difficulty in finding the appropriate battery saver app for your android phone then this guide will help you to grab the best free battery saver apps. In today’s Android tutorial, I am going to list top 5 best free battery saver app for Android smartphone.

5 Best Battery Saver App for Android 2015

All these battery saver apps are absolutely free to download and use in order to save battery on android smartphone. Check out the list of top 5 best free battery saver apps for android and make your phone’s battery last longer:

DU Battery Saver

When we talk about topmost battery saver apps, DU Battery Saver is the best in this business. Also, it is an excellent Android power doctor and manager for long term usage. Nearly everyone teenager purchased smartphones for playing games, watching movies, etc. And, this is the factors where battery consumes very fast. So every android user has a major glitch about this issue.

battery saver app download

But after using the DU battery saver app the crisis was solved because this app saves more than 50% of battery life of your Android phone or Tablet. And the best thing about this app is its totally free of cost. Optimum DU Saver smart pre-set battery supervision, one-touch controls, and healthy charge stage features surely maximize your battery life for better usage experience.

Get from here: Download DU Battery Saver app

Snapdragon Battery Guru

After reading the name, I think you have recognized that this only for the devices with Snapdragon processors. It is a good battery saver application which works terrific and enlarges your battery performance. SBG (Snapdragon Battery Guru) smartly make changes to your phone without disturbing you, it has an amazing sensor to these works.

best battery saving app

This app provides long time battery life with fewer changes which make it adaptable one in phones with Snapdragon processors.

Get from here: Download Snapdragon Battery Guru app

Battery Doctor

Another fine rated battery saver app. Battery Doctor doesn’t work like a rookie or unprofessional, this app expands your battery existence up to 50% by finding apps and settings that eat your battery power on your device.

free battery saver app

Battery Doctor has a clean User Interface with straightforward options that gives super boost your battery life. Also, this app has three unique charging systems and shows the battery details accurately.

Get from here: Download Battery Doctor app

Battery Save Booster

It is an average one with 50,000+ downloads and counting. Battery Saver Booster app not only manages your internet connections, but also control you background manners effectively. You can always perceive of what is being supervised by the app and what is left for you to manage.


As a bonus, not will this app gives you long lasting battery life but also provides you elegant widget in the notification area to show valuable information’s.

Get from here: Download Battery Save Booster app

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

After the triumphant launch of GO Launcher Ex, their developers were again suits up for launching their own battery saver app. Go Battery Saver is one of the best launches from their developers. Like above ones, this app also has the strong aspects to extend your device battery life.


The main elements of this app that includes power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc which makes it true versatile application. Thus, it has some other attribute to accomplish these tasks efficiently.

Get from here: Download GO Battery Saver & Power Widget app


I’ve compiled top 5 best battery saver app for Android smartphone and hope that these battery saving apps will surely provide you more time with your companion “smartphone”. I personally use Du Batter saver app on my android phone and extremely happy to have it. Let us know – what’s your pick from the above list of best free battery saver apps for android?

Please, feel free to share your view with us through comments if you are using another best battery saver app for android smartphone in order to improve the battery life.

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