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Video players for Windows – Learn what is the best video player for Windows? List of top 10 best free video players for Windows PC, Best video player software for Windows free download

If you love to watch movies on your laptop or computer, you need to have a good video player. Different people have different preferences. If you are looking for some of the best video players for Windows computer, you can easily get confused during the selection of video players which are available on the Internet as there are a lot of video players which you can use on your Windows PC or laptop to watch your favorite movies, video clips.

Selecting the best media player for your computer involves the operating system supports, formats played, media management (audio or video), file conversion, user interface, and many other factors. But don’t worry, we have made your selection task quite easy by sharing these top-rated Video players for Windows PC.

best video player windows

Today in this post, we are going to share the list of top 10 best free video players for Windows PC. The video players which we have added in this list are selected on the basis of their exclusive features, usability, and user interface etc.

Top 10 Best Video Player for Windows Free Download

Watching movies and TV shows on your Windows computer is definitely very easy, but if you do a plenty of downloading or ripping then you need to use a multifunctional video player which have the ability to handle virtually anything (multiple file formats, various subtitles) you throw at it.

Windows users have a lot of good video players to choose from and hope this guide will help you in selecting the best Video Player software for your Windows computer too. So, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 best free video players for Windows and enjoy free download video player for Windows operating system:

(1) VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player (commonly known as VLC) is an open source video players for Windows that plays almost all multimedia files. It is also the best option for watching movies, videos on your Windows PC. You can stream content from the online tube websites on VLC Media player to stream movies and videos.

vlc media player

VLC Media Player perfectly supports different media formats (multiple input formats, Video formats, Audio formats, Subtitle/Tag formats, A/V outputs, and much more). VLC media player software is well compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating system.

So, if you are still not using VLC media player on your computer then Download VLC media player for Windows right now and enjoy its valuable features.

(2) GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is a well-known free video player software developed by GOM Lab. It has the ability to run any media file on it easily without any difficulty. GOM Media Player supports different formats like FLV, MKV, and many others. There are many advanced features present in GOM Media Player with which you can add video effects, control the playback speed and even capture the audio.

GOM Player

Addition to all these things, GOM Media Player is very less in size (19.7 MB) and compatible with almost all Windows versions (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP2). GOM Media Player software is completely free for everyone to download and use, so now start enjoying.

(3) RealPlayer

RealPlayer is the next popular video player which makes our list of best video player for Windows free download. RealPlayer is a multifunctional video player which let you watch all your favorite videos without any interruptions. You can Plus, Download, Save, Organize and Share Videos with just the single click using this software.

real player

There is one amazing feature in this video player with which you can share the movies with your friends by taking help of the online cloud. There are both free and premium versions of this video player software. However, you will get all the basic features in the free version of Real Player.

(4) KMPlayer

KMPlayer is also one of the best video players for windows if you want to watch movies. You will get the best movie viewing experience while watching movies on KMPlayer. All the movies, videos which you will play on KMPlayer will run smoothly.


There are a lot of interesting features in KMPlayer, some of them are: High-resolution movie support, supports over 24 languages worldwide, diverse format support, video capture, internal codecs, and many more advanced options. There is also playback support of 3D, 4K, 2K movies on this video player for Windows. KMPlayer is accurately compatible with Windows 2000, X, Vista, Windows 7 operating system and it needs only 30 MB Hard disk space.

(5) MPC- HC

MPC- HC or Media Player Classic – Home Cinema is a free video player for Windows PC. If you want a video player for Windows which consumes very fewer resources then you need to try MPC-HC. You can play any file on MPC-HC no matter how small or big the file is.

mp chc

You can use the key commands on this software to perform different operations. The integrated code support allows one to play multiple file formats. The best thing with this video player software is that it’s completely spyware free and there are no advertisements or toolbars.

(6) PotPlayer

PotPlayer is well popular for its various exclusive new features and it’s also known as the advanced multimedia player. It is nicely compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system. You can use this free video players on any versions of Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1). The video player uses the hardware acceleration system which will make sure you get the best user experience with this software.


Some of the most attractive features of this software are: Smooth and seamless video play, Choose which one when you have 2 sound cards, Preview the scene with snapshots, You can bookmark your favorite scene or chapter, it support Direct3D9 Ex Flip Mode and Overlay, Supports various types of 3D glasses, supports multiple subtitles, No need to install different codecs all the time when using the player, supports various devices such as DVD, TV, HDTV.

(7) DivX Player

If you are planning to watch high-quality movies on your Windows PC then you need to try DivX Player. DivX Player is one of the best video players for Windows which comes with playback support of Ultra HD videos along with the HEVC playback.

Divx Player

Not only can you play HD videos but also MP4, AVI and MKV videos on DivX Player. The most interesting thing, DivX Media Server offers you the option to stream videos, music and photos to any DLNA-compatible device.

(8) UMPlayer

Universal Media Player or UMPlayer is a preferred video player if you are planning to Watch movies with great effects. As this is an open source video player you can download video player for Windows free. It is very easy to use this video player thanks to the inbuilt code support.


Some very useful features of UMPlayer are: Audio delay adjustment, Configurable subtitles, Localization (35 different translations), Remember media position, Remember media settings, SHOUTcast search, Skinnable interface, Subtitles delay adjustment, Subtitles search, and YouTube Search etc.

(9) Plex

You can use Plex video player software not only on Windows computers and laptops but also on different devices (into all your personal media like Mobile, TV, Tablet etc). Plex offers online storage space where you can store all your favorite movies once you have watched them.


Plex has a wide range of amazing features which make it one of the best free video players for Windows. Some of the most attractive features of Plex media player are: Plex keeps track of your media, you can share your media with friends and family, manage what’s being watched on Plex, High-quality SSL certificates for all media servers, Playlists, for endless entertainment, Automatically upload your photos, Queue videos and music for continuous playback, Stream directly from the cloud, Access your favorite online content, Save it now or watch it later, World class DLNA support built right in.

(10) SMPlayer

A lot of people like to use the software which come with the minimalistic look and simple User interface. SMPlayer comes with a simple user interface which makes it even possible for a noob to watch movies on it. The Youtube support will allow you to fetch the videos from Youtube and play using SMPlayer.


SMPlayer is available for all versions of Windows and Linux. It comes with many advanced features like video and audio filters, change of the playback speed, adjustment of audio and subtitles delay, video equalizer and several more. Addition to all these things, SMPlayer can easily search and download subtitles from


So, these are the 10 best free video players for Windows which you can use on your Windows PC and laptops. We are sure you are having some video players with you which you are using and we have not mentioned in our list. Please share those video player software for Windows with us and we will add them to our list.

In this article, we focused completely on the best free video player software for Windows computer. But if you are also interested in knowing – What are the best video players for Mac OS X? You can read from here…..!!

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  1. Nice post. I have two video players on my computer. One is VLC you mentioned. It’s powerful to play all my video files. The other is 5KPlayer. It’s an awesome freeware! One reason I keep it on my computer is that the program plays 4K videos more fluently than VLC. I can also use it to save online videos easily.

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