Top 15 Best Offline Dictionary for PC Free Download

We can find anything on the internet. From different movies to software’s, everything is available on the Internet. If you are having 24 x 7 internet connection rocking your house then it’s all good for you. However, if you are not able to access the internet frequently and want to check the meaning of a word then you can either search for the hard copy of the dictionary in your home or download offline dictionary for PC.

As we all know, there are plenty of online dictionary websites which are available on the internet but in order to access them you need an active internet connection. If you travel a lot of want a dictionary on your computer/laptop which you can access without internet connection anywhere anytime then you can download free dictionary for PC.

offline dictionary for pc

There are a lot of free offline dictionary which you can use on your computers and get all the features which are needed in a dictionary. Today in this post, we are going to share a complete list of top 15 best free offline dictionary software for PC free download. We hope you will find this free offline dictionary list useful for you.

Top 15 Best Free Offline Dictionary for PC

Whether you are a writer or word geek, whenever you write something or play word games then dictionaries and other word reference tools play a vital role. With a little search on the web, we have found some really useful offline dictionary for PC which you can use for looking up words, finding the synonym, or creating words in Scrabble etc.

The most interesting thing about this list of best offline dictionary software for PC is that all these offline dictionaries for PC is absolutely free and work perfectly without any internet connection or Wi-Fi connection. So, let’s have a look at these top 15 best offline dictionary for PC free download:

(1) Babylon

Babylon is having a huge database of words along with their meanings. There are different dictionaries available in Babylon which will help you in finding the meaning of all the words. You can use the app in 75 languages and there are more than 1500 dictionaries which are available in Babylon. The app allows easy translation from one language to another.

(2) WordWeb Free Dictionary

Wordweb is one of the best free offline dictionaries which you can download on your computer. You can download the complete edition for free which comes with more than 15000 words. The offline dictionary for PC comes with a translator which can be used to translate the words. If you are using Microsoft Word you can use WordWeb free dictionary as it is integrated into this software. With just a single click you will be able to find the meaning of all the words present in your Word document.

(3) iFinger Collins English Dictionary

You can use iFinger Collins English Dictionary for your office as well as college use. You will be able to find exact meanings of words with the help of 100 dictionaries in iFinger Collins English Dictionary. You can use iFinger Collins only on Windows operating system and that too for free. The user-friendly interface of this app makes it extremely easy for one to use it.

(4) Free Medical Dictionary

If you are a medical student then you can use a Free Medical Dictionary. You will find the meaning of all the medical terms using the free medical dictionary. The desktop client of this dictionary is compatible with Windows operating system. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download free dictionary for PC and there are no advertisements as well. Using free medical dictionary you will be able to find information related to medical terminology, healthcare equipment’s, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, health conditions, abbreviations and much more.

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(5) Ultimate Dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary is a free offline dictionary software for PC which comes with user-friendly interface. It is very easy to install this software and use it as it does not come with any complex features. Simply start typing the word and this dictionary will show the words which start with those letters. You can select the word whose meaning you were searching and find’s its definition in the same window.

(6) TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus

If you are looking for a professional free offline dictionary then you can use TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus. The app comes with a huge database as you can find meanings of more than 210,000 words in this dictionary. You can also take help of 140,000 definition links which will help you in getting holonyms, hypernyms, synonyms and antonyms.

(7) LingoPad

You can use LingoPad on your Windows computers as this offline dictionary for PC free download is not available for other operating systems. LingoPad comes with multi language support which allows you to check meanings of words in Spanish, Turkish, French, Arabic among many other languages. If you are using any specific terminology you can import them in Lingopad. You can use the search function in the best offline dictionary to find words and their meanings.

(8) Stardict

Stardict is having a collection of more than 100 dictionaries. You can download best offline dictionary on any operating system and use it without any internet connection. As there is a total of 10 dictionaries in stardict you have to download all these dictionaries in order to start using them on your computer. Just click on the translate button which will translate the meaning of a word from one language to another.

(9) Artha Dictionary

Artha Dictionary is built on Word Net platform. The best offline dictionary for PC comes with an advanced search function which can be used to enter a word and find all other words which are related to that word. Along with other words, the app will also show the antonyms, synonyms, domain words and much more. All the words which you have searched in artha dictionary are saved in its memory which will help you in future while you search for the same words.

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(10) Everest Dictionary

The next best offline dictionary for PC which makes to our list is Everest Dictionary. There is a total of 35 different dictionaries which are available in Everest dictionary. The developers claim that they are adding new dictionaries with every update in Everest dictionary. As there are 35 different dictionaries present, you can search for meanings easily. One amazing feature of this offline dictionary for PC free download is that it keeps an eye on the clipboard and will start searching for the content copied to the clipboard as soon as you click on Copy button.

(11) Aard Dictionary

If you are looking for an offline dictionary free download in multiple languages then you can use Aard dictionary. You can search for the words in the app as well as in Wikipedia using this app. You don’t have to open your browser window as just enter the word in the search bar and the dictionary will automatically pull results from Wikipedia.

(12) Tiny Spell

Use Tiny Spell on Windows operating system to find the meaning of all the words. The dictionary can be downloaded for free for all the versions of Windows operating systems. There are two versions of this dictionary available which are tinyspell and tinyspell+. TinySpell+ comes with some premium and advanced features which are not available in Tinyspell however you will get all the basic features in the free version of this application.

(13) 1-Click Answers

1-Click Answers is a product of the partnership between and Wikimedia foundation. You can download the desktop client on the windows computer and use the software to search for words and their meanings. The app will grab the results from Wikipedia along with This brings precise search results without opening any web browser. The app is available for free and is available for all the versions of Windows operating systems.

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(14) Goldendict

If you are looking for a dictionary with advanced features which you can use on your Linux and Windows computers you can use Goldendict. There is an option to add different dictionaries in goldendict as it is compatible with multiple dictionary formats like Stardict, Wordnet and Babylon. Goldendict also allows you to search for the meaning of words in Wikipedia.

(15) Lingoes

Lingoes is an offline dictionary free download which comes with a user-friendly interface. You can translate and pronounce words in 80 different languages using this dictionary for free. Simply select the text in other applications and Lingoes will automatically copy it making it easy for you to search the meaning of the words. Along with dictionary, you can also download encyclopedia, thesauruses in Lingoes.


The Internet is like an open world. If you are using it in the right way then you will never get bored, however if you are not able to access the internet in an hour of need you are screwed. Our list of best free offline dictionary software for PC will help you in finding meanings of words without the need of any internet connection.

You only need working internet connection so that you can download the dictionary but you can access it offline. All the dictionaries which we have mentioned above are available for free. Which free offline dictionary are you using on your computer? Let us know using the comments section below. You may also be interested in checking out: Top 50 Best Educational Help Websites to Educate Yourself Online for Free