Top 12 Best Applock for Android Free Download 2019

Want to know which is the best Applock for Android 2019? Here’s the list of top 12 best Applock for Android free download 2019 to protect your privacy and data.

Best Applock for Android 2019 free download list – Nowadays, privacy is a major issue of mobile phones. Because most of the application and software require your login details (username, email address, password, and much more personal information) to store your sensitive data.

So, if you are still not serious about the privacy protection of your smartphone then someday you may be in huge loss.

We are sure that you are using a password or pattern lock on your android mobile phone so that no one can access the device unless the passcode lock is entered.

But are you using a lock for the applications which are installed on your android devices (smartphone or tablet)?

applock for android

It is really very important to use an applock for android devices as it provides better privacy and security. With the help of app lock for android, you can set a lock on applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and even the gallery on your android device.

There are a lot of free applock for android smartphones and tablets available on the web and today we are going to share the list of top 12 best applock for android free download.

Top 12 Best Applock for Android Free Download

If your mobile phone and installed apps on your mobile phone are not much secure (password protected), someone can easily steal your private data like login details, messages, personal photos, and videos, etc from your smartphone and misuse them according to their wish.

This is the main reason, you shouldn’t only password protect your smartphone but also protect all apps installed on your mobile devices with the help of applock for Android (password or pattern).

If you are using android smartphone or tablet then you will be very happy to know that there is plenty of useful free app locker for android and best applock for Android devices available in the Google play store. Don’t worry, downloading apps locker for Android devices from google play store is always safe.

Just in case if you have decided to use a powerful applock for android device, but you don’t have any idea – which is the best applock for android 2019? Or what is the most powerful and best app lock for android devices to ensure the security of your data? then the below explained list of best app locker for Android will help you a lot.

So, let’s have a look at these top 12 best applock for android free download 2019:

Perfect AppLock

Perfect Applock is one of the best applock for android devices. You can download this app lock for android for free from Google Play store. The app is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets.

You can choose from three protection options which are password protection, fake fingerprint sensor, and fake error popup.

It also allows you to remotely start AppLock service using SMS command. Gesture, Pin, Pattern, Text password etc all kind of protection are supported.

perfect applock

[appbox googleplay com.morrison.applocklite&hl=en]


Protect all the applications installed your Android device with AppLock app for android. You can set a password or a PIN to protect the apps. Applock for android free download is available in Google Play store. You can customize the best app lock for android by applying different themes. Download app lock and enjoy.


[appbox googleplay com.domobile.applock&hl=en]

AppLock (Smart AppLock)

If you want to protect the system applications then you can use Smart Applock. The best applock for android mobile phones will add a lock on system apps like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even phone dialler. With the Smart AppLock, you can easily:

  • Lock any apps(SNS, Game, Photos, Videos, SMS)
  • Detect and takes a picture of the Intruder
  • Lock apps using Fake Forced Close pop-up
  • Lock apps using multiple passwords
  • Lock your phone using remote control
  • Lock systems(Wi-Fi, Settings, install/uninstall and more)

smart applock

[appbox googleplay]

ES App Locker

You might have used ES File Explorer, one of the best file managers for android devices. ES App Locker is the best app lock for android which is developed by the same company. You can choose from pattern or password lock using ES App Locker.

es app locker

[appbox googleplay]

Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

Clean Master is a productivity application for android devices which comes with an in-built apps locker for android. All the applications which are present on your device will be protected by adding a pattern lock. If someone enters a wrong passcode, the app will take selfie of the intruder.

clean master

[appbox googleplay com.cleanmaster.mguard&hl=en]

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

Add a lock to all the applications installed on your mobile phone and also keep all the photos in your gallery safe with Apps lock & gallery hider. You will get a lot of amazing features in this best app lock for android 2019. You can get app lock for android free download from Google Play store. You can also add a lock to the incoming calls with this app.

apps lock & gallery hider

[appbox googleplay]

App Lock (Pattern)

If you want to use an app lock which adds a pattern lock to the applications then you can use App Lock (Pattern). The best applock for android 2019 comes with user-friendly interface and offers advanced privacy and security. In order to set a pattern lock, you need to select at least 4 dots.

app lock (pattern)

[appbox googleplay com.softwego.applock.pattern&hl=en]

App Lock (By Go Apps)

The next best applock for android free download which makes to our list is App Lock. Open the app and you will see two tabs. In the first tab, you will see all the applications which are unlocked and in the second one you will see all the locked applications. Like other apps locker for android, you can set a pattern or PIN.

app lock

[appbox googleplay com.lock.appslocker&hl=en]

LEO Privacy Guard

If you want complete protection and privacy then you need to use LEO Privacy Guard applock for android free download 2019. There are a lot of high-security features in this best app locker for android. You get a built-in scanner and a cleaner which will boost the performance of your device.

leo privacy guard

[appbox googleplay com.leo.appmaster&hl=en]

App Locker – Lock Any app

App Locker – Lock Any App is another popular and best app locker for android devices. As the name of this applock for android free download 2019 suggests, you can lock any android application whether it is a system or third party with it. All your private messages can be locked which will get opened once a password is entered. You can also add a lock to your phone’s gallery and keep sensitive photos safe.

app locker – lock any app

[appbox googleplay inno.applocker&hl=en]

App Locker Master

If you are looking for one of the best, lightest, fastest and most professional App Lock then App Locker Master is a very appropriate choice for you. This apps locker app makes the process of locking individual app and all app in your phone and personal things from other users very simple. You can lock almost anything Messages, Emails, Contacts, Gallery, Google Play Store, Settings, etc. and protect your privacy.

fast apps locker

[appbox googleplay com.vnsolutions.fastappslocker&hl=en]

Guest Locker Smart Security

Keeping your personal and confidential information secure is the main purpose of this new, easy-to-use security application called Guest Locker Smart Security. Total data control, privacy protection, ease of use are the three most popular sections of this best applock for android.

guest locker

[appbox googleplay com.weezlabs.guestlocker&hl=en]


These are the 12 most popular and best app locker for android which will help you in maintaining your privacy and keeping all your private date, photos, messages, and apps safe. If we missed any best applock for android free download which you are using, mention them in the comments below.

We would love to know – Which is your favorite app lock for android smartphone and tablet? And according to you which is the best applock for android 2019?

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