Top 12 Best Repost Apps for Instagram on Android and iOS

Are you looking for the best reposting apps for Instagram to repost pictures and repost videos on Instagram? Here are 12 best repost apps for Instagram.

If you like reposting videos and photos on Instagram and if you know how to repost on Instagram then possibly you might be familiar with some of the free repost apps for Instagram. Or at least, you must have heard about some of the best Instagram repost apps from your friends on social media networks.

It doesn’t matter whether you were familiar with some best free Instagram repost apps for reposting Instagram videos and pictures or not, but since now you are reading this guide, I can assume that you are interested in knowing about the best Instagram repost app for Android and iOS devices.

repost apps for instagram

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Friends, content curation is as important, if not more important than content creation. If you believe yourself to be a man of ideas and intellect then I’m certain you enjoy using social media platforms which give you a voice and an audience.

Do you know how to repost on Instagram? Are you looking for the best repost apps for Instagram which will help you curate content and run your own Instagram blog? If your answer is “Yes” then this is the best list of best reposting apps for Instagram on Android and iOS devices you will find on the internet and this article will be the last one you will ever need to read for finding the best free repost app for Instagram video and photo. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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Top 12 Best Reposting Apps for Instagram on Android and iOS

While I am certain you need no introduction to what Instagram is. But, for the uninitiated amongst us, Instagram is a platform that allows you to share images, videos, gifs, stories and recently even long-form vertical videos. People have found fame and respectability for the content they create on Instagram and being an influencer is now a viable career option.

But since Instagram doesn’t provide any easy and direct option to repost pictures and videos, so people always want to get the most reliable and best Instagram repost apps for their Android and iOS devices.

Now that you realize the potential this popular platform holds. Let’s take a look at the list of best repost apps for Instagram and free Instagram repost app for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. There are so many apps available on the play store or app store which allow you to repost photos on Instagram, repost videos on Instagram without watermark, and even repost Instagram story as well.

Here we have compiled a list of top 12 repost apps for Instagram which you can use with complete confidence to build your audience. Here we go:

Repost for Instagram (Android)

Starting with the simplest Instagram reposting app with millions of downloads. Repost for Instagram is one of the easiest repost apps available in the Google Play Store, all you need to do is copy the Share URL and paste it in this app and the app takes care of the rest.

how to repost on instagram

You can directly post on to your Instagram account with a single tap. Using this repost app for Instagram, you can also repost multiple photos or videos along with tags and captions. You should surely give this app a try. 

Repost for Instagram – Regrann (Android)

Regrann Repost for Instagram uses Instagram’s own API which means you don’t have to make any additional accounts to repost videos on Instagram or repost pictures on Instagram. There are many features in the app itself apart from reposting which I am certain you will love.

reposting apps for instagram

You can also share the post or media via any of the other apps you may have on your device. If you want more features, there is also a paid pro version that you can upgrade to.

EzRepost+ Repost for Insta (Android | iOS)

EzRepost+, another one of those extremely easy to use Instagram repost app which allows you to repost videos on Instagram without watermark as well as repost photos on Instagram without watermark. You can repost media in their original resolution and you can also save them to your device for consumption at a later stage. The easy to use interface is also a big plus. A must try Instagram repost app.

how to repost instagram story

Repost via Instant (Android | iOS)

If downloading images, videos or other media is your priority before you repost them on Instagram then Repost via Instant (also known as Video Downloader for Instagram for Android version) is the companion you were looking for. You can easily repost images, videos, and other media along with downloading them to your device and saving them locally.

instagram repost app

The bonus point is, the app is extremely easy to use. so, in short, if you were willing to know how to repost videos on Instagram and how to repost photo on Instagram then this Instagram repost app is the perfect answer for you.

Repost it! Save and Repost for Instagram (Android | iOS)

Repost It! is an industry leader and has garnered one too many downloads for itself. This reposting app for Instagram allows you to easily repost by just sharing the link and even by just the Username. You can also repost directly from your timeline and share your favorite posts on a daily basis. The key USP for Repost It! is Its ability to repost stories, which is freaking insane!

how to repost instagram post

So if you were searching for the best free repost app for Instagram and wanted to learn how to repost Instagram posts or how to repost Instagram story then this app is the most appropriate thing for you. So, just go and download it right away.

Saver Reposter for Instagram (Android)

A very easy and simple to use repost app for Instagram, Saver Reposter for Instagram allows you to simply copy the link and repost from within your account timeline itself. You don’t need to worry about anything else when you repost. Go download this easy to use Instagram repost app right now!

repost app for instagram

Reposta – Repost for Instagram (Android)

A feature-loaded repost app for Instagram. Reposta helps you repost videos and images without any sort of watermark on them. You can also save the images to your device locally if required. There is no login required and you can repost posts to your timeline even if it’s an album.

best repost app for instagram

The user base for the app is quite large as well, which means the app is quite reputed as well. Go give it a try now!

Reposty for Instagram (Android)

Another simple reposting app for Instagram that uses the same system as most others, Reposty for Instagram allows you to repost any media from your timeline with the help of just the share link. The app allows you to remove any other watermarks the image may have as well as put in your own watermark from the collection in the app.

best repost apps for instagram

Reposty for Instagram is a decent app if you are looking for a simple reposting app for Instagram with watermark functionality. 

Repost (Android)

Repost is another one of those fully loaded repost apps for Instagram which has an abundance of features. You can easily repost whole albums from your following to your followers as well as copy the hashtags straight from the post to repost on Instagram.

how to repost videos on instagram

You can also interact within the app which adds a community and social aspect to the app itself. Pretty cool if you ask me. Go give it a try.

Repost: For Instagram (iOS)

Apple keeps its system pretty much locked down and only a few repost apps for Instagram are able to make it through their stringent policies and Repost: For Instagram is one of them. The app is great for people who are control freaks and it allows you to choose every aspect of your repost. The features are again quite standard, you can repost photos, videos and even whole albums with a single click.

repost app for instagram video

The detection of the Instagram business profile is also fixed in this app which no other app offers on this list. A neat app for anyone on iOS who wishes to curate their own Instagram blog. Go give it a try.

Grab It! RePost for Instagram (Android)

This Instagram repost app for Android has a pretty standard suite of features that you will find in almost all apps on our list. But, the key USP for Grab It! Is its ability to repost IGTV videos from someone else’s channel to your channel. IGTV users, Rejoice! You can also post those as story highlights if you would want to do that.

app to repost instagram videos

The app is fairly easy to use as well, just select a post and share the link then click on Grab It and the app will do the rest. Go give it a try now!

Repost for Instagram – Repost Video and Photo (Android)

Another one of the best reposting apps for Instagram which is feature-loaded and allows you to repost images, videos, albums, and even IGTV videos. Repost for Instagram is as feature-packed as they come. You can also manipulate the watermark if you wish to. Add one or remove one that’s already there.

apps for reposting instagram videos

The key USP of this Instagram repost app for Android is its ability to keep the history of the reposted video and reposted photos so that you can go back and see what you posted as well as reposted it if need be. The app is relatively small viz a viz user base but it is growing rapidly. You must give this one a try!


So, this was our comprehensive list of best reposting apps for Instagram. We hope we were able to answer all your questions (how to repost on Instagram? how to repost Instagram post? how to repost videos on Instagram and how to repost photo on Instagram?) by sharing these powerful and free repost apps for Android and iOS.

If you liked this guide on top 12 best Instagram repost apps for Android and iOS then please feel free to share it with your friends on social media networks so that they can get benefited from these amazing free and best repost apps for Instagram too.

And in case, if you have any more questions regarding the apps for reposting Instagram videos and photos or if you just want us to compile a list of other interesting and helpful Instagram apps then do let us know in the comments below.

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