13 Best Current Google Apps You Don’t Know About in 2020

Are you interested in knowing the best google apps of the present time? Here’s the list of top 13 best current google apps you don’t know about.

Almost all of us are well familiar with the most popular Google products and services of all time, but there are plenty of valuable and best current Google apps we don’t know about.

Are you interested in knowing them? Well, let’s begin then.

Apps. People love them. With more and more unique, engaging, and sometimes somewhat baffling apps getting added on a daily basis, it’s always worth a look to see what’s out there: you may even find something that you never even knew you needed.

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Here are 13 of the very best current Google apps that you might just never have known that you were missing out on:

Google Now

This one’s a pretty simple premise: you mark off options regarding the topics that you are interested in, then getting the most up-to-date news about the subjects that matter most to you.

“As you can imagine, this app is particularly popular with sports fans who can select their favorites teams in order to get regular updates, but it works just as well for concerts, commuting routes, movie releases and good old-fashioned news stories. Get the news that you care about with this great app,” says Russel B. Saunders, a programmer at LastMinuteWriting and Writinity.

Google Shopper

This amazingly practical app allows you to make online price comparisons, but almost instantly. This app actually has the capacity to recognize products just from packaging, but if not the barcode, or through voice or text-activated input that you provide. Get an immediate lowdown on prices, ranging from physical locations to online stores.

Google Goggles

This app has to be seen to be believed. It uses new image-recognition software so you are able to take a photo of a physical object, which the app will then provide information about. So, imagine you are on a tour of a foreign city and you take snaps of historical monuments: the Google Goggles app will then give you all the information you need to know.

It could do the same if you take a picture of a piece of artwork in a gallery. Foreign travel is just one experience that could be revolutionized with this cutting-edge app.

Google Wallet

Back to practicality and Google Wallet, as the name suggests, allows you to store all of your credit and debit card information, as well as other types of payment methods such as loyalty and gift cards, in one convenient location that can then be used to make purchases.

It’s securely stored on the cloud and is a great alternative to physically carrying around those cards which can be easily lost. It’s then just a case of tapping and going. It has not been universally accepted as yet though, so be prepared for some limitations at first.

Google Authenticator

Staying with the theme of privacy and security, the authenticator can be used to smooth your two-step authentication methods on all your Google counts (meaning it can work well in conjunction with any of the apps include don this list).

Set it up on the app, and you can then use codes that the app generates as part of your two-step process across any of your Google accounts.

Google Play Books

Most people have heard of Kindle, while Google Play Books can be considered Google’s version of the online reading tool, providing access to an amazing array of new and old books. It’s got all the kind of features you’d expect from an online reader too, such as access to a dictionary, and synchronized bookmarks.

Google+ Local

This app is great for finding local places in interest, such as places to eat out, bars, shops and a host of other entertainment, and practical, locations. It’s particularly great if you are in a new location and what to spontaneously find somewhere to go or something to do.

It links into your Google+ Circles by giving nearby recommendations of those already in your networks.

Google PhotoScan

As the name suggests, PhotoScan enables you to scan existing print photographs, thus storing them as digital images with your existing digital photos, meaning you can standardize the photos that you keep, and also enable you to protect those dearly cherished old photos that only exist in the old format.

It uses your smartphone’s camera to do the job and implements tools such as automatic cropping and the like to take the best possible scans of those photos. From there you can categorize everything as you wish.

Google My Maps

Everybody knows Google Maps. My Maps gives you the chance to completely customize your map with all the locations that are meaningful to you.

“With this app you can add the details which you choose, creating your own custom maps which you can share with friends. Imagine if you have a friend coming to town but you don’t have time to show them around: create a My Map to do the job for you,” recommends Sheena Partay, a Web Developer at DraftBeyond and ResearchPapersUK.

Google Expeditions

This uses virtual reality technology to allow you to make online trips to some of the world’s most iconic locations. In essence, you join a virtual reality tour of the places of your choice, learning all the tidbits along the way that you would get if you were in the physical location yourself.

You can also choose your own style of expedition based on your interests, and it takes you on those lesser-trodden paths too, such as underwater or even into space. Tour the world, and beyond, from the comfort of your own living room with this incredible new app.

Google Files

This app, as the name suggests, allows you to manage your online files by gaining access to local storage, but also share offline locations and utilize backup space on the Cloud. This is practicality at its very best.

Google Spotlight Stories

This entertainment app is marketed as your ‘mobile movie theater’ and provided stories of the immersive variety that can be accessed on your smartphone or remote device. The options include 3D and 360° options, as well as other cutting-edge options that thrust you right into the heart of the action and provides a compelling new form of mobile entertainment for you to enjoy.

Google Measure

Finishing up with something of a more practical nature, Google Measure allows you to take quick measurements around your house by using a system of augmented reality. It’s not quite as accurate as getting out the tape measure just yet but works well if you just need more-or-less numbers to see if something might fit into space, for example. And this app promises to grow in accuracy over the coming months.

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