5 Reasons to Use Popular Pays for Sourcing Marketing Assets from Content Creators

Brand marketers are all about the creator collaborations nowadays, mainly because they really work. Working with influencers and independent creators drives conversions and sales, as well as giving you access to top content, increasing credibility, trust, and reach for your marketing team.

Some 83% of marketers agree that these types of collaborations drive results, and 67% say they’ll be increasing their influencer marketing budgets for the coming year. Meanwhile, the number of overall marketing teams setting a dedicated budget for influencer marketing rose from 77% in 2022 to 82% in 2023.

The only question remains how to manage creative collaborations so that they are rewarding and satisfying both for you and for the talent you’re working with. Acquired by visual content creation app development company Lightricks in early 2022, the Popular Pays platform provides a great solution to streamline and organize these projects so that they deliver as much value as possible.

The team at Popular Pays has worked with brands such as Delta, Frito Lay, Lyft, Kraft, and plenty of smaller companies too, so you can feel confident about the value on offer here. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of the platform that make it such a good fit for brand marketers who want to source assets from content creators.

Find the Creators Who Fit Your Needs

It’s vital to connect with a creator who has a relevant voice and is a good “fit” for your brand. A creator who’s well aligned will produce content that’s more consistent and that resonates authentically. If you’re using the platform to work with influencers, you’ll want them to have audiences with interests that overlap with yours, which helps ensure your campaigndrives higher engagement and more conversions.

Finding a well-suited collaborator isn’t always so easy. Popular Pays lets you explore its community of creators using filters like location, demographics, capabilities, engagement rate, follower size, and more, so you can select the accounts that best match your brand.

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Once you find creators who seem like a good fit, you can use Popular Pays to ask them questions and vet them more extensively. You can make lists of potential collaborators, build lists and segment them into people for different future projects, and connect with them to brainstorm ideas and see what they are like to work with.

Source Awesome Content

Obviously, fantastic content is the main ingredient in a successful creator collaboration. But not everyone is going to be able to deliver the content you need. Finding someone who’s a good match for your brand is a great place to start, but then you need to ensure you receive the content you need.

Popular Pays helps translate the vision that brands have for their content into clear guidelines and frameworks for creators, so that they can produce authentic and relevant assets. That’s what the platform did for Kraft Heinz, for example, when they sought out sponsored posts with influencers to promote awareness of their “My Food and Family” content hub.

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Popular Pays also serves as an intermediary to help brands score assets that they can use at will in various campaigns. In the case of Frito-Lay, Popular Pays found 25 appropriate creators that match the brand, shared briefs about the type and style of content needed, and helped them produce 118 quality video assets. Frito-Lay combined the content into a TV ad at a fraction of their usual production costs.

Build a Comprehensive Campaign Brief

A brief is the cornerstone for any successful collaboration, because it minimizes misunderstandings. It’s like the framework that allows creators to channel their creativity effectively while still meeting the brand’s guidelines. With a well-crafted brief, you’re more likely to score content that resonates authentically with your audience and maximizes the campaign’s impact.

Popular Pays offers an easy-to-use brief builder that automates many of the steps, so you can produce a detailed brief that clearly communicates your vision. Brand marketers use it to outline objectives, key messaging, target audience, aesthetic guidelines, and the specific deliverables they need from the creator.

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With Popular Pays, it’s easier to ensure alignment between the brand’s identity and the created assets, and keep all your creators on the same page.

Manage the Entire Campaign Lifecycle

Once you’ve built your brief, you need oversight of the campaign from beginning to end. It’s important to keep track of suggested ideas, even if you don’t end up using them this time, as well as logging discussions with current and potential collaborators. This is particularly crucial when you’re working with multiple collaborators, so you don’t get confused about who’s delivering what.

Popular Pays offers a campaign management platform that keeps all your communications together in one place. It serves as a handy audit trail for asset approvals, content reviews, and product shipments, as well as a secure location for contracts and payments.

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You can also use the threaded discussions feature to brainstorm with creators and ask questions to verify alignment, and adjust permissions controls to manage how your team collaborates on campaigns.

Measure Results

Last but not least, you need to track metrics that reveal the impact of your collaborations. This way, you’ll know which creators to work with again in the future, which types of assets had the biggest impact, and how well your content is performing both in terms of meeting your goals and in comparison with the competition.

When you use Popular Pays, you’ll get access to a Brand Hub that gives you all the data you could dream of. This includes metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and impressions, as well as campaign insights like which post drove the most engagement or was seen the most times.

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What’s more, Popular Pays benchmarks your campaign data so you can track your own performance over time. The platform also offers a library of global benchmark data for you to measure your success against your rivals.

Popular Pays is Your Dream Creator Collab Tool

Influencer campaigns can be powerful, but they aren’t always easy to run. Popular Pays helps increase your chances of success with a slew of useful features. From identifying collaborators and planning content to tracking progress and analyzing impact, Popular Pays has the tools you need to apply creator collabs to drive sales.

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