Top 12 Best Book Writing Software for Authors to Use in 2019

Are you looking for the best book writing software for authors? Here are 12 best book writing and editing tools, brainstorming and content organizing tools.

Writing a book requires the right mindset, a little bit of courage, a powerful idea, but most importantly, the best writing software you can find. The creative process is already hard enough, so why not make it easier, by using some best writing tools and book writing software to help you store, organize and write your ideas?

In the past, authors were going out of their ways to obtain the best pens, ink or typewriters, in order to make their writing process more effective. Nowadays, as you may have heard, there is an app for everything, book writing app included.

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Below, you will find the best 12 book writing tools for writers, all organized by the contribution they bring to your entire writing process.

Top 3 Best Brainstorming Tools for Writing

As we all know that brainstorming is an extremely important part of the writing process. So here are some of the best prewriting strategies and brainstorming tools which will help you in writing killer content:

Day One

The majority of writers have made a habit out of journal writing, in order to store and organize their ideas. Day One app is a great option to write short entries, such as new book ideas, things you need to focus on or simply vent whenever you need.

You can keep your entries organized by days and you can even include pictures. You never know when you stumble upon an inspiring landscape or you find a good idea that you can’t use now but want to save for later. You can even turn it into a daily journal, to document your book-writing process.


If you are a full-time writer, chances are you have experienced writer’s block at some point and know how nerve-wracking it can be, especially when deadlines are right around the corner. Mind mapping and brainstorming are some great ways to help you pass those motivation slumps and keep on writing and FreeMind is one of the best barnstorming software available.

It includes all sorts of visual organizing features, for those who don’t necessarily have the most systematized ideas.


Writers find inspiration everywhere, but sometimes you need to make sure you are not copying anyone. Plagiarism is a serious issue and can get you in quite a lot of trouble. Using platforms such as Studicus will help you make sure your text is always original and avoid any legal issues.

Their rewriting services, performed by top writers in the industry can help you when you have trouble finding new ideas for your book.

Top 3 Best Writing Tools for Authors

In this digital era, writing a book requires a reliable and best book writing software so that you don’t feel bored or distracted at some point. With the best writing tools, you will be able to write faster, better, and more effectively. Try out these best book writing tools for authors:


While Microsoft Word is the most used word processor in the world, this does not mean it is necessarily the best. Scrivener, on the other hand, was created with writers’ needs in mind. Most writers use this program, as it gives you a lot of flexibility to write, format and organize your book.

I was using Microsoft Word to write all of my articles and essays, but since I discovered Scrivener, my life got much easier. You can export your data to other digital platforms, move sections around much easier and choose from a multitude of templates” says Ellen Ross, a professional writer.

IA Writer

While Scrivener is perfect for large writing projects, IA Writer is your go-to tool for smaller ones. The best feature is that it can be used on may platform, from mobile to tablet and computer.

Its Focus Mode helps you overcome distractions and the full-screen mode highlights the line you are typing at the moment, fading out everything else and helping you focus on one idea. So, when your editor calls you to write that book introduction they’ve been waiting for, open IA Writer and start writing wherever you are.


If you want a more feature-rich app, then Ulysses is the best option for you. It is rich in keyboard shortcuts, so you can write much faster and make the whole process more effective, a great library to organize all of your documents, including notes and ideas and an option to publish directly to WordPress and other platforms. Besides that, you can use the app to set writing goals, to help you keep track of your progress.

The software includes a mobile and tablet app, to help you write on the go, whenever a good idea comes to your mind. Ulysses is great for both large writing projects, such as books and smaller ones, such as blog posts or short stories.

Top 3 Best Content Editing Tools to Improve Your Writing

If you want a check grammar, spelling checker, and plagiarism checker all in one package then using a powerful editing tool is the best idea. Editing tools will save you lots of time and provide you what you really need to become a better writer.

Try out these free content editing tools in order to instantly improve your writing and create error-free content:


Every writer has used Grammarly at least once in their career. This AI helps you correct your text, by indicating both spelling and grammar errors. The premium version has some great features, such as using shorter sentences, avoiding passive voice or better-suited word choices.

If you feel your text needs a more human-touch, another great way to get a second opinion is to find professional writing communities, such as BestEssayEducation, CritiqueCircle, BookRix or HotEssayService. Here you can get a second opinion on your story and even collaborate with other writers for interesting projects.


Just like Grammarly, Hemingway is an editing tool that helps you self-edit your content and keep away from mistakes. The app analyzes your text and highlights any sentences that may be difficult to read. It uses a color system to flag errors, thus making it easier for you to view them.

For example, yellow means above-average sentence complexity and red means extremely complicated sentences. Passive voice and superfluous adverbs are also highlighted to draw your attention.


Ginger Software is a great alternative to Grammarly and Hemingway, suited for writers who don’t consider English their first language. The software checks for grammar errors and highlights them, suggesting corrections. But perhaps its best feature is the translation system.

It allows you to translate documents from German, French, Spanish and many other languages into English and provides a more accurate option from the old classic Google Translate.

Top 3 Organization Tools to Keep Your Content Organized

Everyone wants to be more successful, organized, and effective. And if you are a writer, you need to stay even more organized. Because in the writing field, disorganization leads to writer’s block and endless confusion.

Thankfully, there are countless of organizational tools for writing which helps writers to keep eyes on the beginning, middle, and end of their writing work. Try out these content organization tools for more productive and organized writing:


A great way to write down ideas for articles or chapters. Evernote is a great way to overcome writer’s block whenever you feel uninspired or stuck. This note-taking app is great for outlines, documenting random sparks of inspiration.

You can use it to save prompts or excerpts of things you read during the day and it also includes a dictation mode, for those moments when you can’t write, but you simply must save this new idea you had somewhere. This way, you can rest assured, knowing you won’t miss any moment of inspiration.

Google Docs

The most common and easy way to organize your documents and have them available anywhere you go. You can use Google Docs to store images, text, export files and so on. This will make collaborating with other writers or sharing content with your publisher a breeze.

You can have all your texts in the same place, add comments, see revisions and even chat with whomever you are currently collaborating.


It works more as a project management tool but can be of great use to those who need to get things done fast. You can use Trello app to manage your writing and keep an eye on your deadlines, make a to-do list and keep track of your projects on the go.

The app can be used from any platform, be it a computer, phone or tablet and it great for collaborations, as it allows you to share your calendar with other people.


As we all know that writing is hard. And without the right writing tools, writing is even harder than it needs to be. So, select the best writing software according to your need and simplify your writing journey with these amazing free writing tools.

What kind of free book writing software and writing apps do you use? Have we missed to mention anything in this list of best writing tools for authors? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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