Hidden Features in an iPhone to Increase Your Productivity

Do you want to configure your iPhone to work smoothly for you? Here are some of the hidden features in an iPhone which you can use to increase your productivity.

Do you know the best features of the iPhone are buried in numerous menus?

These features can increase your productivity. From tracking location to recording messages, it is possible to do several things with an iPhone. You can find a lost device with the help of “Find my Phone“.

Moreover, you can install external apps to increase the productivity of your device.

hidden iphone features

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Nowadays, keylogger and tracking software are available to install in your iOS device without jailbreaking it. So, let’s have a look at the hidden features of an iPhone. Here we go:

A Swipe to Switch Apps

On the models of iPhone X, users can swipe up from the base of the screen to access home. Feel free to swipe your finger right or left across the home indicator to change between apps.

You can see a horizontal bar at the base of the screen. It is an easy way to move quickly to the preceding app you are using. By consistently swiping, you can jump to the previous apps.

Multitasking Controls

By swiping up from home indicator, you can access home. Remember, you can enter the multitasking view of iPhone by swiping up slowly. It allows you to swipe over previews of recently used apps.

Tap on a preview to bring it to the forefront. If an app is misbehaving, immediately swipe up on that preview of app to quit it forcibly. You can access view at a faster rate by swiping up from the bottom left corner diagonally. It may help you to save some time.

Modify Control Center

If you want to speedily access features, you must make the control center a handy place. To open a control center on your iPhone X, hit on the top right section of the screen and swipe down. You can see a control center. By swiping from the remaining top of the screen, you will get access to the notification center.

Remember, the control center is a reliable place to pause and play podcasts or music, adjust brightness and volume, and disconnect from Bluetooth or WiFi. It allows you to perform different tasks.

Control center is customizable with the help of settings app. You can get access to different buttons, such as apps, screen recording, and accessibility shortcuts.

iMessage to Send Voice Message

Feel free to use iMessage for personal and private communication. You can send a voice message if you don’t want to type out responses. With this feature, communication will be a breeze. During a conversation, you can notice a microphone icon along with the text box.

Tap this icon and hold for a few minutes. Speak to record your message and finally swipe up to send your message. Your friend or colleague, on the other side, can listen to this message automatically.

With this message, communication will be seamless. It allows you to use your iPhone a walkie-talkie. You have to speak to send your message and hear an incoming voice by keeping your iPhone near your ear. After a particular time, the messages will automatically disappear.

It is possible to keep these messages by changing the settings for automatic deletion. For this purpose, go to Settings and Messages.

Interactive Notifications

In iOS 10, notifications got an upgrade. If your iPhone comes with 3D touch, try pressing on notifications for a longer duration on your lock screen. You can do the same in the notification center. As a result, you will get contextual options, such as actionable shortcuts to archive emails, accept calendar invites and replying to messages.

Sometimes, you can view a rich preview. It may be a preview of the map or an email. With the help of IM apps, it is easy to reply to your messages from notifications.

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