Top 12 Best Android Cleaner Apps to Clean Up Your Phone

Looking for the best Android phone cleaner app or best Android cleaner apps to boost performance? Try out these 12 best cleaning apps for Android phone.

Are you thinking about using the best Android phone cleaner app to clean up your phone or just want to try the best cleaning apps for Android phone to boost performance?

Well, just like a desktop computer or laptop, an Android device has many different features always running behind the screen but unfortunately, getting instant access to these process is always not possible. These behind-the-scene running apps make a phone running slow and hampers the overall performance by occupying unnecessary RAM, spoiling the battery life, etc.

best android cleaner apps

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So, if you have been experiencing the slow performance of your phone, you must optimize and clean the phone first. The optimization and cleaning process of your phone could take long hours and substantial efforts without using a dedicated and best android phone cleaner app.

So in this article, we are going to talk about the best Android apps for cleaning up phones:

Top 12 Best Cleaning App for Android Phones

Undoubtedly, there are countless of android phone cleaner apps, android booster and cleaner apps available on the Google Play store but not all android cleaner apps work very efficiently the way they should. And that’s the reason, almost all Android users have to go through a very tiresome process and try several cleaning apps for their Android phone until they find the best Android phone cleaner app that really works.

But you shouldn’t worry about it because here we have made the selection process very easy for you by sharing a comprehensive list of best android cleaner apps and best Android apps for cleaning up your Android devices promptly.

So, let’s have a look at the list of top 12 best android cleaner apps to clean up your phone and improve your Android’s performance:

Nova Launcher

Another excellent Launcher for Android phone, Nova Launcher turns your regular phone screen to a highly sophisticated one. With this launcher, you can change the app icons, widget, and animations of any app and put the essential apps in a convenient dock.

best android apps for cleaning

Nova Launcher enhances app performance by ensuring that no background process is going on. The highly user-friendly design of this app enables both novice and experienced users to use it without experience any trouble.

CCleaner: Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, Booster

If you have been using a laptop or desktop for quite a while, you might have become familiar with the app called CCleaner. Now, it is available on the Android platform also. This app allows you to delete all the junk files and data that are unwanted in your phone.

best android phone cleaner app

The data includes clipboard items, cache, downloads, history along with the saved messages which can be cleaned with a single tap. CCleaner lets you uninstall the apps that cause slow performance of your phone.

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is another highly popular cleaning app for boosting the speed of your android device. It cleans your phone’s RAM and stops the apps from running at the background. It can scan your phone within a few seconds for detecting the junk files and eliminate with a single click.

best android app for cleaning up phone

Does not only DU Speed Booster app clean the junk files, but it also protects your phone from any viruses and malware. Another excellent feature of this android cleaner app is that it detects all the issues behind poor network connection and eliminates that.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Unless you use Google Nexus or Pixel, the default app launcher in your Android phone or any other Android device is inefficient. Not only does the app launcher in your phone create unwanted widget but, the background actions associated with the app launcher makes the performance of the phone slow.

best cleaning apps for android phone

Using the Action Launcher app could be the handiest idea. Inspired by Pixel, this app can enhance the performance of your phone to a great degree. This app allows you to change the way your apps launch and look.

3C All-in-One Toolbox

While rooting your android phone kills the warranty of your device but its true rooting can be the ultimate savior when you are using an old device. Rooting gives you access to several features and a chance to give a boost to the performance of your phone in the best manner.

cleaner apps for android phones

When it comes to cleaning and boosting your rooted android device, 3C All-in-One Toolbox could be the best tool to use. It allows you to clean, protect and optimize your android device along with a lot of other features that enable you to look every nook and cranny of your device.

Wondershare MobileGo (Cleaner & Optimizer)

Wondershare MobileGo Cleaner and Optimizer is a comprehensive phone manager. It allows you to boost your phone, manage APKs, uninstall apps and free up space by clearing the junk files. It’s a completely free app that comes with some handy features like File Transfer, SafeEraser and App Manager.

best android cleaner

Currently, this android phone cleaner app is not available on Google Play store but you can easily download its APK file from various platforms.

App Cache Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the cache files stored by the apps in your phone, App Cache Cleaner could be an excellent help for you. Based on the size of the junk files created by the apps, App Cache Cleaner lets you know the memory consuming apps in your phone.

best android phone cleaner apps

App Cache Cleaner is a very easy to use and lightweight cleaning app for android phones which comes with a very simple user interface.

1Tap Cleaner (Clear Cache, and History Log)

As the name signifies, 1 Tap Cleaner helps you clean and optimize your phone at the cost of a single touch. it comes with a cache cleaner, a history cleaner and calls log cleaner. The special feature of this app is that it allows you to set a specific interval time for cleaning.

best cleaning app for android phones

This best cleaning app for android phones is absolutely free of cost and easy to use. 1Tap Cleaner app is well known for its auto clearing feature which automatically clears all cache and history at a specified interval.

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid is a great file maintenance app that also works as a perfect file manager for the android device. It keeps tracking of all the files and folders left by the apps and frees up space by clearing these files and folders.

android phone cleaner apps

SD Maid app comes with two versions-free versions and a premium version. This more of a maintenance app than an app for optimization.

App Tune-up Kit

Sometimes after cleaning and optimizing your phone, you still might experience a slowdown in phone’s performance when using a specific app. There could different factors related to the app and, the best solution, in this case, would be using App Tune-up Kit.

phone cleaner app for android

This app helps you analyze the performance of your app and boost your android. You can get the entire analysis report of your app within 60 seconds and this app gives you various suggestions and alternatives of this particular app.

Clean Master – Antivirus, Booster & Phone Cleaner

Coming with both phone booster and antivirus features, Clean Master could be the most useful Android optimized for your phone. It eliminates junk files, notifications, viruses while at the same time it keeps doing other tasks like phone boosting your phones and battery.

android cleaner apps

Clean Master for Android allows you to get the most out of your android device within seconds. It’s up to you how you use this app. It works well as Antivirus app, Booster app, and Android phone Cleaner too.

RAM Booster (Memory Cleaner)

If you are looking for a legitimate way to free up space in your phone’s RAM, this app could be a perfect help for you. Aptly named, RAM Booster frees your system memory from any ongoing process. It improves the speed of your phone in a single click.

best cleaner apps for android

This memory cleaner / android booster app allows you to monitor the ram, CPU and battery information very conveniently.


When it comes to showing sheer performance, Android might be looked down for their inconsistent as compared to iOS. But it doesn’t stop android from being the most versatile and user-friendly operating system right now. Simply, download and install any one of these best cleaning apps for android phone from the Google Play Store and give a solid boost to the performance of your phone.

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