How to Find Computer Serial Number and Model Name

Finding computer serial number and computer model name is not a tough task, but if you don’t know the exact ways then it might be tough for you. For general information, Serial number is a unique number of the computer used for identification and inventory purposes. The serial number allows a company to identify the product, get additional information about the product and provide technical support etc.

Model name is a unique name of the computer (desktop computer, laptop) or product given by computer hardware manufacturer. Computer model name allows manufacturers to keep track of each hardware device and its identify. It helps them during the repairing and replacement of proper part of computer when needed.

how to find computer serial number and model name

Although, you can easily find serial number and model name on a sticker at the back of your desktop computer or at the bottom of your laptop system. But if the sticker of computer serial number and model name has demolished or erased from your Windows computers then finding the same information through following ways are quite appropriate.

In today’s guide, we will show you – how you can easily find the serial number and model name of your computer. Here’s how:

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How to Find Computer Serial Number

There are various methods of finding serial number in Windows computer, but the Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell are the quickest ways.

Method 1: Through Command Prompt:

First of all, open command prompt window and type the following command then press Enter:

wmic bios get serialnumber

computer serial number

Method 2: Through Windows PowerShell:

On the start menu or start screen, type PowerShell and then click on Windows PowerShell. On Windows PowerShell window, type the following command and press Enter.

Get-Wmiobject -class win32_bios

serial number

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How to Find Computer Model Name

Method 1: Through System Information:

To find out the model name and other additional information of your computer, open Run dialog-box by pressing Win+R and type msinfo32 then press Enter.

computer model name

Method 2: Through Command Prompt:

If you want to get both computer serial number and computer model name at once then type the following command in Command Prompt window and press Enter:

wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber

model name

Thus by applying these above mentioned methods, you can easily find the serial number and model name of your Windows computers. Feel free to share your view with us by writing through comment section.

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According to you – which is the most appropriate way of finding computer serial number and computer model name in Windows?

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