How to Save Money When Buying Tech Items

Looking for the best money-saving tips or beneficial ways to save money online when buying tech products? Here’s how to save money when buying tech items.

Technology can often be the most expensive purchase for your home. But these are purchases that you can’t avoid.

After all, computers, printers, cell phones, and the like have become an integral part of our daily lives. They’re how we work, communicate, and maintain relationships with one another.

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You don’t have to forfeit your life savings to buy new tech for your home or office. Here are a few different ways you can save money when you’re shopping for new equipment.

Buy in Bundles

Many retailers sell several different products in a single bundle. For example, a bundle might include a video game console coupled with two new games for the platform. Or, you could get a desktop computer that comes bundled with a monitor.

Bundles can save you a lot of money. If you were going to buy each item separately, it could cost you more than what it would cost to purchase a bundle with both items.

Bundles will only save you money if you use every item that’s included. Let’s say that a bundle came with three items. You were definitely going to use two of the items, but there’s no way you’re going to use the third. You might be better off buying the two items you want separately because the third item could increase the price of the bundle greater than what the two items cost individually.

Always make your calculations before you purchase so you know you’re saving.

Repair or Upgrade Old Computer

Sometimes, upgrading your computer or repairing a broken computer is cheaper than buying a new computer.

Computer technology advances so quickly that your desktop or laptop might become outdated after only a couple years. That doesn’t mean that the hardware inside is bad. You could just swap out the old hardware with new hardware. Swap out the original CPU with a new one.

Install a new graphics card. Replace the fan to improve ventilation. These upgrades are relatively inexpensive compared to buying a computer straight off the assembly line. They also afford you the opportunity to customize your computer to your liking.

There’s a common tech myth that goes “buying a new computer is cheaper than having it repaired.” This is true sometimes but definitely not all the time. You can repair laptop or desktop computers at budget-friendly costs, depending on which component is malfunctional.

Most repairs you can perform by yourself, as they only require you to swap out a broken component with a new one. But if you feel more comfortable with an expert working on your computer, look into local tech repair shops that have good reviews online.

Be warned that having your technology fixed by a third-party might void your warranty. But you’re probably seeking a third-party because your warranty didn’t cover the malfunction, anyway.

Buy Used

A surefire way to save money on a tech item is to buy it used. Thankfully, the stigma around used tech has mostly dissipated. So long as you thoroughly test the item before you buy it, you can get the product you desire at a price that’s less than what it costs in-store.

Just like you should test drive a used car before you buy it, you definitely need to test the item you’re buying. If you’re buying a printer, you’ll want to print out several documents in both black and white and color.

If you’re buying a computer, you should try browsing the web and testing the Internet speed. If possible, test out how it runs your favorite programs. If you’re buying a phone, try making a phone call or two.

And, if at all possible, try examining the interior hardware so you can make sure it’s not too worn. This is easier to do with computers than with other tech pieces. Remember that there’s always a greater chance used tech will fail on you, and that’s why many people only buy used when they’re in urgent need of an item.

Buy Seasonally

Prices for different products fluctuate throughout the year. There are definitely the best times to buy new electronics. You can get discounts on lots of different tech items during the holidays and also during consumer holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It depends upon the tech that you’re buying. Laptops, for example, are much cheaper in July and August because manufacturers want to capitalize on students who will need a computer for school. Use price trackers to get instant notifications when tech prices drop online.

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Regardless of what you’re buying, be sure to consider any of these ways to save money when you’re getting new tech: buying bundles, buying used, and buying seasonally. And don’t forget that you may be able to give your old or broken computer a new lease on life by having it upgraded or repaired.

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