Top 10 High Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students

High paying part time jobs – what are the best part time jobs for college students? See the list of top 10 high paying part time jobs for college students, flexible part-time jobs to earn money while studying in college

We all need some extra pocket money when we are in college. Whether you want to buy some books or want to go out for a party, you would like to have some extra money with you. One advantage which all the college students have is they have some extra time daily which can be put at good use.

If you are also a college student and are looking for some extra money you can try some part time jobs which are easily available for college students. There are a lot of high paying part time jobs which you can apply for and earn money while you are doing your graduation. These part time jobs will not only help you in making extra money but will also help you in gaining experience.


You can also add your work experience in your resume when you will be setting in the college placements. So if you really interested to know what are most the flexible part time jobs or high paying part time jobs for college students then please have a look at some of the best paying part time jobs for college students.

10 High Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students

After reading our previous articles on money making ideas such as different methods to earn money online without investment, make money online by writing articles, and earn money by shortening URLs etc. many people contacted us via comments and emails with similar queries like – what are some good part time jobs for college students? What are the most flexible and high paying part time jobs for college students? And, what are the best part time jobs at home for college students? etc.

This is the main reason, today we have come up with a complete list of top 10 best high paying part time jobs for college students. So, let’s check all these flexible and easy part time jobs for college students:

(1) Academic Tutor

If you are well in studies or any particular subject you can always become an academic tutor. Academic Tutor is one of the best-paying part time jobs which will not only help you in making some money but will also help you in improving your skills.

What you can do is set a price per hour and set up a short meet with the students who need help in studies so that you can understand their goals. Explain what you will teach them in the course and it will help both you and your student. You can form batches as per the level of study and also teach on alternate days.

(2) Babysitter

A lot of people think that babysitting is fine for teenagers, which is absolutely wrong. Being a babysitter can be considered as one of the part time jobs for college students. If you like the cute little ones and are serious to babysitting and doing it for around 5 days a week, you can make some serious money. You can also take help of certain websites like where parents regularly seek babysitters when they are off to work.

If you are still not familiar with the decent income of a Babysitter, you need to know that these days babysitting is one of the highest paying part time jobs for college students and other individuals too. And if you are looking for the perfect ways to find the best babysitter for you and your kids, you can follow this guide.

(3) Fitness Instructor

You can become a fitness instructor as it is one of the high paying part time jobs. If you are leading a healthy life style and are having a good physique then being a fitness instructor is the best gig for you. You can guide students on your campus gym and train them.

Only the thing, you have to make sure that you are having a fitness certification before you provide training as it will help you in getting more students. If you are not getting the permission to become the fitness instructor on your campus, you can get in touch with the fitness centers in your city.

(4) Freelance Writer

One of the high paying part time jobs for college students is being a freelance writer. If you love writing or are into journalism, freelance writing is the best flexible part time jobs for you. You can work from anywhere and at any time. There are a lot of popular freelancing websites from where you can take projects and work on them whenever you are free.

You can make the good amount of cash with freelance writing. Once you are familiar with freelance writing, you can create your blogs and put your writings on the blog (check some best blogging tools to run a blog) and use it as a passive source of income. Some of the websites which you can try for getting writing projects are,, and

(5) Office Assistant

The next high paying part time jobs for college students is the office assistant. If you are in college from the past six months, you might already know that all the departments in each campus need an office assistant who is capable of handling all the responsibilities like scheduling appointments, answering calls, sorting files etc.

If you are good in performing all these responsibilities then you can become office assistant as it is one of the highest paying part time jobs. Not only you will be able to make extra money but also understand the responsibilities.

(6) Tour Guide

You can always sign up for campus tour guide. Each year a lot of students get enrolled in colleges. If you know every bit of your college campus and are friendly in nature, you can become a campus tour guide as being a campus tour guide is one of the most flexible part time jobs.

New students and their parents want to know the points of interests in the college campus. You can create a group of around 20 people and guide them for an entire day showing around the college campus. You can know more about Tour guide’s role and responsibilities from here.

(7) Princess/Superhero (Model)

Small children love their birthdays and what makes their birthday parties special is a beautiful princess or their favorite superhero model. In you are thinking of becoming a princess or a superhero all you have to do is get up a costume and wear it on the birthday party or the special occasion. You can dress up as different characters like Superman, Batman, Snow white and many others.

Get the dress, go to the party and say some of their famous quotes and kids will go nuts. If you know how to do magic then you can also become a magician as being a magician is the best paying part time jobs for college students. For the example: here are the different prices (per hour/per character) to book party characters for kids.

(8) Waiter

A lot of people think that being a Waiter is a bad thing. Well, if you are getting a lot of money in exchange it won’t be so bad. One should not be ashamed of being a waiter as if you are looking for the highest paying part time jobs, you need to be a waiter. When you are done with your college classes you are free for the day.

The busy hours at the restaurants start after the evening and you can put your free hours to the best use here by becoming a waiter. Not only will you be getting the money per hour from the restaurant but also the tip from the customers. Treat all your customers well, satisfy their taste buds and they will leave you a generous tip for sure. For the example: you can check the average salary and tip of Waiter/Waitress in United States.

(9) Teaching Assistant

If you excel in the studies and are good in all the subjects then you can try the job of teaching assistant. The students who are weak in classes undergo seminars and extra classes and the college requires a teaching assistant for the same. You can take the job of a teaching assistant here and teach all the students in the class. Being a teaching assistant is one of the best part time jobs for college students.

It is not even difficult as being a teaching assistant is also flexible. You can get in touch with the professors of your college and see the empty spots for the teaching assistant. There is one more advantage of become a teaching assistant and that is you will be able to get extra credits on your score sheet and also improve your skills as you are revising what you have learnt by teaching the students.

It’s a Win-Win situation for you. For the example: You can check the average teacher assistant salary and best paying cities for teacher assistants from here.

(10) Sales Representative (Work from Home)

This is the last job which makes our list of best paying part time jobs for college students. If you are good in collecting funds for the events which took place in your college and are having persuasive skills then you can become a sales representative for any company and work from home. You just have to get clients for the company, sell the products and you will get a good commission in return.

There are a lot of companies which you can try if you are considering becoming a sales representative.,, and are some of the few best companies which will help you in becoming a sales representative. You don’t need any special equipment’s as you can work from your home or even your college dorm room.


We hope, now you perfectly understand how easily possible is to make money while you are studying in college. All the jobs which we have mentioned above are genuine and you just have to do a little effort in order to excel in these jobs. Do these jobs, make big bucks and party hard.

These are some of the top highest paying part time jobs for college students. Please feel free to share with us know using the comments section below – which part time jobs are you considering to try while you are studying? Or, According to you – which are most the flexible part time jobs or high paying part time jobs for college students to earn some extra money?

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  1. Some great tips! Not sure if I agree with all of them – as a student we don’t have time to take on a part-time job efficiently. Unless it’s over the holidays, then again, it’s the last thing we want to be doing as we just want to chill out because of the stressful term we had.

    We need something that’s quick and easy to do that pays half decent. A friend of mine introduced me to website reviewing – it’s super easy to do and they pay a half decent amount.

    Some sites include, WhatUsersDo, TryMyUi and they all pay people to review sites. I prefer as they give you more sites to review – can sign up to all of them for a better chance 🙂

    Thank you for the article !!

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