Top 4 Most Essential and Best Software for Freelancers

Do you want the best software for freelancers? Try out these time tracking software, accounting software, and to-do list apps to simplify your task management.

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur if you want rapid success in your field, you will have to kick start your business with the right tools. Right?

Freelancing can be a very rewarding way to make a living; you get to control who you work for, when you work, and even which location you work from. But there’s a big difference between top-tier freelancers and those struggling to pay their rent on time. It’s a competitive marketplace and whether you’re a designer, IT professional, or writer you’ll face stiff competition.

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Those at the top of their game are good at what they do, of course, but they also know how to maximize their potential, efficiency, and make the most of their time. Having the right systems in place helps with all of those factors and in many ways, a freelancer is only as good as the tools they use.

4 Most Essential and Best Software for Freelancers

With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite software for freelancers (best free time tracking software to analyzes productivity, free invoicing and accounting software for freelancers, best VPN service for anonymity, and to-do list app to organize everything) to help you get the most out of your career and stand out from the pack. These below-explained tools are our top recommendations for freelancers specifically. So now let’s check them out one by one:

Clockify – Because Good Timekeeping is Essential

Whether you’re working on an hourly rate or a fixed-rate project, you need to know how many hours you’re spending on the clock.

If you’re paid by the hour, billing clients for too many hours is a sure-fire way to lose them, while under billing leaves you out of pocket. And if you usually work on set-rate assignments, knowing how long you spend on projects and individual tasks is key.

After all, if you know roughly how long it takes you to complete certain jobs, you can make sure you get paid what you’re worth by evaluating the scope of the project and estimating the number of hours involved. Armed with that knowledge, you can negotiate a fair rate for all your projects and avoid getting stuck in contracts that pay poorly.

Clockify is a nifty timekeeping program that combines a simple time tracker with an integrated timesheet so all the info is there when you need it. The best part is that Clockify is 100 percent free of charge. Just download the app and start monitoring your time, you’ll be surprised how long some tasks take while others are quick and relatively hassle-free. Aim for less of the former and more of the latter and you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to both your work life and, just as importantly, your bank balance.

ExpressVPN – Cybersecurity is Not Optional

As we mentioned earlier, one reason why being a freelancer is so amazing is the location independence factor. If you choose to work from a library in Lisbon, a cafe in Guatemala, or a ranch in Texas you can. And even better, so many public places and businesses offer free wifi these days so the location possibilities really are endless.

There’s a downside to this freedom though, all too often freelancers end up working on unsecured or compromised networks, putting both their data and their clients’ data and information at risk.

Using a VPN effectively mitigates the risk by encrypting traffic and data in transmission. Additionally, using a VPN hides your real IP address. Virtual Private Networks were once considered somewhat shady and suspicious, but these days the privacy programs are pretty much considered standard software, and tech-savvy freelancers always use a VPN when working on public WiFi.

As an added bonus, you can connect to your favorite streaming channels from home while you’re on the road. Although these are often geo-blocked, just change your VPN’s server location and you’re all set. This is also useful when you’re conducting research and you need location-specific information.

Trello – Organization is the Key to Success

Whether you’re a natural organization guru or you tend to get a little bogged down in the details, a clear view of the bigger picture is essential. It also helps to make sure your time is well spent. After all, why waste valuable hours looking for lost info or trying to combine disparate elements when you could have all the stuff you need in the same place?

Trello helps you do just that. The online program is user-friendly, intuitive, and keeps all your ducks in order. Create boards and then columns and tasks within those boards. You can set due dates, assign tasks, and describe specifications on each card/task you’ve created.

If you’re working in a collaborative environment, Trello makes it simple to see who is doing what and when. The email notifications also help ensure all team members are on track. Trello is free to use for up to ten team boards, but you can create an unlimited number of personal boards.

A potential downside here is that Trello’s offline functionality is limited. So, if you spend significant periods of time working offline and need the platform to perform just as well, consider other organizational programs.

Wave Financial – Because Tax Exists

One downside to a borderless freelance lifestyle is tax, it’s not automatically calculated as it is when you work for someone, which means that your taxation obligations fall solely on your shoulders. Falling behind with the IRS is no joke and time spent worrying about accounts is time better spent working for clients.

You’re always better off being proactive and dealing with taxation matters on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. Small business software program Wave Financial aggregates all of your business’s financial ins and out and seamlessly pulls transaction information for your bank account. In addition to these things, you can create an unlimited number of invoices on the platform and send these directly to clients.

If you only need basic functionality, Wave Financial is free. For the full suite of features, including the ability to receive credit card payments, Wave Financial has a pay-per-use fee of 2.9% and a small nominal fee of less than a dollar.

Final Words

With the right tools and mindset, you can optimize your work processes and significantly bolster your chances of becoming a top-level freelancer, no matter which field you’re in. Get started today by downloading these affordable and best programs for freelancers and maximizing your potential.

Also please feel free to let us know that according to you, what are the most popular and best software for freelancers looking to grow a business?

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