How to Reset Windows 10 PC [Step by Step Guide]

Learn how to reset Windows 10 PC without losing your personal files, apps and settings. Step by step guide to reset your windows 10 computer using Reset this PC feature in Windows 10.

If you’re having problems (strange errors, unknown issues, complex access) with your Windows 10 PC, you can easily clean your Windows computer by resetting. Windows 10 has an easy to use feature called “Reset this PC” that allows you to reset Windows 10 operating system with or without losing your personal files, apps and settings.

Basically, Reset this PC feature in Windows 10 is useful for all those Windows users who have installed Windows 10 operating system on their PC or just upgraded to Windows 10 from the previous versions of Windows and now experiencing the Windows stability problems. Resetting Windows 10 will remove the personal files, changes you made to settings, apps and drivers you installed on your PC.

how to reset windows 10 pc

So, if you also want to completely clean your Windows computer then just reset your Windows 10 PC using Reset this PC feature and then start using a productive & flexible Windows system.

How to Reset Your Windows 10 Computer

Reset this PC option is one of the most important recovery options in Windows 10 that allows you to choose to keep your files or remove them, and then reinstalls Windows. So, let’s have a look at the step by step instructions to reset Windows 10 PC without losing files:

Step (1): First of all, navigate to Settings option. To do so, simply click on Start menu and then select Settings.

how to reset your windows 10 computer

Step (2): From the settings app page, select Update & Security option.

how to reset windows 10

Step (3): Now from the left pane of Update & Security page, click on Recovery option.

reset windows 10

Step (4): On the Recovery section, you will get options such as Reset this PC, Go back to an earlier build (or, the previous version of Windows) and Advanced startup. You have to click on “Get started” button which is located under the Reset this PC section.

how to reset windows pc

Step (5): Now, you have to choose an option between “Keep my files” and “Remove everything”.

  • Keep my files: If you want to keep your personal files safe or undeleted then select Keep my files option.
  • Remove everything: If you want a fresh installed Windows 10 system with no files and default settings then select Remove everything option.

windows factory reset

Step (6): If you select the first option (Keep my files) then you will be redirected to the page Ready to reset this PC (mentioned in 9th step). Or,

If you select the second option (Remove everything) then you will see the page “Do you want to clean the drives, too?“(mentioned in next step).

Step (7): Removing files and cleaning the drive takes a lot of time but it makes sure that if you are giving your computer to use someone then the next person will have a very hard time recovering your all erased files. And, if you don’t want to clean the drives along with the files then simply choose “Just remove my files“.

windows 10 factory reset

Step (8): Just after selecting any option of them, Windows will warn you that “This PC was recently upgraded to Windows 10. If you Reset this PC, you won’t be able to undo the upgrade and go back to the previous version of Windows.” If you are ok with it then click the Next button.

reset windows 10 pc

Step (9): Finally, you will get the page called “Ready to reset this PC”. Simply, click the Reset button to reset Windows 10 PC.

reset windows 10 computer

Step (10): Just after the click, Windows will restart and take few minutes to reset itself. Select the Continue option you will be asked to choose an option during the process of Windows 10 factory reset.

how to reset your windows computer

Once the Windows 10 resetting process is completed successfully, you will get a faster and flexible Windows 10 computer. That’s it!

I hope, you found an informative Windows 10 guide to reset Windows 10 PC without losing your personal files, apps and settings. If you think that this guide genuinely helped you to reset your Windows 10 computer then feel free to share your view with us through comments. Your valuable comments will motivate us to share more interesting and helpful step by step Windows 10 tutorials for you.

Also, share with us – if you have any other quick ways to reset Windows 10 PC without losing personal files, apps and settings?

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