Top 12 Best Spotify Alternatives for Free Music Streaming

Looking for best free Spotify alternative or free music streaming apps like Spotify? Here are top 12 best Spotify alternatives for free music streaming online.

Almost all artists and music producers are somehow connected with the people seamlessly due to music streaming sites. Generally, we don’t like buying singles or albums from the online music stores as free music streaming services have taken over these.

There are plenty of free music streaming apps and free music streaming sites available on the web which can be used for accessing millions of tracks and you can enjoy different genres of music without downloading or paying anything.

If we talk about the leader of online music streaming services, that would be “Spotify” without any doubt. Spotify music streaming service is used by millions of people around the globe as it comes with the huge collection of tracks, laid under different genres.

spotify alternative

List of best Spotify alternative and free music streaming sites like Spotify for free music streaming online.

You can use Spotify on almost all devices (Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, Car, Playstation, TV, Speaker, and Web Player etc.) and enjoy listening to your favorite songs all day long.

Spotify comes with both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium service and in order to get amazing features like Ad-free music listening, Shuffle play, unlimited skips, offline listening, play any track, High-quality audio, and access to all the premium collection of songs, you will have to go with a subscription plan.

If you are not in the position to go with a Spotify premium plan and are looking for a reliable Spotify alternative then you are in luck as today we are going to list the top 12 best free Spotify alternatives and free music streaming apps like Spotify which you can use for seamless music experience.

Top 12 Best Spotify Alternatives for Online Music Streaming

What is a good alternative to Spotify free? Are there any best music streaming apps like Spotify but free? What is the best legal music streaming service and Spotify alternative online? These are some of the widely searched terms over the internet, and that’s the main reason for us to bringing out this free music streaming apps like Spotify music app guide.

Using these popular online music streaming sites, you can listen to music for free without downloading anything.

So, are you ready to explore the list of Spotify alternatives for free music streaming online? Here we go:


Pandora is one of the most popular and best free Spotify alternatives which is having a huge database of users. You will get different stations on this online radio streaming service which you can listen to all day long.


Pandora Internet Radio – Listen to Free Music You’ll Love.

Only you have to create a free account on Pandora and use it to make your own playlists according to your wish. If you don’t like a certain track you are listening to, you can skip it right away in Pandora.

As you start listening to songs in Pandora, the free music streaming service will personalize your playlists as it keeps on analyzing the user profiles, which music they are listening to in the background.

You are never going to get bored with Pandora, as this well-known alternative to Spotify free is having around 1 million songs in its database. You can use one account to use both the desktop and mobile version of Pandora.


A music producer, the artist can directly upload his tracks and share it with the audience using Grooveshark Free Music Streaming. This Spotify alternative is for both artist and the people who are constantly in search of good new music.


Grooveshark – Free Music Streaming.

Grooveshark music streaming service is having millions of tracks in its database which can be accessed with just a simple sign-up. Grooveshark also has a premium subscription plan which removes all the advertisements.

You can even enjoy using Grooveshark on your Blackberry smartphones as there is an app developed for the same. However, the Android version of the app is also available. The interface of this alternative to Spotify free is extremely user-friendly and anyone can easily search the songs they are looking for using the Search feature.

Google Play Music

Listen to songs stored on your phone and stream music online using Google Play Music. This online streaming service is the combination of two things where you can store your favorite tracks on the online cloud and stream content which is available in Google Play music.

google play music

Google Play Music – Radio for your mood, activities and situations.

Using the Google Play Music streaming service, you can upload up to 50,000 tracks on the cloud and create your own backup which will stay with your forever. You can store tracks for free in Google Play Music, however, if you want to stream music online you have to pay $10 per month for that.

There are different stations available in Google Play music. Using the app you can even buy tracks which you love and want to listen when you are on the go. Let us know, according to your Google Play Music vs Spotify which is the best?

Amazon Music

You can use Amazon Music to listen to music for free without downloading anything. Amazon MP3 or Amazon Music is one of its kinds online streaming service as it offers DRM free digital music which is not offered by any other free streaming music sites.

amazon music

Amazon Music Unlimited – Stream millions of songs online now.

There are many amazing features offered by Amazon MP3 with one being online music locker which can be used for uploading, downloading and accessing your tracks on the cloud for free.

Amazon Music comes with a huge database as there are more than 30 million songs which are available in its Music library and all these songs can be accessed for free. So, if you are looking for the legal music streaming service and free Spotify alternative online then Amazon Music is a great choice for you.

Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the next best free Spotify alternatives. This free music streaming service is launched by the Apple and can be used by anyone even if you are not having an iPhone or an iPad.

If you are using any Apple device, you can use the same iTunes account with your Apple Music account which will transfer all the songs which are present on your iPhone on the online cloud. Apple Music allows you to access music digitally whenever you want.

apple music

Apple Music – unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire music library.

You can also integrate Apple Music with other devices for free. Using Siri, you can command Apple Music to play a particular track, navigate through playlists etc. You can also use Apple Music to listen to live Radio as there are different radio channels available within this free music streaming app.

Apple Music is bit different when compared with other alternatives to Spotify free. Apple is known for hiring the best music producers of the music industry which broadcast live radio to its customers.

Along with this, there are few special radio channels created for the users so that they can enjoy seamless music. Customization is also made simple with Apple Music as you can create your own personalized radio channel by adding songs and artists to it.

Apple Music can be used for free for the first three months of which you have to go with the premium subscription plan. Individual users have to pay as low as $9.99 per month to enjoy Apple music, however, if you want to use Apple Music for your family you have to get a plan which can be used by 6 members for $14.99 per month. You are going to get Beats 1 Live radio for free in this free Spotify alternative.


Deezer is also one of the best Spotify alternatives which come with two basic plans. You can either opt for the free plan or premium plan which is available under Deezer. Both the subscriptions come with a huge collection of tracks but one major difference which you will see here is that the free version comes with advertisements.


Deezer – music streaming | Try Flow, download & listen to free music

You get better sound quality if you go with premium subscription as bit rate of all the songs goes around at 320 Kbps. To get advanced features in this alternative to Spotify you can go with the premium membership plans which it has to offer. Deezer is available on different platforms which makes it easy for one to enjoy listening to music while on the go.


Stereomood is another best and interesting music streaming apps like Spotify but free. If you don’t know what type of music you want to listen to then you can give a try to Stereomood as this app will play songs as per your mood.


StereoMood – Turn your mood into music | Type your mood and listen to it.

If you want to party, select the mood as Party and the app will play all the peppy tracks to pump up your mood. Stereomood lacks when it comes to customization as you don’t get the choice of creating playlists on your own but one gets the option of tagging songs as per their mood.

This free music streaming app will keep track of all the songs you are listening to, what is your mood and will suggest you some new tracks based on that.


Tidal is another online music streaming apps like Spotify which can be used for listening to your favorite music all day long. In order to use this first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, you have to take one of the subscription plans which are offered by Tidal.


TIDAL · High Fidelity Music Streaming

All the tracks which are present on Tidal are the combination of high-quality videos and lossless audio which results in high-quality content. You will find songs from different genres in Tidal and Search feature can be used to find any song which you want to listen to.

There are more than 40 million songs stored on Tidal which you can listen to and enjoy more than 130 thousand videos. As per today, there are around 3 million subscribers using Tidal. is an online music streaming radio station which works 24×7 and brings awesome music to your ears. With, you can not only listen to your favorite songs online anytime you want but also you can make your own personalized playlists. – Listen to free music and watch videos with the largest music catalogue online.

The like-dislike feature is going to help you in sharing your views about a track you just heard on To ensure that you get the best experience while on the, you can create a personalized list based on your preferences.

If you are looking for an online music streaming service like Spotify where you will get the huge collection of songs, then is the service you need to go with. The free version comes with advertisements which can be replaced by going with a premium $3 per month subscription plan.

Want to create your playlist and listen to old, new, latest Bollywood music anywhere, anytime? If yes then is one of the best Spotify alternatives for you. is a free streaming music sites which primarily focuses on Indian music. The website is having a huge collection of Bollywood, Pollywood music.

Saavn | Hindi Songs Free Download, Old, Latest, New, mp3, Bollywood Music, Online

The functioning of this website is similar to other free Spotify alternative as it can be accessed for free and search feature allows you to find any track which you want to listen to. has categorized their website into different sections which makes it very easy for one to access different music genres.

There are more than 7 million songs on and the service is enjoyed by around 13 million users globally. also has a premium subscription plan which you can access by paying a monthly fee of US $3.99.

Do you love listening to Bollywood music? If yes then is the best free Spotify alternatives which are ideal for Bollywood music lovers. The website is similar to Saavn and is one of the best Bollywood online streaming services.

gaana Listen & Download latest MP3 songs online. 

Not only you will get the desi taste on as the International section of this free music streaming app has the collection of international artists. supports 21 languages including English, Hindi, and Punjabi along with other regional languages. You can create your own personalized playlists on and the website also provides the option to make the playlist public.

Easy customization options make it simple for one to create their own playlist and listen to their favorite songs all day long. If you liked listening to the playlist of a particular user on Gaana, you can save it too.

Rdio (Rdio has been acquired by Pandora)

Create your own personalized streaming playlist or go with a radio station in Rdio. The free music streaming sites comes with an user-friendly interface which makes it extremely easy for one to access all its features and listen to music. You get to choose from different genres and the choices are many as Rdio has a huge collection of the database.


Rdio – A leading global music streaming service available in 60 countries. 

Rdio can be accessed for free, however, the number of tracks you can stream using free accounts are quite limited in Rdio. If you want to access unlimited tracks using Rdio, you have to go with monthly subscription plan of $4.99.

Enjoying free music streaming online is now extremely easy with these Spotify alternatives. All these free streaming music sites can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices. Check out all these free music streaming apps like Spotify one by one to listen to music for free without downloading anything.

Out of the 12 best Spotify alternatives which we have listed above, which one do you use daily? Do let us know using the comments section below.

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