Facts About Android and iOS Platforms You Should Know

Do you want to know iOS vs Android which is better? Here are some important facts about Android and iOS platforms you should know.

If you are choosing a new device, this article will help you to get a deeper understanding of the advantages of Android and iOS platform and their differences.

Who wins the battle of smartphone platforms?

When choosing a new smartphone, you will probably face the question which OS is the best decision for you. Today there are two leaders of the market: iOS and Android.

While iOS is used only on Apple devices, there are plenty of smartphones of different brands and in a wide range of price run on Android.

android vs ios

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Nowadays, there is not a big difference in quality between these two mobile operating systems. They are both much alike and do their job perfectly but there are some differences between iOS and Android operating system.

We offer you to compare them in the 10 most important categories. Define the most important functions for you and you will understand which of the popular platforms for mobile devices fit your needs in the best way. You are always welcome to get affordable resume writing service on our website.

Top 10 Categories to Compare Device Platforms

Let’s compare the most popular smartphone platforms Android vs iOS and see what their benefits in each category are:


Apple devices always used to keep the top prices. The last version of iPhone, iPhone X came to the market with a price starting from $1000. The lowest price for iPhone is $350 for iPhone SE.

Android-based devices offer much wider ranges of prices. There are a lot of manufacturers offering smartphones that come at a low price, but the platform is optimized for working in the best way on low-end hardware.

If you are looking for good working and affordable smartphone then it is better for you to consider Android devices.


Both platforms have wisely designed interface. They are quite similar to the home screen and the status bar at the top. Among the differences is that Android allows using widgets, like weather, mail, and others. It is hard to say which interface is better.


iOS offers their customers over 2.1 million apps in their App Store according to 2017 data. Google Play, which is the store for Android, offers 3.5 million apps. Google Play has a bigger number of free apps. The most popular ones are available for both platforms, but there are still some of the games and apps that are developed only for iOS.

A big benefit of the Android platform is the ability to load applications just as APK-files, offside the Google Play. iOS does not allow loading applications anywhere except the official App Store.

Charging Capabilities and Battery Duration

This is one of the most significant criteria for customers. It is hard to compare the platforms in this way because all of the devices use different hardware. Some of the Android devices use the battery that lasts much longer than the iPhone battery.

Android smartphones usually have the device for fast charging in the box along with the smartphone, while for your iPhone most likely you will buy it separately. Wireless charging is also possible.


While the basic calling and texting functions are working well on both systems and all the popular messengers may be installed, the leadership in built-in communication services goes to iOS.

FaceTime and IMessages are very easy to use and offer great functionality and interface design. Meanwhile, Android installed messaging apps may vary due to the manufacturer and by this time still, lose to iOS quality.

Themes and Personalization

If you need the device that is easily customizable then an Android-based smartphone is your answer. It offers you a variety of themes, widgets, and shortcuts.

iOS allows you some options for changing the interface up to your taste, but there is less freedom than Android gives.


Google’s Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones are still making a good competition to iPhones in the quality of shots. The cheaper range of Android-based devices still does not provide the quality of the iPhone’s level.

iOS photo apps are working absolutely satisfactorily. So do Androids apps, but if the quality of pictures is your priority, we recommend you to think about Apple devices, or Google’s Pixel 2.


Google Maps are leading in the category, offering a lot of opportunities for navigation comfortability. Apple Maps are also improved quite well by now, but Google is still holding the position. You may use Google Maps from your iPhone too.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive, default cloud storage offers 15 GB of free space and the ability to access from multiple platforms. While Apple Cloud’s limit is 5 GB and it works only on Apple devices.

There is no difference in price when it comes to the paid option, the same amount of space (1 TB) for the same price per month ($10).


Security of data is the priority of Apple. They encrypt the information and protect it properly, while Google is using some of the user’s information for advertising or, as it is explained by the company, for improving their AI system. No doubt, Apple provides a much better level of security.


It is obvious that both platforms offer to the user a lot of possibilities and deserve the leading place in the market. It is only up to a user’s needs and taste to choose the right operating system between Android and iOS, considering all the benefits and disadvantages of each one.

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