Top 8 Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company 2019

Want to protect your mobile phone with the best mobile insurance plans? Here’s the list of best mobile phone insurance company 2019 / extended warranty.

Countless new mobile phones and tablets are launched with each day passing. More and more manufacturers are focussing on the Asian market as people are crazy about smartphones and tablets.

If there are five members in a family, it is sure that there are at least 4 mobile phones which you will find in that house.

While it has become handy to carry mobile phones while on the go, it has also become difficult to protect them. A sudden drop can lead to the broken screen, damaged motherboard or someone can pick your pocket and all the money which you have spent on that new smartphone is now gone.

Like we insure ourselves by buying health insurance and our vehicles by buying vehicle insurance online, it is now very important to insure mobile phones too.

mobile phone insurance

Yes, you guessed absolutely correct. We are talking about mobile insurance, smartphone insurance, or you can say protection plans for cell phones.

Mobile Phone Insurance is the most suitable option for you if you want to secure your mobile devices against loss or damage. Cell phone insurance will amazingly help you if your mobile phone is stolen, damaged or if you are experiencing any technical faults.

There are plenty of mobile and laptop insurance companies which offer affordable mobile phone insurance policy and great insurance against theft, accidental or liquid damage to your Smartphone. But only a few are the best mobile insurance company, as many mobile device insurance companies fail to provide settlement for the claims.

If you want a reliable insurance and extended warranty provider to protect your mobile phone then selecting the best mobile phone insurance company is very important and this is why we came up with this article where we are going to share the top 8 best mobile insurance companies of 2019.

Top 8 Best Mobile Insurance Company 2019

As we all know when we buy a mobile phone or a tablet, the mobile phone manufacturer provides the warranty of one year only. Although, some popular gadget manufacturers offer extended warranty plans (including optional multiyear service plans) but stolen and damaged by liquids are usually not covered in such extended warranty plans for mobile phone.

In this guide, we will outline 8 such popular gadget insurance and extended warranty providers which are providing best mobile insurance plans and reasonably priced protection plans for cell phones. Let’s check out the list of the best mobile insurance company of 2019:

(1) Syska Gadget Secure

If you want the complete protection of your mobile phone then you should try the Syska Gadget secure. This mobile device insurance company will insure your smartphone against fire damage, theft, fluid/water and accidental damage.

Addition to all these things, SYSKA Gadget Secure also offers anti-virus solution, free pick-up and drop off your gadgets (smartphones or tablets) from your home in case any repairs are quite essential.

syska gadget secure

There are different plans available on this mobile insurance company. Currently, they have introduced 5 different mobile insurance plans:

  • Plan Rs 799/ year for the mobile phone costing between Rs 4000 – Rs 10000
  • Plan Rs. 1199/ year for the mobile phone costing between Rs 10001 – Rs 15000
  • Plan Rs 1799/ year for the mobile phone costing between Rs15001 – Rs 20000
  • Plan Rs 2399/ year for the mobile phone costing between Rs 20001 – Rs 110000
  • Plan Rs 2999/ year for the mobile phone costing between Rs 10000 – Rs 120000

Important note: Apple device insurance is eligible only for Rs 2999/ year plan.

(2) New Insurance

Now you can also get your mobile phones insured with New Insurance. Most of us use this Insurance provider to get life insurance, medical insurance, or vehicles insurance etc. but very few people know that New Insurance is also well known for offering cheap insurance for phones (mobile/cellular phone insurance).

new india insurance

Riot, Strike, Fire, Malicious Damage and terrorist activities are some of the most unexpected things which are covered in all insurance plans by New Insurance.

(3) OnsiteGo

When it comes to the matter of extended warranty for home appliances and gadgets, OnsiteGo always stays among the most popular extended warranty service providers and best mobile insurance company. OnsiteGo is the best option for you if you are looking for complete damage protection for your personal gadgets such as Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Laptop etc.


You can claim for malfunctioning touch screen, hardware failures, port issues and much more with this best mobile insurance company. If you are looking for cheap insurance for phones then you should choose OnsiteGo as there are plenty of protection plans available and that too at affordable prices.

(4) MobileAssist

You can also keep your mobile phone safe and sound with MobileAssist. This mobile insurance company provides amazing mobile insurance against accidental damage or liquid damage, theft, and data loss. If you are experiencing any major issues with your phone then MobileAssist smartphone insurance providers will arrange pick-up and will also provide you with a replacement unit.


MobileAssist provides mobile insurance plans for almost all mobile operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry) and all price range (From Rs. 5000/- to above Rs. 62000/-). Taking MobileAssist plan is also quite easy. Only you have to select the purchased date, your device’s operating system, and the price range in order to proceed.

(5) AppsDaily

AppsDaily is another best smartphone insurance provider which has different mobile insurance plans. Providing reliable protection, extended warranty, high security, and amazing utility are the main purpose of AppsDaily and they are doing a great job.


If you want protection against physical damage or liquid damage, data loss, and burglary then AppsDaily – Damage protection company is one of the most appropriate choices for you. You can select any mobile insurance plan as per your needs. The basic insurance plan is available for Rs 499/- and if you are having a high-end smartphone you can get your device insured at Rs 2499/-.

(6) Warranty Bazaar

The next best mobile phone insurance company of 2019 which makes to our list is Warranty Bazaar. This is also an amazing platform to get your smartphones or tablets insured without any difficulties. Warranty Bazaar provides extended warranty for Apple, iPhone, Samsung, Micromax, Sony, Blackberry, LG, HTC, and Motorola. You can opt for the 12-month insurance package for saving your smartphone against accidental damage and much more.

warranty bazaar

The extended warranty plans of Warranty Bazaar start from Rs. 777/- for the Mobiles or Tablets valued between Rs 1 to Rs 10,000. It offers extended warranty, Accidental Damage Protection, Liquid Damage Protection, Browsing Protection, Application Privacy Protection, and Antivirus security.

(7) SyncNScan

SyncNScan is also a well-known mobile phone insurance company which provides protection against damages like water damage, accidental damage, Fire damage, theft during the riot, strike or any malicious damage. Addition to get protection against damage and theft, you will be able to automatically backup your mobile data and restore, track and delete viruses and spam, access your phone remotely, and many more things.


One of the best things about this best mobile insurance company is that it provides cloud backup which will allow you to create a backup of all your data and save online on the cloud for free. So, just go to the SyncNScan and select the best mobile insurance plans according to your need right now.


Last but not the least is – the best mobile insurance and laptop insurance company. If you were looking for a new mobile phone safety plan covered by national insurance company then Warranty Asia is a great choice for you.

warranty asia

The company provides insurance against accidental damage and theft. only charges 8% of the invoice amount for insurance of your mobile phone. In order to get your device insured with this best phone and tablet insurance company, you have to buy the plan within 15 days of your gadget purchase.

The benefits of taking 12 months theft and accidental damage coverage insurance plan are that you can insurance claim for the Screen Damage, Touch Damage, Water Damaged, Total Damage or Non-Repairable, Physical Damage, Theft, Burglary, Stolen, Compensation up to 80-85% of repair bill, and Compensation starting from 75% for theft claims etc.


So, these are some of the best gadget insurance and extended warranty providers. Protect your mobile phone by opting any of the mobile insurance plans provided by these smartphone insurance providers to make your device secure.

If you found this mobile phone insurance comparison guide useful for you then please feel free to share your view with us via comments. Also, let us know if you are familiar with any other best mobile phone insurance company of 2019 offering reliable mobile insurance and extended warranty services.

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