How to Find Crash Logs in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Crash Logs

Use Windows 10 Crash Logs to find out why your Windows 10 computer crashed and froze? Here’s how to find Crash Logs in Windows 10 using Event Viewer.

Windows 10 operating system comes with many new interesting and amazing features which weren’t available in most of the previous versions of Windows.

One of such interesting and valuable Windows features is “Windows Logs” or “Crash Logs” which is generated when an application running on your Windows 10 computer stops working or responding.

As Windows 10 crash log feature is absolutely new to many people, they don’t know where this Windows log feature is actually present, how to view or how to use it in Windows 10 system.

windows 10 crash log

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Want to view and manage Windows 10 error log? Learn how to find Windows 10 crash logs using Event Viewer.

Windows 10 crash logs will give you complete information of what the issue was due to which application, security, setup, system, or forwarded events stopped responding and pretty much everything related to the crash.

If you are wondering how to find crash logs in Windows 10 or how to access Windows Logs, you are at the right place as in this guide we are going to share different methods which will help you in knowing how to find Windows 10 crash logs using Event Viewer.

How to Find Windows 10 Crash Logs

There are different methods available to access crash logs in Windows 10 and some of these methods work while some don’t which is why we have mentioned the only working and tested Windows 10 crash fix.

View Windows 10 Crash Log using Event Viewer

Accessing Windows logs using event viewer is the easiest method which you can use to check Windows 10 crash logs. Event Viewer is an application which comes preinstalled in Windows 10 operating system and is going to help you in checking Windows error logs.

You can follow the steps which we have mentioned below to find out how you can use Event Viewer to check Windows 10 crash logs:

Step (1): First of all, right-click on the Windows 10 Start button and then select Event Viewer from the quick access menu.

windows 10 error log

Step (2): On the Event Viewer window, you can navigate through the different categories. We are referring to Views as Categories here.

windows 10 crash logs

Step (3): In the left pane, you are going to see all types of Windows logs which are generated by your Windows 10 computer. Take help of filter in order to find what you are looking for and that is Windows 10 crash logs.

how to find windows 10 crash logs

Step (4): You can alternatively click on Create Custom View option and mention the criteria you desire and then click on OK to save selected events.

how to find crash logs in windows 10

Thus, you will be able to see Windows 10 crash logs. If you want to inspect Windows logs related to any other application or service which you are using on your computer, you can do that from Event Viewer only.

Bonus Tip: Run Check Disk in Windows 10

The reason behind applications running on your Windows 10 computer is crashing because there are errors on your computer. You can take help of a simple Disk Check command which will scan your computer for possible errors and will fix them right away.

Here’s how to run Check Disk from a command line to check for and fix disk errors:

Step (1): At first, open Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys together and then enter cmd which will open Command Prompt window.

Step (2): Now, type chkdsk /F c: command and hit Enter key which will begin the Check Disk process.

You can follow the same process for other drives (just by replacing the drive name) which you are having on your computer. This will help you with the Windows 10 crash.

We hope that now you are able to view Windows logs or crash logs in Windows 10 after going through our guide of how to find Windows 10 crash logs using Event Viewer.

If you are still having any doubts regarding Windows error logs or not able to see Windows 10 crash log on your computer, let us know using the comments section below.

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