Can Technology Save You Money on Home Insurance?

This article aims to show you how smart home technology can save you money on homeowners insurance. Learn – can technology save you money on home insurance?

Consider all of the exciting things that have happened with technology in the last decade.

Cars have overall become safer and more efficient as fossil fuels continue to be phased out in favor of electric and hybrid power vehicles. Home security systems have become more common as features have improved and better accessibility has given homeowners the ability to review footage 24/7.

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With all of these improvements, consumers seem to be most impressed by the fact that improvements in technology are saving them cash. Just as health insurance premiums are generally lower for health non-smokers, safe drivers and responsible homeowners are also being rewarded.

Learn how technology may be able to help you save money on your homeowners insurance policy.

Improvements in Home Security Technology

For years, homeowners were only able to secure their homes in a few simple ways. Securing locks on windows and doors can keep a fairly unsophisticated thief out. Sturdy doors and heavy windows are also effective against would-be-thieves that lack heavy duty equipment or manpower. Then there are standard security systems that might include cameras and even a direct connection to the local authorities.

Even with all of these safety features, a determined thief could get into a home and get away with valuables either without triggering an alarm or before the police was alerted.

Modern home security technology keeps homeowners aware of everything that is going on in their homes. Home safety protocols have from simply securing your lock before you leave home to punching in a passcode that triggers a security system.

More advanced security systems enable homeowners to view real-time footage from every camera in their home, remotely switch lights on and off, and even use intercoms to communicate with visitors.

How Insurance Companies are Tracking Customers

A few years ago, auto insurance providers made a push for drivers to install monitoring devices in their vehicles as a way of measuring safety. For their efforts, they were promised a hefty discount on their auto insurance.

For drivers who always put on their seatbelts, came to a complete stop at stop signs, and followed post speed limit signs, the offer was a no-brainer. As a result, insurance companies received a lot of helpful data on the habits of drivers.

Now, it seems that home insurance providers are also following suit. Telematics may help reduce the cost of house insurance. Being safe, responsible, and aware just could pay off if you are a homeowner with active home coverage.

Saving Money on Home Insurance by Proving How Responsible You Are

Just as auto insurance providers have been tapping into their customer’s real-time behavior, insurers are very interested to know how homeowners live.

When you hear the low battery indicator on your carbon monoxide detector go off, how long does it take before you actually swap them out?

All of the details are still being worked out, but telematics is being studied and applied in an effort to see what it takes to keep residential properties safer.

Homes are at risk of being damaged by fire, broken into by burglars, targeted by vandals, or being compromised by rising flood waters. Tracking how homeowners handle these threats can lead to long-term savings on home insurance.


In short, technology can save people a lot of money on home insurance policies. First, there are direct savings that come in the form of protecting your property. Then there are other opportunities for homeowners to save when they make use of telematics and agree to have their daily habits studied.

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