’s Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Looking for some of the effective email marketing solutions for your email marketing campaigns? Here are the’s tips for email marketing success.

Email marketing is a form of online marketing that has grown in popularity in the marketing industry. Email marketers generally use mailing lists to reach prospective customers or general leads. Not only do individual marketers use it, but there are many firms popping up that offer email marketing services for their clients.

One of these companies is, a leading marketing firm with a specialty in email marketing. The company offers triple verified data. This means that the company verifies the information they have using three separate sources. In DatabaseUSA’s case, they use company websites, yellow page data, and telephone verification to ensure that their data is correct.

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(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and images. I earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase by clicking them. There is no extra cost to you. See our full disclosure here. ) prides itself as a company in the quality of their data as well as their ability to help businesses boost their growth by forming long and lasting connections with their audience. The company cites its accurate and triple verified data as one of its biggest strengths in this regard.

As DatabaseUSA is a leading authority on email marketing; their blog is a great source of information and advice on the topic. One blog article they wrote is called Generating Leads with Email Marketing. This blog post was designed to give advice and tips on how businesses can improve their email marketing with respect to generating leads and prospective customers.

The first thing the blog post talks about is how it can be tough to reach out to prospective leads via email. Lots of things could get misinterpreted or not come across the way the business would like it to. then recommends making the email into an educational experience rather than just a simple promotion.

The blog post then goes on about the best way to reach a business’s target market. then suggests trading an educational experience for engagement with the business’s audience.

Specifically, the company suggested offering a 5-minute phone call with a prospective lead in return for something similar to a sample product. This email marketing service provider recommends using this phone call to understand more about the prospective lead.

One educational opportunity DatabaseUSA recommends adding into a business’s email marketing is the offering of a free e-book. It can be beneficial to write a few pages for it regularly and make it a series as well. A business sending an e-book out to their mailing list could result in regular engagement for a company. goes on to suggest both infographics and webinars as a way to provide an educational experience for prospective leads. An infographic can provide a more in-depth look at a topic a business cover. A webinar is an opportunity for a business to use their authority to educate their audience and potentially increase engagement with their email marketing by having weekly videos or a regular course to attend.

Product samples are one of the ways Database USA feels is best to increase engagement with a business’s email marketing. A physical sample gives a business’s audience the ability to touch and directly interact with a business’s product. This gives the potential customer the ability to judge the quality of the business’s product and even pass the word on to others. strongly recommends sending free product sample offers in a business’s email marketing campaign.

Lastly, the email marketing solutions by recommends sending out informational starter kits. Things such as infographics, webinars, and more can be included in this kit. A starter kit should be designed to give prospective leads a clear view of the industry and promote knowledge of the topic.

DatabaseUSA ends the blog post by stressing the importance for a business of forming a solid and ongoing relationship with their audience. The company also stresses that forming a coherent email marketing strategy is also important.

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