Top 7 Tips to Choose the Best Transcription Service Provider

Looking for the best transcription services to transcribe audio to text or video to text fast? Here’s how to choose the best transcription service provider for you.

Are you in search of a company that generates SEO friendly transcripts of podcasts and video contents, or one that accurately captures meetings as well as interviews?

If yes then it’s time you seek for an expert transcription service (audio to text transcription or video to text transcription service) to help you with what you need.

There are millions of companies that can offer to transcribe your audio files in minutes. However, not all of the audio transcription or video transcription services are equal.

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Here are some essential tips you can use while selecting the best transcription services for your business.

Check the Turnaround Time

The turnaround service for various transcriptions tends to vary from a few minutes to several weeks. You need to determine what you need is before settling on one company. In a situation where you require to transcribe audio file related to a sales pitch or potential investment meetings, several weeks isn’t an option.

If you need something within less than 24 hours, you need to search for sites that can offer that. However, you will pay for a rush delivery fee. Choose a place that has professional transcribers who have passed grammar as well as punctuation tests. You certainly do not want poor results!

High Accurate Results

At one point in time, you find that the speech-to-text apps’ level of accuracy isn’t appealing. The audio’s quality tends to be corrupt due to noises in the background, multiple speakers as well as an accent within the sound.

To get the best and highly accurate results, you need to select a transcription service provider that uses real people. Select sites with reputable reviews of offering close to 99% level of accuracy.

These sites are on their toes to make sure they use a system of quality checks, clients’ feedback, and make sure that only the best transcribers stay within their network. As a client, you are sure to get high-quality audio transcripts.

Choose an Established Company

Over the years, we see many mushrooming transcription sites. It’s vital you go through the service provider’s history. Some companies have been around for more than ten years. Based on experience, they know what the clients need and have made a few adjustments.

Their ability to stay in business proves that they have put extra effort into understanding the transcription market. These can also show that many customers trust the site.


When choosing a transcription service provider, you need one that is flexible. You need a service provider that can handle all your audio files needs when you have a template for transcriptions.

Choose one that handles needs from various clients such as generation SEO-friendly transcripts, interviews, and capturing meetings, among others. Select a company that is a one-stop shop for anything to do with transcription.

Be Keen on the Security of Transcripts

Some files contain sensitive information on materials such as medical records, a conversation between law enforcement as well as lawyers or business proceedings on company financial records as well as proprietary data.

It’s vital that you search for a transcribing service provider who takes extreme precaution to make sure there is security with your documents. Choose a site that has in-house transcribers. Some sites only share clients’ files to experts who have signed a comprehensive and strict confidentiality agreement.

Trusted sites verify transcriptionists’ identities as well as make sure they pass through a background check. This will guarantee you confidentiality and safety of sensitive audio files.

Easy to Contact

Check on the transcription company’s website and see if it offers phone or email support. This way, you’re sure to contact them 24/7 to receive answers to any question that you may have. It’s an easy way to follow-up and learn more concerning their payment options as well as delivery.

Affordable Cost without Compromise

While searching for a site to transcribe an audio file, you need to check the affordability. You certainly don’t want to overpay them. Go through various websites and see their draft transcription services. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

Cheap might be expensive in the long run. Make sure that the affordable transcribing services are of high-quality speed and efficiency.

Be keen on hidden fees. Some sites have different advertised prices from the actual price. There are 3 regular charges that most transcribing institutions ask as a means of payment. They include:

  • Audio per minute fee.
  • Full verbatim fees, which includes discourse markers, nonverbal communication, and false starts.
  • Timestamp fee.

These fees tend to change when there is more than one speaker, accents, technical content as well as quick delivery.


Choosing the right transcription service provider is a daunting experience. There are many sites that offer audio to text transcription services and video to text transcription services, and you might quickly get confused and select the wrong company. But by following the tips stated above, you’re sure to make an informed choice on which transcription service provider will get you quality work in a timely way without overpaying.

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