Top 20 Best Launchers for Android 2017

Best android launchers – what is the best launcher for android phones and tablets? See top 20 best launchers for android 2017 and best android launchers of 2017

Who doesn’t want to customize their android devices to bring some attractive changes in the look and feel with different icons and themes, new features such as smart folders, and assistive search etc? You can do all these exciting changes through Android launchers. If you have a powerful and best android launcher then you can easily give your smartphone a total makeover.

If you want to customize your Android device the best option which you are having is installing android launchers on it. There are plenty of best free Android launchers available on the web which perfectly help in customizing the looks of your android device, increasing the performance and also improving battery life. You may also be interested in checking out: How to Make Android Faster and Improve its Performance

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So if you are also one of those android users who are looking for a best android launcher to customize your smartphone and tablet then you are at the right place as today we are going to share the list of top 20 best launchers for android phones and tablets in this post.

Top 20 Best Android Launchers of 2017

Selecting the best launcher for android phones and tablets from the countless of best free android launchers available on the Internet is always a very difficult task for all android users. This is the main reason, today we have gathered some best android launchers which will let you easily customize your smartphone in verities of ways like: change animations and graphics, install custom widgets, give the app drawer a completely new look, define new gestures, changing the user interface, and much more new features.

So, let’s have a look at the below-mentioned list of top 20 best launchers for android 2017:

(1) Nova Launcher

If you are looking for a launcher which will deliver amazing visual effects on your Android device then you need to try Nova launcher, one of the best launchers for android. The launcher also works fine with low-end android smartphones and provides good performance and nice looks.

You can select from different themes which come with Nova launcher. One of the best features of this launcher is that it consumes very less amount of Ram. Some most exclusive features of Nova Launcher are:

  • Icon Themes: Thousands of icon themes
  • Backup/Restore: Quick backup your desktop layout and launcher settings
  • Subgrid positioning: Much greater control than standard launchers
  • Color controls: for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs & backgrounds
  • Improved Widget Drawer: Widgets grouped by app makes it much faster to use
  • Infinite scroll: Essay loop through the desktop or drawer continuously
  • Scrollable Dock: Create multiple docks and scroll between them
  • Widgets in dock: Place any widget in your dock
  • Import Layout: Nova Launcher can import from most popular launcher
  • Fast: Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do its work quickly and quietly
  • Customize App Drawer: Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, several effects

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher&hl=en]

(2) GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper

One of the best android launchers which you can use on your Android smartphones and tablets is Go Launcher. There are more than 4 billion installations done of this android application. Using Go Launcher, you will be able to get 3D effects on your Android smartphones and tablets. Some of the most useful key features of GO Launcher are:

  • APPs Management: Hide & Lock APPs to protect phone security
  • Store: Theme store & APP center brings you fashion & fun
  • Transition Effect: XX effects available, magic every slide!

[appbox googleplay com.gau.go.launcherex&hl=en]

(3) Buzz Launcher – Smart & Free Theme

The next launcher which makes our list of the best launcher for android 2017 is Buzz Launcher. If you want to change the interface of your Android device to something new and exciting, Buzz launcher is the best launcher for android devices which you must try at least once. With the Buzz Launcher for android, you can do many interesting changes like:

  • You can easily customize so much more than just your wallpaper or theme.
  • It’s very simple to change between multiple smooth, fast, and easy Transition effects on your device.
  • Easy to view all Homepacks in a glance (
  • You can apply new home screens at a touch of a button, instantly!
  • You can easily personalize your android device’s homescreen with robust icon, wallpaper editing features
  • Download and implement completely free home screens within 5 seconds!
  • Share home screens with a single touch via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!
  • Explore unique widget features such as clock, date, and battery
  • Even, you can show your Homepacks to your friends
  • You will be able to create your own customized widget using Buzz Custom Widget (Free)!

[appbox googleplay com.buzzpia.aqua.launcher&hl=en]

(4) Themer: Launcher, HD Wallpaper

Want to try some exciting themes on your Android device? If yes, then you need to try Themer for android as there are a lot of amazing themes which you can try. All the themes are configured automatically which means you don’t have to create grids or anything else. There is only one problem with this launcher for android which is it is available for limited android devices. Key features of Themer Launcher are:

  • Huge collections of fully customizable themes
  • No need for third party apps
  • All themes are completely free, and new gorgeous themes added every week!
  • Full icon pack support
  • App icon gestures
  • Over 400 premium themes available with several interesting categories like: Card UI, Nature, Space, Minimal, and many more.
  • You can receive advanced information about your battery, weather, system and more directly on your homescreen without any setup!

[appbox googleplay com.mycolorscreen.themer&hl=en]

(5) Google Now Launcher

If you are using a Nexus or Motorola device, Google Now Launcher would be the default launcher which is present in your android device. Google Now launcher is one of the best launchers for android which you can use on other android devices too. Learn how to install Google Now Launcher on any android device.

There are not many customization options in this best launcher android, but it delivers a clean look on your Android device. Here’re the key features of Google Now Launcher for android:

  • Google Now on your home screen
  • Just say, “Ok Google” to trigger the voice input.
  • Faster search – tap the search box and you can enter your query immediately.
  • Larger viewing area – your wallpaper pops from every pixel.
  • Intuitive wallpaper picker – Position and preview your wallpaper before you set it.
  • Easy access to your favorite Google products and services, like Gmail, YouTube, and Maps.

[appbox googleplay]

Important Note: Some features of Google Now Launcher are unavailable in some areas.

(6) APUS Launcher – Small, Fast, Boost

The sixth best launcher for android 2017 is APUS Launcher. The launcher made way to Google Play store last year and is in charts since its launch. If you want an Android launcher which consumes very fewer resources, APUS launcher is the launcher which you surely try.

Apus launcher uses very less amount of RAM to customize android devices. Here’s why APUS Launcher is one of the most appropriate android launchers for you:

  • It brings a better user experience
  • APUS Launcher speeds up your device
  • Offers multiple personalization options
  • Perfectly manage apps
  • It helps you to discover & improve lifestyle by finding trending things

[appbox googleplay com.apusapps.launcher&hl=en]

(7) APEX Launcher

Apex Launcher is the next launcher which makes our list of best android launchers. The launcher delivers a lot of amazing features which you can use in order to customize your Android device as per your needs. The software is available for free.

Using APEX launcher, you can also change the grid and size of the icons present on your home screen. Some of the most important features of APEX Launcher:

  • Customizable homescreen grid size and up to 9 different homescreens
  • Scrollable dock with up to 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages
  • Infinite & elastic scrolling (homescreen, drawer, and dock)
  • Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
  • Hide unwanted elements according to your wish
  • Customizable icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
  • Choose different folder preview styles and background
  • Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
  • You can easily hide apps from the drawer
  • Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
  • Enjoy homescreen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
  • Advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)
  • Easy way to backup/restore settings and data
  • Multiple drawer styles (transparent / opaque, horizontal / vertical, paginated / continuous)

[appbox googleplay com.anddoes.launcher&hl=en]

(8) EverythingMe Launcher

A lot of people want to try a very simple launcher for android. If you are also looking for a simple launcher for your android devices, then you should try EverythingMe Launcher. EverythingMe Launcher is a launcher which provides minimal customization by consuming minimum resources.

You can customize your home screen by trying different elements in Everything ME. The launcher is available for free in Google Play store. EverythingMe Launcher features that will boost your android phone using experience:

  • Smart Folders helps you to automatically organize your apps into folders that you choose.
  • Quick Contacts Panel for automatic functionalities.
  • Fastest search on Android helps you to type just one letter to get apps, contacts or info etc.
  • Customizable Gestures will bring the features you love most the way you like them.
  • Lucky / Daily Wallpaper options every time surprise you with some beautiful wallpapers on your smartphone.
  • Contextual App Discovery will help you discover great matches for you
  • You can drag and drop any item right to your home screen or a Smart Folder, anytime.
  • The Prediction Bar anticipates your requirements and delivers the apps you need right now, according to your context.
  • Context Feed allows you to quickly access your missed calls, recent photos, calendar and more with just one tap on your home screen.

[appbox googleplay me.everything.launcher&hl=en]

(9) Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

To get the maximum 3D looks of your Android device, you need to try Next launcher 3D shell lite. There are different icon sets and packs present in this launcher for android which you can use and create a custom theme. With Next launcher 3D shell lite, you will not only get good looks but also the good performance. Basic features of Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite android launcher app are:

  • Extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience
  • Efficient and powerful batch apps management with gestures
  • Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching
  • Keep releasing 3D Next widgets, 3D themes, and live wallpapers
  • Multi-select Apps to fulfill batch operation on Android launcher home

[appbox googleplay com.gtp.nextlauncher.trial&hl=en]

(10) Smart Launcher 3

This is the tenth launcher which makes our list of best android launcher 2017. Smart Launcher 3 is one launcher which you can use on many android devices. You can link the launcher with the file manager which is a unique feature of this android launcher.

The Smart Launcher 3 is completely optimized both for android smartphones and tablets. Here’s why you must try the Smart Launcher 3 to customize your smartphone and tablet:

  • Low resource requirements, save RAM and battery
  • Quick access to your favorite apps
  • Double tap on an icon to start a second app
  • Your apps list is automatically sorted by categories
  • Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web
  • Quick notifications on home screen
  • Integrated lock screen with notifications
  • Tons of themes and lock screen, support for almost all icon-pack
  • You can download and enable only the features you want
  • You can hide apps from the apps grid and protect them with password
  • Perfectly optimized to be comfortably used both in portrait and landscape mode
  • Runs on almost every Android device. Runs on phone, tablet, and Google TV
  • You can turn off the screen with a double tap or just by leaving your device on a flat surface

[appbox googleplay ginlemon.flowerfree&hl=en]

(11) Launcher Pro

If you are using an android device which is bit outdated then you can try Launcher Pro. The launcher is ideal for devices which are running on Ice Cream Sandwich. There are not a lot of effects in this top android launcher, but the transition effects work well. Here’s why you should install LauncherPro launcher on your android smartphone or tablet:

  • Super-smooth scrolling
  • Animated screen previews (like Exposé or HTC Sense)
  • Up to 7 home screens
  • App drawer (2D and 3D!) with a fly-in effect and smooth scrolling
  • Scrollable shortcut dock

[appbox googleplay com.fede.launcher&hl=en]

(12) Hola Launcher

Hola launcher is also a well known launcher which makes our list of best android launcher app for 2017. The android launcher will help you in increasing the performance and also changing the looks of your Android device. If you want a launcher which consumes a very little amount of RAM, Hola launcher is the one which you need to try.

The ram also helps in adding extra hours of battery to your android smartphone or tablet. Features that attract you to use Hola Launcher on your android devices are:

  • Hola Shine
  • Hola Boost
  • Hola Box
  • Advanced Search
  • Personalize
  • Intercept
  • Notifications
  • Screen Lock
  • Weather Forecast
  • Priority Apps
  • Smart Folders

[appbox googleplay com.hola.launcher&hl=en]

(13) Action Launcher 3

The next launcher which makes our list of best android launchers 2017 is Action Launcher 3. There are many amazing features present in action launcher which you will not get in other android launchers. With this android launcher, you can add a dock on the sidebar of your android device just like the one which is present in Xperia devices.

You can use different covers, shutters along with gestures as they will help you in customizing your Android device. Some most helpful Action Launcher 3 features are:

  • Quicktheme option helps you to automatically customize and theme items on your home screen!
  • Tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have customized.
  • Shutters option allows you to say preview your inbox or Facebook feed without opening the app.
  • Using quickdrawer, you can hide apps you don’t want to see all the time.
  • Use icon packs, scale icons, change app icons, rename apps and much more.
  • Full phone, phablet and tablet support.
  • Quickbar helps you to customize the Google search bar at the top of the screen with shortcuts and apps of your choosing.

[appbox googleplay com.actionlauncher.playstore&hl=en]

(14) Solo Launcher – Clean, Smooth, DIY

Do you like using gestures on your Android device? If yes, then you should try Solo launcher. There are more than 50 million downloads of Solo launcher in Google Play store alone. With this android launcher, you will get gesture support on the home screen of your device.

Not only you can use a Solo launcher for your high-end android devices, but it is compatible with low configuration devices too. Some most popular highlights of Solo Launcher for android are:

  • Search information
  • Clean & boost
  • Quick gestures
  • DIY with photos
  • Thousands of beautiful themes
  • Visualized setting
  • Smart home screen icon management
  • Smart widgets
  • Attractive handpicked fonts & handwritings, cool & beautiful
  • Optional app lock / lock screen to protects your privacy
  • Optional battery saver saves battery consumption
  • Weather & clock widgets for accurate weather and temperature forecasts
  • Integrated solo 2.0-speed booster makes your phone smart and clean

[appbox googleplay]

(15) Yahoo Aviate Launcher

One of the most noticeable disadvantages of all android launchers is that they consume a lot of resources. But the Yahoo Aviate launcher consumes very little resources. With very less RAM consumption, the launcher customizes your Android device.

This is one of the reasons that Aviate launcher makes our list of best android launchers 2017. You can add moveable wallpapers if they are not present in your Android device already using this android launcher. Some most valuable key features of Yahoo Aviate Launcher are:

  • Simple, beautiful navigation
  • Smart Stream
  • Organized app function
  • Gorgeous (unique wallpapers)
  • Favorite People (swipe up)
  • Better everyday (look and feel very different)
  • Convenient search box allows you to quickly search the web, contacts, and your apps
  • Log in to see package notifications, bill pay reminders and more personalized information.

[appbox googleplay com.tul.aviate&hl=en]

(16) Lollipop Launcher

Lollipop Launcher aims at delivering premium feel to the android devices. You can easily replace your home screen with one you control and can customize too. Change icon themes, layouts, animations and more. The launcher is really fast and will provide a completely new interface to your smartphone.

Lollipop Launcher is truly based on the Android Lollipop Launcher (Google Now Launcher), but perfectly supports ICS, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop. Some most attractive features of Lollipop Launcher aap are:

  • Use Google Search’s hotword right from the home screen, just say the words Ok, Google.
  • Customize App Drawer to Hide apps, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects
  • Infinite scroll helps you to loop through the desktop or drawer continously
  • Scrollable Dock allows to create multiple docks and scroll between them
  • Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps quickly
  • Powerful, fast : Lots of other options and enhancements
  • Find thousands of icon themes on the Play Store, support Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher icon packs.

[appbox googleplay com.lollipop.launcher&hl=en]

(17) BIG Launcher

Big Launcher comes with a little bit different concept. Unlike other android launchers, this launcher also comes with very minimal interface but a cool one. There are a lot of amazing themes which come with this android launcher. You can do various interesting changes on your android using BIG Launcher like:

  • Add new and stylish home screen
  • Enlarged icons
  • Easy to use phone
  • Well-arranged call history
  • Big font SMS editor
  • Full-screen notifications
  • Quickly run all your apps
  • Hide unwanted apps
  • 100% accessible
  • For elderly or kids
  • Password protection
  • Choose the features according to need
  • Pick a theme you like most
  • BIG Launcher is available in multiple languages

[appbox googleplay]

(18) Unity Launcher Free

Do you want to get the looks of Linux or Ubuntu on your Android device? If yes, then you should try Unity Launcher free for android. Unity Launcher Free is one of the best android launcher apps which provides perfect looks of Ubuntu on your Android smartphones and tablets. Some interesting features of Unity Launcher Free are:

  • Launch Applications from any where Just swipe Edges
  • Select apps to pin into the launcher
  • Set swipe edge width,height, position and Color

[appbox googleplay]

(19) LINE Launcher

LINE Launcher (previously named Dodol Launcher) is also one of the highly customizable launchers for android devices. The launcher is preferred for high-end android devices. There are a lot of themes present in this launcher. With new updates, new themes are added in LINE Launcher too. Some most interesting and important features of LINE Launcher app are:

  • 3000+ classy and trendy themes(wallpaper+icons)
  • You can meet about 100 new wallpapers every day!
  • Add awesome stickers on your home screen according to your wish
  • Smart widgets and features for optimizing your smartphone
  • You can find app on your phone, contacts, and even other information at once
  • From trendy app to customized app by categories
  • LINE Launcher is only compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later versions (ICS, Jelly Bean)

[appbox googleplay com.campmobile.launcher&hl=en]

(20) TouchWiz Launcher

If you have ever used any Samsung device, you might know the Touchwiz. Touchwiz is the default launcher of Samsung devices and is one of the top android launchers. With this launcher installed on your Android device, you will get the interface of Samsung device. TouchWiz  Launcher for android delivers premium feel to the users.

Download TouchWiz Launcher for Android


If you don’t want to root your android smartphone or tablet, but want to customize your Android device then android launchers are the best option which you are having. These launchers are fast and are very easy to use. Most of the launchers which we have shared are available for free. In this way, you can even try the interface of other mobile manufacturers on your Android device.

Which Android launcher are you using on your Android smartphone or tablet? Are you happy with the performance and customization after using the android launchers on your device? Feel free to share your view and the screenshots of the customization you have done on your android smartphone or tablet using the comments section below.

Also, please let us know – According to you, what is the best launcher for android? and which best android launcher app you are using for a long time? You might also like: How to Install Custom Recovery on any Android Device

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