Top 20 Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone

Want the best instant messaging apps like WhatsApp application? Check top 20 best WhatsApp alternatives for your smartphone, alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger.

If we talk about the best instant messaging apps, there are a lot of options available on Google Play store. But you will always find WhatsApp in the number 1 position as this app is downloaded by millions of users and is rated as the best app for android smartphones and tablets.

There is no doubt that Whatsapp is one of the best application but it has some missing features and glitches like you can’t make video calls using the app (unavailability of WhatsApp video call feature), the maximum size of video which you can send is of 16 MB and many more.

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There are also many other instant messaging applications which you can use on your mobile phone if you are not happy with the WhatsApp application. If you have still not tried Whatsapp cross-platform mobile messaging app and are not aware of the features of this app then you can check find out below:

What is WhatsApp and what are its Basic Features?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application which you can use for sending messages, files to your friends and family members for free. The app can be downloaded for free and is available for multiple platforms. Whatsapp has already taken over the stock messaging application of mobile phones as all the messages which are being sent by this app are for free.

Important Features of Whatsapp:

Basically, exchanging messages without paying for SMS is the most valuable feature of WhatsApp Messenger. But there are also plenty of helpful options and features available with this cross-platform mobile messaging app. Some of them are:

  • Send unlimited messages for free using Whatsapp. There is no limit of how many messages you can send with this app.
  • You can also share multimedia files with your friends and all the contacts who are on Whatsapp. Audio, Video, Images, Documents are some of the file types which can be sent using Whatsapp.
  • Want to call your friend but are running short of mobile balance? Use the Whatsapp mobile calling feature which will allow you to make voice calls for free.
  • Chat with a group of friends by using the group chat feature. Create a group of your favorite friends and keep chatting with them all day long.
  • With the recent update of Whatsapp, all the chats which you do use the app will get stored in your Google Drive account. You can restore the messages later on any other device too.

Top 20 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger

After reading the news of various privacy issues in WhatsApp, many people have started to find WhatsApp alternatives and asking questions like – What are the best instant messaging apps like WhatsApp messenger? Is there a secure alternative to Whatsapp application? Which mobile messaging apps are similar to WhatsApp? and many more.

If you are also not happy with Whatsapp and are looking for an alternative solution for your android mobile phones and tablets then you can have a look at the list of top 20 best Whatsapp alternatives which we have shared below:

(1) Telegram

Telegram is the best alternatives to Whatsapp application. The app is used by millions of people worldwide and it allows you to create and send both text messages and e-mails. Using Telegram app you will be able to send the messages or emails to the contacts who are present in your phone or you can also search for people using their usernames and send them messages.


If you want a mobile messaging app with advanced security and looking for the best instant messaging app like WhatsApp then Telegram is the most appropriate app which you need to use.

(2) WeChat

Just a few days after its launch, WeChat gain immense popularity and became one of the most downloaded and ranked apps in Google Play store. There are many good features which you will get in WeChat which is not even available in Whatsapp application. The WeChat app allows you to add a maximum of 500 members in a group whereas you can add a maximum of only 100 members of a group in Whatsapp.


Addition to these things, if you are managing a group on Wechat and are the admin of that group, you will be able to create notices which you can later on share with the entire group. Also, create reminders with the app which will help you in completing all the tasks. In simple words, WeChat is also one of the best WhatsApp alternatives for your smartphone.

(3) Line

Line is not only an instant messaging application but also a social networking app which makes it a worthy alternative to WhatsApp. As soon as you will sign in to your account, you will see all the best deals which are close to your location. Simply shake your mobile phone which will search new friends for you.


The social networking section of this app allows you to check the entire news feed. All the latest deals, coupon codes and discounts which are available will get listed on your news feed. You can share your stories with your friends on Line. There is also an option to comment on the stories.

(4) Facebook Messenger

If you are using Facebook a lot then Facebook Messenger is the app for you. In order to chat with your Facebook friends on a mobile phone, you need to install Facebook Messenger. The app is available for free and comes with simple user interface. Want to express your emotions in a really cool way.

facebook messenger

Use the emoticons and smileys along with really cool stickers. Help your friends during the hour of need using the Money Exchange feature. Using this feature you can send money to your friends with just a single tap.

(5) Hike

Hike is popular among students. Even if you are not having internet access you can use this app to send messages to the recipients who are within a radius of 100 meters with the Hike Direct feature. Massive group calling and doodles are some other features which you will get in Hike.


Most of the apps which we have shared above come with group chat feature but Hike has group call feature. With this feature, you can make group calls to around 100 people at once. If you want to start a telephonic meeting, then Hike is there for you.

(6) Viber

Viber is known for the free video calling feature of the app. Using this app you can make free video calls to any Viber user in the world and that too for free. You just need a high-speed internet connection and you will be able to make free video calls using Viber. You can add doodles as profile picture of your friends in the app.


There are different doodles available in the app. To get the best experience you can personalize the app as per your needs.

(7) BBM

Initially developed for Blackberry smartphones, BBM is the next alternative to Whatsapp. The app can now be used on other platforms which include android too. All the features which you get in Whatsapp are present in BBM too. BBM has a broadcast feature with which you can broadcast videos to your friends.


Your mobile number will stay protected with this app as you have to share a unique pin with your friends.

(8) Google Hangouts

Officially developed by Google, you can also use Google Hangouts as an alternative to Whatsapp. You can’t consider Google hangouts as an instant messenger as it is an online chat client. All the contacts who are connected with your Gmail account will be visible in Google Hangouts.


You can also use Google Hangouts as an SMS app for sending messages to your friends. There is one interesting feature of this app and that is you don’t need to create a special account to use the app. Just log in to your Google account and start chatting.

(9) Snapchat

Click and picture and send it right away to your friends using Snapchat. Use the in-app camera of the app to click photos and shoot videos using Snapchat. All the snaps or photos which you are going to send using Snapchat are going to be safe and secure as they will get deleted as soon as the recipient of the message sees it.


In order to save that photo, there is only one option and that is taking a screenshot.

(10) Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is another best instant messaging app to chat and call your friends. Free calls & messaging are two prime features of this popular instant messenger. Addition to these two helpful Nimbuzz’s features, Free Voice Calls, attractive Stickers, Chat Rooms, Video Calls, and Group Chat etc. are some of its most useful features.

Nimbuzz is also very well known for the cheapest international calls worldwide. So, if you want to save up to 95% on your mobile bill then using Nimbuzz is the most appropriate alternatives to WhatsApp messenger.

(11) Wickr

Wickr is not a popular app among messaging app users but it has all the features which one wants in an alternative to Whatsapp. There are very fewer applications which come with transparent privacy policy as Wickr does not collect user data thanks to the transparent privacy policy of the app.


You can easily delete all the video files, messages and images you received using the shredder.

(12) Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is one of the best apps which you can use for sending messages and files. The app is downloaded by 100 million users in Google Play store. Use the emoticons, memes, and funny pictures in the app for making your conversations funnier.

kik messenger

The social integration feature of the app will allow you to stay connected with some of the best social media websites which include Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

(13) IMO

Funded by Google employees, IMO is a great messaging application which has some advanced features. There are more than 150 million users of this app. IMO comes with a clean User interface and some really cool features. All the calls which you will make using IMO are going to be high-quality calls with crystal clear audio quality.


IMO comes with high encryption which makes the user accounts safe from hackers and any type of attacks.

(14) Tango

Tango is a combination of instant messaging application and social network. If you want to get connected with your favorite friends and like meeting strangers then you need to use Tango. There are more than 300 million followers of the app which make Tango a good alternative to Whatsapp.


Using the app on your mobile phones you can make new friends who live near you. Check profiles of random people and befriend them using Tango.

(15) JioChat

JioChat is an ideal app for people who want to make video and voice calls. You can use JioChat both for business and personal use and that too for free. Along with video and voice calling, you can use JioChat for messaging and chatting purposes too.


Use the one-tap conference feature which will help you in starting a video conference with your friend with just a single tap.

(16) TextSecure

Make all your conversations safe and secure with TextSecure. TextSecure is having a clean user interface and comes with advanced security features. The advanced encryption features of this app make it nearly impossible for the hackers to penetrate in the network and steal your personal information.


Just like WhatsApp, you will be able to send messages for free, create groups and chat with all your friends in the group. You can also create your profile in the app where you can put your profile picture and add a personal status every day.

(17) GroupMe

Staying connecting has never been easy with GroupMe. The app is available for free for all android smartphones and tablets. GroupMe focusses on groups. You can add friends and create a group using the app and chat with them all day long.


GroupMe will make all your conversations interesting as you can add GIF’s along with funny memes to your group chats.

(18) Threema

The government can easily get access to all the conversations you make with most of the messaging applications. This is not the case with Threema, as the personal information, chats are never shared with anyone not even with the top authorities of your country.


Not able to take a decision as confusion is striking your mind? Use the Poll feature which will help you in making decisions easily.

(19) QQ International

QQ International is used in more than 80 countries. There are more than 1 billion users registered on this app which makes it one of the widely used applications by android users. The multi-language support of the app will allow you to use the application in different regions and stay connected with all your friends.

qq international

QQ International comes with live translation feature with which all the messages will automatically get translated into your native language. This is a really cool feature if you are having friends in different regions.

(20) KakaoTalk

The last app which makes to our list is KakaoTalk. You will get all the features which are available in Whatsapp on this messaging application. Stay connected with your friends, send messages and whatever you want to use Kakaotalk. Kakaotalk is available for free for android mobile phones and tablets. Use the really cool voice filter feature with which you can transform your voice into Ben or Tom’s voice.


Kakaotalk also supports android wear which will allow you to use the app on your smart watches. You will get the best multi-tasking experience with this app as you can use it during calls to chat with your other clients.


If you will start looking for alternatives to Whatsapp application, you will come across tons of other options too. The ones which we have listed above are the best alternatives which you can use as they not only come with all the features which are available in WhatsApp messenger but some advanced features too which are not present in Whatsapp application.

Let us know which app replaced WhatsApp instant messaging app on your mobile phone? According to you, which are the best instant messaging apps like WhatsApp application?

Also, please feel free to share your experience with us using the comments section below about your favorite WhatsApp alternatives or Whatsapp Messenger replacement.

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