Top 15 Best Screen Recorder Apps for iPhone and Android

Want the best screen recording apps for Android and iOS devices? Here are top 15 best screen recorder apps for iPhone and Android to record screen activity.

What are the best iPhone screen recording apps to record iPhone screen free?

What is the best screen recorder app for Android to record screen activity? and, How to record iPhone screen using free iPhone screen recorder app no jailbreak?

There are some of the most widely searched terms and frequently asked questions over the internet, and that’s the main reason for bringing out this screen recorder apps guide.

With live-streaming and video content becoming more and more popular, there is an increasing demand from mobile device users to be able to record their screen activity. This is also a popular concept among gamers wanting to capture their reactions or provide tips as they play.

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In the past, screen capture apps that could record screen activity required jailbreaking or rooting your device or special instructions as to how to “trick” your smartphone into using the third-party application.

Now there are numerous screen recording apps available for both iOS and Android devices that make this type of screen recording extremely easy.

All of these screen recorder apps allow for facecam recording, which enables the front-facing camera on your mobile device to record your reaction to whatever you are recording on the screen simultaneously. Most feature video resolution up to 1080p HD with up to 60FPS.

Here’s the list of top 15 best screen recorder apps for Android and iPhone to record screen activity:

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root [Android]

AZ Screen Recorder is a quite popular Android screen recorder app that lets you record your screen in HD while capturing audio at the same time. Unlike other similar apps, AZ Screen Recorder doesn’t require root access.

It also has no time limit for videos and no watermark built-in. There are a free version and a $2.99 pro version that features customization, video trimming, and facecam as well.

Brilliant Screen Recorder [Android]

If you are looking for a multifunctional screen recorder with audio and editor and screenshot then Brilliant Screen Recorder is a good choice for you.

A free screen recording app for Android devices, the Brilliant Screen Recorder features unlimited video and sound recording, the ability to record video calls or games, and one-touch screenshots.

You can also record reactions and tutorials using the facecam. You will be exposed to advertising when using Brilliant Screen recording app, as it is an ad-supported app.

DU Recorder [Android and iOS]

Both Android and iOS users love the DU Recorder app because it’s completely free to use with no ads, in-app purchases or feature limits. You can record unlimited video up to 1080p at 60 FPS.

DU Screen Recorder also contains a customizable video editor, an external sound recorder, and a handy built-in GIF maker. You can even use this screen recorder app to live stream to YouTube and Facebook Live.

Google Play Games [Android]

If you have an Android device, you already have Google Play Games. The app features a built-in recording mechanism. It’s a pretty basic screen recorder and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other apps on this list, but it’s certainly handy and convenient should you ever want to use it.

Google Play Games is a suite of games that allows you to challenge and play with your friends and keep track of your gaming achievements. It comes pre-installed on all Android devices.

Gameplay recording is super fun with the Google Play Games app, you can easily record and share your best gaming moments from your favorite mobile games.

Go Record [iOS]

The Go Record Screen Recorder lets you record the screen in any of your applications or games. It contains a full-service editing suite of tools to add voice-overs, speed up or slow down your videos, and trim your final version.

You can also easily export your all screen recordings to your photo library, or upload them to YouTube from the app within just a few clicks. iPad users can record video in landscape mode. Go Record is free to use.

Mobizen Screen Recorder [Android]

Mobizen Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use Android screen recorder with a built-in video editor. You can record unlimited 1080p HD with up to 60FPS and add custom background music or voice-overs. The standard watermark can be removed by selecting the clean recording mode.

It allows you to record long videos without worrying while saving on External Memory (SD Card). The Mobizen Screen Recorder is a free app but there are ads that play after every recording.

ADV Screen Recorder [Android]

The ADV Screen Recorder app features both a default/novice mode and an advanced mode so that users of any knowledge level can start recording their screen activity. The basic default setting allows for quick and easy recording while the advanced mode has features including pause and on-screen drawing.

You can use this Android screen capture app without any kind of restrictions and without requiring root. The app is free but contains advertising and in-app purchases.

EZ Screen Recorder [Android]

The EZ Screen Recorder is a lightweight recording application for Android devices. It’s a free app with no advertising. EZ Screen recording app features front camera recording, mic and audio recording, HD quality videos, and basic editing functions.

There is also a built-in video manager to manage all your recordings. It’s easy to share your finished videos to YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Record it! Screen Capture [iOS]

Record it! is a well known iPhone screen recorder app and iPad screen recording app which allows you to record full-screen videos, organize all your recordings, and share and export them in a very convenient way.

With Record it! you can create professional looking tutorials and demos from your iPhone or iPad. Add video reactions and audio or voice-overs and trim clip length with the easy-to-use editor. Share videos via AirDrop or email.

There is a free basic version which limits your video sharing options to three minutes. You’ll need to upgrade to the paid version for unlimited recording.

Omni Screen Recorder [Android]

The Omni Screen Recorder is a free app for Android users that features screen capture, video recording, video editing, live chat, live stream and more. Create animated GIFS with the built-in GIF maker. Merge several videos into one.

Add text and background music. You can also compress your finished videos to make them easier to share with friends.

EveryCord Screen Recorder [Android and iOS]

Formerly known as iRec, EveryCord is an updated version of the screen recording app with new fully customizable settings. You can use EveryCord to live-stream directly to YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. EveryCord is currently free to download and is available for iOS, Android, Linux and more.

If you are looking for a free iPhone screen recorder app no jailbreak and easy to use Android screen recorder no root app then you should try out EveryCord – Record & Broadcast.

Screen Recorder – Free No Ads [Android]

This free Screen Recorder app for Android contains a built-in “Game Launcher” feature that allows you to add games you play regularly on your mobile device and record them as you play. You can record screen resolution up to 1080p and 15 Mbps.

It supports facecam while recording, and you can also add audio, text and other types of graphics using the video editor. In short, this is an amazing solution to easily record Android screen and take screenshot anywhere.

Super Screen Recorder [Android]

The Super Screen Recorder is an Android app for recording screen capture video. You can add background audio, draw directly on your videos and add a personalized watermark. You can even use the app to create original animated GIFs.

Super Screen Recorder is free to use but it comes with ads and offers in-app purchases and upgrades. Everything is absolutely free in this screen recorder app for Android, no root required, no time limit, no watermark.

Shou.TV Free Screen Recorder [Android]

Shou.TV free screen recorder app lets you create HD and Full HD videos on your Android device. You can record commentary and reactions from the front-facing camera while recording and add audio and voice-overs as well.

Shou.TV Android screen recorder app is targeted towards gamers looking to interact with other players during their games. Shou is a free download with in-app purchases and advertising.

TechSmith Capture [iOS]

From the makers of Camtasia (Most popular screen recording and video editing software for Windows and Mac), TechSmith Capture is an app that allows you to capture video from your iPhone or iPad and turn it into useful tutorials and demo videos.

You can also import other types of videos into the built-in library feature and transfer videos to Camtasia and Snagit through a WiFi connection. TechSmith Capture is a free download.


So, these are some of the most popular Android screen recorder apps and iPhone screen recording apps which you can use to capture and record screen activity without jailbreaking or rooting your devices.

In much the same way that Instagram brought out everyone’s inner photographer, these video screen capturing applications are turning mobile device users into directors, teachers, and content experts, sharing their knowledge, experience, and commentary with the world.

Look for the most of the new mobile device releases in the future to have some sort of built-in screen recording app with advanced editing features being standard.

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