Top 8 Proven Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

Learn how to make your computer run faster without using any software? List of top 8 proven ways to make your computer faster and enhance your experience with fast computer setup

We use laptops and desktop computers more than smartphones for hunting different information’s. With the time like everything, it becomes decelerate for many reasons. Everyone has faced this issue at a time and decide to replace it by a new computer. Specially, all gaming freaks/ gaming geeks love to use the super-fast laptop computer for gaming and the laptop with longest battery life.

But you should know that there are plenty of useful tips and tweaks available to enhance your experience. Applying these tweaks and purchasing couple of new RAM will expand tons of options and surely speed up computer functioning without breaking your banks.

8 proven ways to make your computer faster

Before rushing to a retailer, try out these ways to make your computer faster and I promise you won’t disappoint after trying these things to make your computer faster. So let’s explore the tips and tricks for boosting your computer performance:

How to Make Your Computer Faster

In this guide, I have used the words “proven ways” because these all methods to make computer run faster worked well for me when I tried them on my two years old PC. So, if you were looking for the appropriate ways or programs that make your computer run faster then I hope this tutorial might help you a lot.

So, let’s have look at these top 8 proven ways to make your PC run faster:

(1) Disable Unnecessary Services

Windows 7 is one of the best-selling Windows operating systems of Microsoft, but there is some system services have that isn’t necessary. You can manually turn off those off services to sleep only when required.

In this fashion, the system no longer has to expend time for starting those services. This practice will speed up your PC for sure and you will experience really fast computer use.

(2) Reduce the Number of Startup Items

This thing troubles a lot and perhaps one of the core reasons slow booting and system lagging. Many programs installed with their assistant programs which were projected to make the software start up faster or else other communiqués.

In this case, MSconfig supports a lot. You can use this program to stop any startup item and it can be found in system tools as it’s a part of windows. But should keep the original program and use this tool to prevent his helper applications. This way you can immobilize all of your startup programs for fasten your booting speed and improve your overall computer performance. If you don’t know the process to disable startup programs then read this guide »» How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

(3) Keep Viruses and Spyware off Your System

An anti-malware program is a weapon in your arsenal to abolish virus and spyware and also making your computer hygienic. For Windows users, it’s a must have thing. The malware goes into to the system without our acknowledgment.

Although, Microsoft Security Essentials is the most reliable antivirus software to get rid of viruses, spyware, and other malicious computer programs. The most interesting thing, it’s totally free for everyone’s utilizes. It will automatically ensnare the infected programs and eliminates them without harming system’s overall performance.

See also »» 10 Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows PC

(4) Check Your Memory

Insufficient memory space is another common source behind why our computers become very sluggish. And this issue has been faced nearly every user at a time. First of all, check how much RAM do you have? Is your system eating up all or most of the RAM space? If “Yes” is the answer then don’t panic solution is very simple and easy.

Tallying more RAM in your computer will make your computer run faster. It’s one of the dependable methods to increase your system speed without paying too much.

(5) Disable or Tune Search Indexing

As I mentioned above that Windows 7 is one of the supreme operating system and also Windows 7’s search approach even better than previous versions. But do know it also encroach on our computer system. You can simply either prevent indexing simultaneously or alter the indexer to convene your exact wants.

(6) Ensure that Power Settings Favor Performance

Power plans also affect the system from some point of view. When booting was complete the first thing you need to do is change power plan settings. This method will maximize your power savings. If you have chosen high-performance plan then it will enhance the system performance from at a particular point but this thing purely depends on what kind act you are doing.

(7) Run Cleanup Programs Regularly

CCleaner is one the finest applications for this purpose. Basically, CCleaner is a free Registry and junk-clearing utility which makes your computer faster, more secure and more reliable. It will assist you to discover and remove caches and temp files from your computer in couple clicks. You can download CCleaner by clicking here.

(8) Buy a Solid State Drive for Snappy Load Times 

You should understand that nowadays two types of hard drives available across the globe: one is the habitual hard drives (HDD) and other is the latest solid-state drive (SSD). The long-established hard drives are economical and have portable parts, but the SSD don’t have any movable parts and it also becoming very reasonably priced for everyone’s usage. Using an SSD means faster booting, swift overall performance and much more.

I hope, you got some great solution for your queries like – how to make slow computer fast? or how to make faster PC for free? Try out these ways to make your computer super-fast for free and share your view with us through comments.

Please don’t hesitate to share with us – If you have some other best ways to make your computer faster?

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