Top 5 Best Computer Monitoring Software 2017

Computer monitoring software reviews – Learn what is the best free computer monitoring software for schools and business? Top 5 best computer monitoring software 2017

It is very important that you keep your family safe from the online threats. There are a lot of hackers and bad people on the internet which can easily hack your computer and get all your sensitive information. In the real world, it’s very simple to protect yourself just by locking the doors of your home however in the online world you need to take some preventive measures. To defend your family and loved ones from the online threats, we suggest you use a powerful and best computer monitoring software.

The computer monitoring software will perfectly protect your family from the online threats and will also limit inappropriate websites for your child. It is impossible to keep an eye on your loved ones when they are using the internet as you can’t stay with them all day long. So in this condition, using the best computer monitoring software is truly suitable. Implementing a powerful computer activity monitoring software will track all the activities and will ensure that your child is safe from online threats and is not engaging in inappropriate activities.

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Although, there are plenty of paid and free computer monitoring programs available on the Internet but selecting a multifunctional computer monitoring software for any normal user is really very challenging. So in today’s computer software guide, we are going to share some of the most popular and best computer monitoring software 2017. We hope you will find them really very useful for you.

Top 5 Best Computer Monitoring Software of 2017

All these computer monitoring programs explained below are well popular among people for monitoring computer activities as well as web activities. They perfectly keep track of all files opened and the duration of use. Simply it can be said, you can track almost all activities happening on the computer using these best computer activity monitoring software.

So, if you were looking for a powerful and all-in-one computer monitoring software which has the ability to monitor employee or student computer activity in real time, tracking usage statistics for applications, capturing screenshots, blocking time-wasting websites and social networks etc. then this guide is just perfect for you. So now, let’s have a look at the list of top 5 best computer monitoring software of 2017:

(1) SpyAgent

You can easily monitor computer and online activities using SpyAgent. All the websites which you or your child will visit will get recorded in SpyAgent. You can also check the online searches which are done by anyone who is using your computer. SpyAgent comes with screenshot and keystroke logging which will keep you updated with the keys pressed from the beginning of the session.

spyagent computer monitoring software

To get detailed monitoring, you can view the screenshots which are captured with this software. The website blocking feature will come into play when you want to restrict the websites which you don’t want anyone using your computer to operate. This is one of the most used computer monitoring software for schools and business. Only one minus point of this monitoring software is that it’s not available for Apple computers. Here’s the list of important activities which SpyAgent can easily monitor:

  • Keystrokes
  • Web browsing history
  • Uploads and downloads
  • Sent and received emails
  • Chat and messenger conversations
  • Webcam and microphone usage
  • Online and offline activity
  • Login and logout times
  • Search engine queries and much more things

SpyAgent monitoring software is nicely compatible with almost all versions of Windows, including Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system. In order to install this Windows monitoring software, you must have at least 3MB of free space on the hard drive and a good broadband internet connection for online monitoring.

(2) WebWatcher

WebWatcher is one of the best computer & mobile monitoring software which will detect all the searches as well as the visits which are done for the inappropriate or harmful websites. This computer activity monitoring software comes with a lot of amazing features such as filtering, blocking and reporting the internet and computer usage.

webwatcher computer monitoring software

Monitoring all activities remotely and precisely are the main reasons that WebWatcher is the #1 rated parental and employee monitoring software. WebWatcher computer activity monitoring software is available for all the devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone) and supports maximum operating systems.

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(3) Sniper Spy

A lot of people want to use a computer activity monitoring software with real-time analysis. If you will check this computer monitoring software reviews on the internet you will find that SniperSpy remote PC monitoring software offers real-time analysis and monitoring. Capturing Screenshots and keystroke logging are some of the features which you will get in this software.

sniperspy computer monitoring software

SniperSpy flawlessly monitors activities like: Facebook, websites visited, keystrokes typed, applications used, PC activity, clipboard activity, instant messengers, and many more things. Addition to these things, you can easily view the screen live, view locations on a map, browse the file system, download remote files, view / kill processes, view browser history, system information and much more data by using live monitoring tools provided by the SniperSpy remote PC monitoring software. To protect and monitor students of your school or your college, you can buy the premium license of this software which will allow you to use it for unlimited users.

The only little defect of this computer activity monitoring software is that It does not monitor emails and has a very limited memory for saving screenshots which are captured while monitoring.

(4) Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger is also a real-time monitoring software. The software works best for keylogging purposes. The hotkey access will allow the admin to keep a check of all the activities which are done by your child or anyone using your computer. We all know, Kids love to play games. If you don’t want them to waste their hours playing games on the computer, you can block it by using the application blocking feature of this best monitoring software.

elite keylogger computer monitoring software

There are a lot of monitoring tools present in this software which help in easy monitoring and protection of your family from the possible online threats. The software is available for both Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, and 10) and Mac (OS X El Capitan).

Some of the most valuable features of Elite Keylogger for Mac and Windows are such as monitoring keystrokes, collect passwords, record chats and emails, remote installation, excellent URL interception, truly user-friendly interface, multiple log delivery options, starts invisible, application monitoring, and clipboard monitoring etc. Check out from here → What is the best free keylogger software for Windows?

(5) Refog Personal Monitor

You can use Refog Personal Monitor to protect your kids without disturbing them. REFOG Personal Monitor is one of the best parental control software (also well known as keystrokes recording software) which record computer users’s actions, capture screenshots, and record keystrokes silently.

refog personal monitor

Refog Personal Monitor is really a good monitoring software for PC and you can easily grab most of the possible things like all keystrokes typed in all windows, including passwords, sent and received chat messages, visited websites, login and logoff events, Skype chats and voice conversations, launched programs and games, screen captures of what’s on the display etc.

The software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system. Some of the most valuable key features of Refog Personal Monitor are:

  • Keystroke recording
  • Web history logging
  • Screenshot history
  • Invisible mode and password protection
  • Application monitoring and file tracking
  • IM monitoring
  • Email reports
  • Comprehensive settings and reports


There are pros and cons of everything and internet is also having some. So, you must use a best computer monitoring software from the above-given list of top 5 best computer monitoring software for schools and business to protect your family, loved ones and employees from online cyber threats.

All these computer activity monitoring software’s will also help you in keeping an eye on the activities of your kid when he/she is on the computer. Please let us know using the comments section below – Which best free computer monitoring software are you using on your PC to monitor your child’s computer activity, both online and offline? Always remember, protecting your kids from the bad use of the Internet is your responsibility!

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  1. I would recommend you to review Tispy, this parental monitoring tool support below features which non of above do
    1. Live Camera access
    2. Live Laptop Screen view
    3. Remote explorer to access all laptop file remotely
    4. Social network monitoring like Facebook, Skype.

    Other features:
    1. Robust keylogger
    2. Application blocking and usage monitoring
    3. Many more

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